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AEG Oxygen Installation Manual


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  • Page 1 AEG OXYGEN CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM Installation manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    AEG installation manual Contents Central Vacuum System Installation Location of the Power Unit ......3 Tubing System Design ........3 Location of Wall Inlet Valves......3 Typical Installation Examples ......3 Installation of Wall Inlets ........4 Tubing System Installation ......7 VacPan Installation ........8 Exhaust Blow-Out .........9...
  • Page 3: Location Of The Power Unit

    AEG installation manual Location of Wall Inlet Valves Read these instructions carefully. Installation of the central vacuum Wall inlet valves can be placed in the wall or in the fl oor. Place the inlets system is easy and can be performed with regular hand tools. The preferably so that you can reach every corner of the room with a vacuum system can be installed both in new and existing buildings.
  • Page 4: Installation Of Wall Inlets

    AEG installation manual Installation of the Wall Inlet Valves For the installation, you will usually need the following parts: min. 2 3/4” (65 mm) mounting bracket inlet valve Mounting bracket 90° elbow Inlet valve Wall Installation of the Inlet Valve choose the best angle A typical wall inlet valve installation is shown in the fi...
  • Page 5 AEG installation manual Thread the low voltage cable through the slot in the mounting bracket low voltage cable 90° elbow Inlet Hole Make a hole in the board material for the inlet valve as shown in the fi gure. The size of the rectangular opening should be 2 3/8” x 4 3/4” (60mm x 110mm).
  • Page 6 AEG installation manual Installation in a Closet Wall Floor Installation of the Inlet Valve This is usually the only possible installation method in existing houses. Choose a location and make a 2 1/8” x 2 3/4” (55mm x 70mm) opening for the inlet valve.
  • Page 7: Tubing System Installation

    AEG installation manual Tubing System Installation Begin the main tube installation with the farthest inlet valve and place the tubes temporarily at fi rst. Do not glue the joints yet until you have made sure that the tubing routing is correct. The glue will dry quickly; therefore, the joints have to be fi...
  • Page 8: Vacpan Installation

    AEG installation manual Notes! Minimize Condensation If the tubing installation is carried out in winter, a large amount of condensation may be generated. To reduce the amount of condensation, close all pipe holes and inlet open- ings using duct tape during installation. Before starting to use the central vacuum system for the fi rst time, let the system vacuum and circulate fresh air for a few minutes, and make sure that there is no water in the dust container.
  • Page 9: Exhaust Blow-Out

    AEG installation manual Exhaust Blow-Out Because the exhaust tube must be as short as possible, it is recommended to place the power unit as close to an outside wall as possible. Shown below are examples indicating how to install the exhaust tube.
  • Page 10: Electrical Connections

    AEG installation manual Electrical Connection- Low-Voltage Cable To power on the central vacuum system, a 24V low-voltage cable is routed to each inlet valve. Parallel connection is made according to the fi gure below. low voltage cable inlet vavles conneted...
  • Page 11 Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems St. Göransgatan 143 105 45 Stockholm Sweden...

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