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Troubleshooting - Sun joe SPX3000 Operator's Manual

Electric pressure washer
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• Disconnect the unit from the electrical power supply before carrying out maintenance on the machine or when checking that
its parts are in proper working order.
• To avoid unnecessary hassles, consult the following table before contacting customer service with any mechanical issues.
Machine refuses
• Power failure/machine not
to start
• Defective socket.
• Fuse has blown.
• Defective extension cord.
Fluctuating pressure
• Pump sucking air.
• Valves dirty, worn out, or stuck.
• Pump seals worn out.
Machine stops
• Fuse has blown.
• Incorrect mains voltage.
• Thermal sensor activated.
• Nozzle partially blocked.
Fuse blows
• Fuse too small.
Machine pulsating
• Air in inlet hose.
• Inadequate supply of mains water.
• Nozzle partially blocked.
• Water filter blocked.
• Hose kinked.
Machine often starts
• Pump/spray gun is leaking.
and stops by itself
• Trigger mechanism is broken.
Machine starts, but
• Pump/hoses or accessories frozen.
no water comes out
• No water supply.
• Water inlet filter blocked.
• Nozzle blocked.
Possible Cause
plugged into a working receptacle.
Possible Solution
• Check to make sure machine is plugged into
a working outlet.
• Check the power cord and reset the GFCI.
Try a different outlet.
• Replace fuse. Switch off any other machines
that are using the same circuit.
• Try the unit without an extension cord.
• Check the hoses and connections are airtight.
• Clean or replace valves/seals.
• Please call the Snow Joe
service center at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563)
for assistance.
• Replace fuse. Switch off other machines using
the same circuit.
• Check that the mains voltage corresponds to
specification on the model tag.
• Leave the washer for 5 minutes to cool down.
• Clean the nozzle.
• Install a fuse with a higher amp rating than the
amp consumption of the machine. Try the unit
without an extension cord.
• Allow machine to run by holding the trigger until
regular working pressure resumes.
• Check that the water supply corresponds to the
specifications required.
• WARNING! Avoid using long, thin hoses
(minimum 1/2 in. diameter).
• Clean the nozzle.
• Clean the water inlet filter.
• Straighten out the hose to remove any kinks/blockages.
• Please call Snow Joe
center at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563) for
• Wait for pump/hoses or accessories to thaw.
• Connect inlet water.
• Clean the water inlet filter.
• Clean the nozzle.
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Table of Contents

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