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Lifan 125GY-5 Owner's Manual

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2012-3-1, 10:29


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Lifan 125GY-5

  • Page 1 2012-3-1, 10:29 LF125GY-5改.p65...
  • Page 2 Thank you for choosing LIFAN motorcycle. May you enjoy riding all time. The manual contains the necessary instructions and guidance with respect to the operation and maintenance of the motorcycle, and BE SURE TO READ IT CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU RIDE THE MOTORCYCLE. Proper operation and maintenance can guarantee a safe riding to minimize troubles of the motorcycle and keep it in a sound condition, which can extend the engine service life.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS MOTORCYCLE SAFE RIDING Engine Oil (EP) ..............10 Safe Riding Rules ..............1 Clear away Carbon Deposit (EP) ........10 Protective Cloths ..............1 Spark Plug (EP) ..............10 Refitting ................. 1 Air Cleaner (EP) ..............10 Loading .................. 1 Valve Clearance ..............
  • Page 4: Motorcycle Safe Riding

    MOTORCYCLE SAFE RIDING SAFE RIDING RULES must obey all national and local laws and regulations in relation to WARNING Motorcycle riding requires special efforts on your part vehicle and traffic. If you have a good proposal concerning refitting of to ensure safety. Know these requirements before you ride. the motorcycle, please write us.
  • Page 5: General Information

    GENERAL INFORMATION PARTS LOCATION (Fig. 1-3) Fig. 1 (Left view) Fig. 2 (Right view) Fr. fender Headlight Tank trim cover Carburetor Seat Rr. winker Exhaust muffler Kick-starter Fuel filler Side cover Rear carrier Taillight Tool box Side stand Fr. winker Fr.
  • Page 6: Vin Record

    NOTES The VIN is stamped on the right side of the steering stem. The engine code is stamped on the left-bottom of the crankcase. The nameplate is fixed on the left side of the steering stem. Fig. 3 Hand guard Left handlebar controls Fuel Selection Meter and indicator...
  • Page 7: Meter And Indicators

    CONTROLLING PARTS steering tube. To lock the steering head, turn left the steering bar as far as it will go, align the lock core with a hole, then insert the key and turn it Speedometer counterclockwise to lock, at last remove the key. Odometer Unlock in the reverse order of lock.
  • Page 8: Left Handlebar Controls

    (OFF): The headlight, parking light taillight WARNING Do not overfill the tank (there should and meter indicators are off. Fuel filler cap be no fuel in the filler neck). After Turn Signal Switch refueling, make sure the fuel filler Move the switch to to signal a left turn;...
  • Page 9: Gearshift Pedal

    loads and smooth road conditions, turn the adjusting nut in direction A, then tight the lock nut. The motorcycle is equipped with a 5-speed mesh SIDE STAND (Fig. 20) transmission. The gear indicator shows the gear When parking the motorcycle, turn the side stand clockwise as far as it will position at present.
  • Page 10: Operation Guide

    OPERATION GUIDE PRE-RIDE INSPECTION Make sure the fuel in the tank is enough. Set fuel cock to position. Inspect your motorcycle every time before you ride it. The items listed here Insert the ignition switch and turn it to position. will only take a few minutes to inspect, and in the long run they can save Move the gearshift pedal into NEUTRAL to light up the indicator “N”...
  • Page 11: Braking And Parking

    While the engine idling, pull in the clutch lever and push down the gear- lock, followed by removing the key. shift pedal to shift into low (1st) gear. Slowly release the clutch lever and at the same time gradually increase For parking, gradually apply both the front and rear brakes until engine speed by opening the throttle.
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE TOOL KIT (Fig. 21) Some roadside repairs, minor adjustments and parts replacement can REGULAR ODOMETER READING, km (Note be performaced with the tools available in the kit. SERVICE First I T E M 1,000km 4,000km 8,000km 12,000km Remarks Screw driver handle Fuel line system Double-end screw driver Fuel filter...
  • Page 13: Engine Oil (Ep)

    SPARK PLUG (EP) (Fig. 24) ENGINE OIL (EP) Spark Plug Type D7/D8 Check of Engine Oil (Fig. 22) Check the engine oil level every use. Check and Replace The dipstick is located onto the Disconnect the spark plug cap from the spark plug. rear portion of the right crankcase Clean any dirt from aroung the spark plug base.
  • Page 14: Valve Clearance

    VALVE CLEARANCE (Fig. 25) that contains a catalyst. The noble metal catalyst is characterised by good Fig. 26 adhesiveness, and accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected. T mark Its basic principle is as follow: pollutants in the exhaust gases, such as CO, Index mark Adjusting screw CH, NOx, etc, spread into micro-holes in the catalyst when gases pass through...
  • Page 15: Fuel Filter (Ep)

    FUEL FILTER (Fig. 28) When the engine has no idle speed or runs at a decreased speed, set the Fig. 28 throttle stop screw in the middle between the two limit positions to help The uel filter is namely a fuel cock gauze. mix air and fuel.
  • Page 16: Front Brake

    NOTES Make sure the Wear limit Fr. brake lever curved slot in the adjusting nut 10-20mm is corresponding with the pin after making final free play adjustment. If such ajustment Fig. 32 is still unsatisfactory, see your Chain clip Adjusting bolt Locknut Rear axle nut Chain...
  • Page 17: Rear Brake

    The free play should be 10-20mm. Adjust it as follows if necessary: HOW TO USE BRAEK WEAR IN- Wear limit Pump the brake lever, then gently loosen the bleed valve while holding the DICATOR (Fig. 37 & 38) lever. Take care to tighten up the bleed valve as soon as flowing fluid. Repeat Should either pads of front brake be above procedure until the system is completely bled.
  • Page 18: Front Wheel

    Take out the chain clip by pliers, re- TYRE PRESSURE Fig. 40 move the chain and rear axle nut, retract Rider & passenger Front tyre: 200kPa Rear tyre: 225kPa Locknut the rear axle, at last, remove the rear Tyre Size Adjusting bolt Front tyre: 2.75-21-4PR Rear tyre: 4.10-18-4PR...
  • Page 19 mark, add proper distilled water to the UPPER level mark. Be careful not to exceed the UPPER mark when adding distilled water. Otherwise, overflow- ing electrolyte may cause corrosion. CAUTION Be sure not to discard the battery electrolyte or used battery.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting, Storage And Optional Parts

    TROUBLESHOOTING, STORAGE AND OPTIONAL PARTS TROUBLESHOOTING 3. Dry the motorcycle using a soft cloth or sponge. If the engine fails to start, do checks as follows: 4. Lubricate the drive chain immediately after washing and drying to prevent (1) Is there enough fuel in the tank? surfaces from getting rusty.
  • Page 21: Fall-Over Safety Device (Optional)

    ments stated in the manual to make sure the motorcycle functions properly. Try the vehicle at low speed in a safe riding area away from traffic. FALL-OVER SAFETY DEVICE (Optional) As a patent product developed by the Co., the fall-over safety device (i.e. safe belt) is designed to effectively promote the riding security and the working principle is as follows: If the motorcycle happens to fall over to form an angle included between the...
  • Page 22: Electric Diagram

    ELECTRIC DIAGRAM 2012-3-1, 10:30 LF125GY-5改.p65...
  • Page 23: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Vehicle Model 125GY-5 150GY-5 200GY-5 Ignition system 1. DIMENSIONS & PERFORMANCE Max. power output, kW/r/min 8.2/9000 10.0/8500 12/8000 Overall dim. , mm 2200 1220 Rated power output, kW/r/min 7.0/9000 8.5/8500 10.5/8000 Steering bar angle, Max. torque, N m/r/min 8.5/7500 10.0/7500...
  • Page 24 2012-3-1, 10:30 LF125GY-5改.p65...

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