Cleaning And Maintenance - Black & Decker RC4500 User Instructions

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• Put rice into the inner pot (6), use the
level on the surface of the inner pot to
adjust the water level. For example, if you
cook 15 cups of rice, add water to level
Note: Since the level shows standard water
levels, adjust the water volume according to
your own choice.
• Don't forget to clean and dry the outer
surface of the inner pot before placing
into the cooker, turn it lightly right and
left, to position it correctly on the
heating plate (8).
• Cover with lid (3). Plug the power plug
(11) into the wall outlet. Switch on (14).
The red Cook Light (12) will turn on.
• When rice is done, the switch will turn off
automatically. The red Cook Light (12)
will turn off and the yellow Keep Warm
Light (13) will turn on, keep the lid
covered for more than 10 minutes to
ensure that the rice is thoroughly
• The rice cooker will automatically keep
rice warm at 60ºC - 80ºC. When the rice
temperature dips below this range, the
yellow Keep warm light (13) will turn off
and the red Cook Light (12) will turn on
indicating that the heat preservation
process has begun. When the rice
temperature reach 60ºC, the Keep Warm
Light (13) will once again turn on and the
Cook Light (12) will turn off.
Caution: The Rice Cooker will generate Heat
during Cooking. Make sure lid is secure.
Warning! The Rice Cooker will be
hot during Cooking, do not attempt
to remove the Inner Pot until the cooking
process has finished. Steam may be
emmitted during use.
Steaming Tray
You can use the steaming tray (5) to steam
food during rice cooking. If you just want to
steam food only, add some water (not more
than 1/2 pot volume ) into the Inner pot (6)
and follow the above steps on using the
appliance. The cooker will turn off
automatically when water inside is
Caution: Hot steam will generate during
steaming. Make sure lid is secure.
Warning! The handle of steaming
tray is hot during steaming, do not
attempt to remove the steaming tray until
the cooking process has finished.

Cleaning and maintenance

Warning! Before cleaning and
maintenance, switch the appliance
off and remove the plug from the socket.
• Do not immerse the Rice Cooker into
• Never use diluent or benzene, chemical
wiping cloths, plastic brush or metal
• Put the pot and the lid into water, use a
sponge to, clean them, and wipe them
Note: Be sure to clean the inner pot entirely
after using salt for cooking, otherwise it
may cause corrosion.



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