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Playback does not start from the
resume point where you last stopped
 The resume point may be cleared
from memory depending on the file
you disconnect the USB device.
you play other content.
you turn off the system.
Unstable playback when using Screen
 Depending on the usage
environment, devices emitting
radio waves such as other wireless
LAN devices or microwave ovens
may interfere with the Screen
mirroring. Move the system and the
Screen mirroring-compatible device
away from such devices, or turn off
such devices.
 Depending on the usage
environment, communication
speed may be affected by the
distance or obstacle between
devices, types of device, device
configuration, or radio waves.
Communication may be lost due to
line congestion.
USB device
The USB device is not recognized.
 Try the following:
 Turn the system off.
 Remove and reconnect the USB
 Turn the system on.
 Make sure that the USB device is
securely connected to the
 Check if the USB device or a cable is
 Check if the USB device is on.
 If the USB device is connected via a
USB hub, disconnect it and connect
the USB device directly to the unit.
"BRAVIA" Sync ([Control for
The [Control for HDMI] function does
not work ("BRAVIA" Sync).
 Check the HDMI connection (refer
to Step 1 in the supplied Startup
 Check that [Control for HDMI] is set
to [On] (page 26).
 If you change the HDMI connection,
turn the system off and on again.
 If power failure occurs, set [Control
for HDMI] to [Off], then set [Control
for HDMI] to [On] (page 26).
 Check the following and refer to the
operating instructions supplied with
the device.
The connected device is
compatible with the [Control for
HDMI] function.
The connected device's setting
for the [Control for HDMI] function
is correct.
 If you connect/disconnect the AC
power cord (mains lead), wait more
than 15 seconds before operating
the system.
 If you connect the audio output of
video device with the system, using
a cable other than an HDMI cable,
no sound may be output because
of "BRAVIA" Sync. In such a case,
set [Control for HDMI] to [Off]
(page 26) or connect the cable from
the audio output jack of the video
device directly to the TV.
 The types and number of devices
that can be controlled by the
"BRAVIA" Sync feature are
restricted by the HDMI CEC
standard as follows:
 Recording devices (Blu-ray Disc™
recorders, DVD recorders, etc.): up
to 3 devices
 Playback devices (Blu-ray Disc™
players, DVD players, etc.): up to
3 devices (including this system)


Table of Contents

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