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There is no picture when you make an
HDMI cable connection.
 If you connect a device supporting
HDCP2.2, be sure to connect the
device to the HDMI IN 1 jack and the
TV to the HDMI OUT (ARC) jack of
the system.
 The system is connected to an input
device that is not HDCP (High-
bandwidth Digital Content
Protection) compliant. In this case,
check the specifications of the
connected device.
3D content from the HDMI IN 1/2/3 jack
do not appear on the TV screen.
 Depending on the TV or video
device, 3D content may not appear.
Check the supported HDMI video
format (page 48).
4K content from the HDMI IN 1/2/3 jack
do not appear on the TV screen.
 Depending on the TV or the video
device, 4K content may not appear.
Check the video capability and
settings of your TV and video
 Use a High Speed HDMI cable.
No image is output from the TV when
the system is in standby mode.
 When the system enters standby
mode, the image from the last
selected HDMI device before you
turned off the system is displayed. If
you are enjoying content from
another device, play the content on
the device and perform the One-
Touch Play operation, or turn on the
system to select the HDMI device
from which you want to enjoy
 Set [Standby Through] to [On] in
[HDMI Settings] (page 26).
An image is not displayed on the entire
TV screen.
 Check the setting of [TV Type] in
[Screen Settings] (page 23).
 The aspect ratio on the media is
Color irregularity occurs on the TV
 If the color irregularity persists, turn
off the TV set once, then turn it on
after 15 to 30 minutes.
 Make sure that no magnetic object
(magnetic latch on a TV stand,
health care device, toy, etc.) is
placed near the system.
No sound or only a very low-level
sound of the device connected to the
system is heard.
 Press
+ and check the volume
level (page 44).
 Press  or
muting function (page 44).
 Make sure the input source is
selected correctly. You should try
other input sources by pressing the
INPUT +/– repeatedly (page 8).
 Check that all the cables and cords
of the system and the connected
device are firmly inserted.
No TV sound is output from the system.
 Press INPUT +/– repeatedly to select
[TV] input.
 Check the connection of the HDMI
cable or optical digital cable that is
connected to the system and the TV
(refer to Step 1 in the supplied
Startup Guide).
 Turn on the TV, then turn on the
 Set the speaker setting of the TV to
Audio System. Refer to the
operating instructions of the TV for
the TV settings.
+ to cancel the


Table of Contents

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