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Sharp MZ-1F19 Instruction Manual

Mini-floppy disc drive


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Thank you for purchasing Sharp's mini-floppy disk drive MZ-1 F19.
Please read this manual thoroughly for proper use.
The MZ-1 F 19 is an external expansion storage device for Sharp personal com-
puters and contains one mini-floppy disk drive.
1) The MZ-1 F19 contains precIsion components (LSI chips, etc.) so do not
subject it to extreme temperatures, humidity, or dust.
Further, do not use it in locations exposed to direct sunlight. This is to
prevent damage to the MZ-1 F19.
2) Do not yank on the .power cord while it is connected. Further, turn off the
power switch before disconnecting the power cord.
3) Do not hit, drop, or turn over the MZ-1 F19.
4) Use the MZ-1 F19 on a horizontal and sturdy surface.
5) Do not use the M;l-l F19 next to noise generating equipment. Use a separate
power supply from such
This is to prevent errors due to noise.
6) Do not cover the ventilation hole$ on the MZ-1 F 19 with objects, cloth, etc.
7) Use a soft dry cloth to clean the MZ-1 F19 and do not use volatile liquids such
as alcohol, benzine, and thinner, or wet rags. This is to prevent damage to the
MZ-1 F19.
8) Make sure to turn on the drive before inserting a floppy disk. If the floppy
disk is inserted while the power is off, the hub hole may become damaged
and errors may be caused.