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Craftsman 247.203690 Operator's Manual Page 20

Rear engine riding mower 6 speed, shift-on the go 30" deck.
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Engaging the Blades
Engaging t he PTO (BladeEngage) transferspowertothe cuttingdeck. Toengage
the blades, p roceed asfollows:
Movethe throttle/choke controlleverto the FAST ( rabbit)position.
Grasp the PTO (BladeEngage) l everandpivotit all the wayforwardintothe
engaged (ON) p osition.
Keep the throttleleverinthe FAST ( rabbit)positionfor the mostefficientuse
of thecutting deck.
NOTE: Theenginewill automatically shutoff if the PTO (BladeEngage)lever is
movedintothe engaged (ON)positionwith the shift leverinReverse.
Amulchkit isavailableasanattachment. M ulchingisa process o f redrculating
grassclippings repeatedly beneath the cuttingdeck.Theultra-fineclippings are
thenforcedbackintothe lawnwherethey actasanaturalfertilizer.Contact t he
nearest P arts & Repair S ervice Center t o purchase a mulchkit forthisunit.
Tolocatethe nearest P arts & Repair S ervice Center, contact1-888-331-4569.
Using the Deck Lift Lever
Toraise the cuttingdeck,movethe decklift leverto the left, then placeit inthe
notchbestsuitedfor yourapplication. R efer t o SettingTheCuttingHeightearlierin
Tohelpavoid bladecontactor athrown objectinjury,keepbystanders,
helpers, c hildren andpets at least 75; f eet from the machinewhileit isin
operation. S topmachineif anyoneentersthe area.
Thefollowing informationwill behelpfulwhenusingthe cuttingdeckwith your
Planyour mowing pattern to avoiddischargeof materialstoward roads,
sidewalks,bystandersandthe like.Also,avoiddischargingmaterial against
awall or obstruction which may causedischargedmaterialto ricochet b ack
toward the operator.
Donot mowat highgroundspeed, e specially ifa mulchkit or grasscollector
Forbestresultsit isrecommended t hatthe first two laps be cutwith the
discharge throwntowardsthe center. A fterthe first two laps,reverse the
directionto throwthe discharge t o the outsideforthe balance of cutting.
Thiswill giveabetterappearance t o the lawn.
Donot cutthe grasstoo short.Shortgrassinvitesweedgrowth andyellows
quicklyindry weather.
Mowingshouldalwaysbedonewith the engineatfull throttle.
Under heavier c onditions it maybenecessary t o gobackoverthe cutareaa
second timeto get acleancut.
DoNOT attemptto mowheavybrushandweedsandextremely tall grass.
Yourtractorisdesigned to mowlawns,NOT clearbrush.
Keep the bladesharpandreplace the bladewhenworn.Refer t o Cutting
Blade in the Maintenance s ectionof thismanual f or properbladesharpening
Thelampsturn OFF whenthe ignition keyismoved to the STOP p osition.


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