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Sony Bravia KDF-E50A11E Operating Instructions Manual

Lcd projection tv
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Printed in Spain
© 2005 Sony Corporation
LCD Projection TV
Operating Instructions
Before operating the TV, please read the "Safety
information" section of this manual.
Retain this manual for future reference.
Lesen Sie vor der Inbetriebnahme des Fernsehgeräts bitte
den Abschnitt „Sicherheitsinformationen" in dieser
Anleitung. Bewahren Sie die Anleitung zum späteren
Nachschlagen auf.
Mode d'emploi
Avant d'utiliser le téléviseur, lisez attentivement la section
« Consignes de sécurité » de ce manuel.
Conservez ce manuel pour toute référence ultérieure.
Manual de instrucciones
Antes de utilizar el televisor, lea la sección "Información de
seguridad" de este manual.
Conserve este manual para consultarlo en el futuro.
For useful information about Sony products
Fur hilfreiche Informationen zu Sony Produkten
Pour obtenir les informations utiles concernant les produits Sony
Información de utilidad para productos Sony


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Sony Bravia KDF-E50A11E

  • Page 1 Conserve este manual para consultarlo en el futuro. KDF-E42A11E KDF-E50A11E For useful information about Sony products KDF-E42A11E Fur hilfreiche Informationen zu Sony Produkten Pour obtenir les informations utiles concernant les produits Sony Información de utilidad para productos Sony 2-657-538-11(1) Printed in Spain © 2005 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Trademark Information

    • Dangerously high voltages are present inside the TV set. • is a registered trademark of the DVB project. Do not open the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified • “PlayStation” is a trademark of Sony Computer personnel only. Entertainment, Inc. • Licensed by BBE Sound, Inc. under USP4638258, NOTICE 4482866.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Safety information ........4 Screen Format..........25 RGB Center............25 Precautions ..........7 Features menu ..........26 Overview of the remote ....... 8 AV2 Output............26 Overview of the TV buttons and TV Speakers.............26 indicators..........9 PC Adjustment ..........27 Timer menu ..........28 Getting Started Sleep Timer ............28 Clock Set ............28...
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Sony service centre to exchange it. • Leave some space around the TV set. Otherwise, air- • Use only an original Sony mains lead, not other brands. circulation may be inadequate and cause overheating, which may cause fire or damage to the TV set.
  • Page 5 Moisture and flammable objects • When installing the TV set on the wall, leave at least 10 cm space from the bottom of the TV set. • Do not let this TV set get wet. Never • Never install the TV set as follows: spill liquid of any kind on the TV set.
  • Page 6 Damage requiring service If the surface of the TV set cracks, do not touch it until you have unplugged the mains lead. Otherwise electric shock may result. Servicing Do not open the cabinet. Entrust the TV set to qualified service personnel only.
  • Page 7: Precautions

    Handling and cleaning the screen surface/ Precautions cabinet of the TV set The screen surface is finished with a special coating to prevent strong light reflections. LCD Panel To avoid material degradation or screen coating degradation, • Although the LCD panel is made with high-precision observe the following precautions.
  • Page 8: Overview Of The Remote

    Overview of the remote 1 TV "/1 – TV standby Switches off the TV temporarily. The 1 (standby) indicator on the front of the TV lights up. Press again to switch on the TV from the standby mode. 2 % – Mute (page 14) –...
  • Page 9: Overview Of The Tv Buttons And Indicators

    Overview of the TV buttons and indicators T IM E R L A M P P O W E R /S T A N D B Y P U S H O P E N P O W E R W E G A G A T V /V ID E O VO L U M E...
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Getting Started 1: Checking the 2: Inserting batteries accessories into the remote Remote RM-ED002 (1) Size AA batteries (R6 type) (2) Coaxial cable (1) Notes • Observe the correct polarity when inserting batteries. • Dispose of batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Certain regions may regulate disposal of the battery.
  • Page 11: 3: Connecting An Aerial/Vcr

    3: Connecting an aerial/VCR Rear of the TV Coaxial cable (not supplied) Coaxial cable (supplied) Rear of the TV Coaxial cable (not supplied) MODEM 5V 500 mA (SmartLink) Coaxial cable RF lead L/G/S/I (supplied) L/G/ R/D/ (not R/D/D/D (VARIABLE) supplied) Scart lead (not supplied)
  • Page 12: 4: Preventing The Tv From Toppling Over

    Bundle the cable. 4: Preventing the TV from toppling over Sony strongly recommends using the TV stand SU- RG11S (for KDF-E42A11E)/SU-RG11M (for KDF- Language E50A11E) with a support belt designed for your TV. Press m/M/</, to...
  • Page 13: 7: Auto-Tuning The Tv

    Press OK to select “Yes”. 7: Auto-tuning the TV Do you want to start After selecting the language and country/region, a automatic tuning ? message confirming the TV start auto-tuning appears on the screen. You must tune the TV to receive channels (TV broadcasts).
  • Page 14: Watching Tv

    Watching TV Watching TV Press DIGITAL to switch to digital mode or ANALOG to switch to analogue mode. The channels available vary depending on the mode. Press the number buttons or PROG +/- to select a TV channel. To select channel numbers 10 and above using the number buttons, enter the second and third digits within two seconds.
  • Page 15: Picture Freeze

    To change the screen mode manually to Do this suit the broadcast Return to the Press Press repeatedly to select Wide, Smart, 4:3, 14:9, previous channel or Zoom. watched (for more than five seconds) Wide Access the Press OK. To select a channel, Programme index press m/M, then press OK.
  • Page 16: Checking The Digital Electronic Programme Guide (Epg)

    Checking the Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) All Categories Thu 27 May 10:31 In digital mode, press to display the 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 Thu 27 May BBC ONE Wales City Hospital Houses Be… Bargain Hu… Cash in the… BBC 2W The…...
  • Page 17 Do this Set a programme to be displayed Press m/M/</, to select the future programme you want to automatically on the screen when it starts display. – Reminder Press OK. Press m/M to select “Reminder”. Press OK to automatically display the selected programme when the programme starts.
  • Page 18: Using The Favourite List

    Using the Favourite list F r i 1 5 A p r 1 6 : 3 5 In digital mode, press to display the B B C N E W S 2 4 E v e n i n g N e w s Favourite list.
  • Page 19: Viewing Pictures From Connected Equipment

    Using the Menu Viewing pictures from connected equipment Navigating through menus Switch on the connected equipment, then perform one of the following operation. For equipment connected to the scart sockets using a fully-wired 21-pin scart lead Start playback on the connected equipment. The picture from the connected equipment appears on the screen.
  • Page 20: Overview Of The Menus

    Overview of the menus Timer The following options are available in each menu. For Sleep Timer (28) details on navigating through menus, see (page 19). Clock Set (28) Also, see page in parentheses for details of each menu. Timer (28) Set Up Picture Adjustment Auto Start Up (29)
  • Page 21: Picture Adjustment Menu

    Picture Adjustment menu You can select the options listed below on the Picture Picture Adjustment Adjustment menu. To select options, see “Navigating Picture Mode Custom through menus” (page 19). Contrast Brightness Colour When you set the “Picture Mode” option to “Vivid” or Sharpness “Standard,”...
  • Page 22: Reset

    Reset Reset all the picture settings to the factory settings. Press OK to select “Reset”. Press m/M to select “OK,” then press OK. Noise Reduction Reduces the picture noise (snowy picture) in a weak broadcast signal. Press OK to select “Noise Reduction”. Press m/M to select “Auto”, then press OK.
  • Page 23: Sound Adjustment Menu

    Sound Adjustment menu You can select the options listed below on the Sound Sound Adjustment Adjustment menu. To select options, see “Navigating Sound Effect: Dynamic through menus” (page 19). Treble: Bass: Balance: Reset Dual Sound: Auto Volume: Select: Set: Back: End: MENU Sound Effect...
  • Page 24: Dual Sound

    Dual Sound Selects the sound from the speaker for a stereo or bilingual broadcast. Press OK to select “Dual Sound”. Press m/M to select one of the following, then press OK. • Stereo/Mono: For a stereo broadcast. • A/B/Mono: For a bilingual broadcast, select “A” for sound channel 1, “B” for sound channel 2, or “Mono”...
  • Page 25: Screen Menu

    Screen menu You can select the options listed below on the Screen Screen Control menu. To select options, see “Navigating Auto Format: through menus” (page 19). Screen Format: Smart RGB Center Select: Set: Back: End: MENU Auto Format Automatically changes the screen format according to the broadcast signal. Press OK to select “Auto Format”.
  • Page 26: Features Menu

    Features menu You can select the options listed below on the Features Features menu. To select options, see “Navigating AV2 Output through menus” (page 19). TV Speakers PC Adjustment Select: Set: Back: End: MENU AV2 Output Sets a signal to be output through the socket labelled 2 on the rear of the TV.
  • Page 27: Pc Adjustment

    PC Adjustment Customizes the TV screen as a PC monitor. Press OK to select “PC Adjustment”. Press m/M to select one of the following, then press OK. • Phase: Adjust the screen when a part of a displayed text or image is not clear. •...
  • Page 28: Timer Menu

    Timer menu You can select the options listed below on the Timer Timer menu. To select options, see “Navigating through Sleep Timer menus” (page 19). Clock Set 20. 8. 2005 Fri 21:30 Timer Select: Set: Back: End: MENU Sleep Timer Sets a period of time after which the TV automatically switches itself into the standby mode.
  • Page 29: Set Up Menu

    Set Up menu You can select the options listed below on the Set Up Set Up menu. To select options, see “Navigating through Auto Start Up menus” (page 19). Language English Country Auto Tuning Programme Sorting Programme Labels AV Preset Manual Programme Preset Digital Set Up Select:...
  • Page 30: Auto Tuning (Analogue Mode Only)

    Auto Tuning (Analogue mode only) Tunes in all the available analogue channels. Usually you do not need to do this operation because the channels are already tuned when the TV was first installed (page 13). However, this option allows you to repeat the process (e.g., to retune the TV after moving house, or to search for a new channels that have been launched by broadcasters).
  • Page 31: Programme Labels (Analogue Mode Only)

    Programme Labels (Analogue mode only) Assigns a channel name of your choice up to five letters or numbers. The name will be displayed briefly on the screen when the channel is selected. (Names for channels are usually taken automatically from Text (if available).) Press OK to select “Programme Labels”.
  • Page 32 Option Description Presets programme channels manually. Programme Press M/m to select “Programme”, then press OK. Press M/m to select the programme number you want to manually tune (if tuning a VCR, select channel 0), then press <. System Press M/m to select “System”, then press OK. Note Depending on the country/region selected for “Country”...
  • Page 33 Option Description Improves the sound for individual channels in the case of distortion Audio Filter in mono broadcasts. Sometimes a non-standard broadcast signal can cause sound distortion or intermittent sound muting when watching mono programmes. Press M/m to select “Low” or “High”, then press OK. If you do not experience any sound distortion, we recommend that you leave this option set to the factory setting “Off”.
  • Page 34: Digital Set Up

    Digital Set Up Displays the “Digital Set Up” menu. You can change/set the digital settings using this menu. Press OK to select “Digital Set Up”. Press m/M to select the desired icon below, then press OK. Digital Tuning Digital Auto Tuning Programme List Edit Digital Manual Tuning Select:...
  • Page 35 Option Description Tunes the digital channels manually. Digital Manual Tuning Press the number button to select the channel number you want to manually tune, then press m/M to tune the channel. When the available channels are found, press m/M to select the channel you want to store, then press OK.
  • Page 36 • Software download: Enables the TV to automatically receive software updates, free through your existing aerial (when issued). Sony recommends that this option is set to “On” at all times. If you do not want your software to be updated, set this option to “Off”.
  • Page 37: Using Optional Equipment

    Using Optional Equipment Connecting optional equipment You can connect a wide range of optional equipment to your TV. Connecting cables are not supplied. Connecting to the side of the TV To connect Do this Headphones Connect to the i socket to listen to sound from the TV on headphones.
  • Page 38 Connecting to the rear of the TV PlayStation 2 Digital satellite receiver / DVD Decoder CAM eject button MODEM 5V 500 mA (SmartLink) L/G/S/I DVD recorder / Hard R/D/ L/G/ disc recorder R/D/D/D (VARIABLE) DVD player with component output Decoder Hi-Fi...
  • Page 39 To connect Do this “PlayStation 2”, Connect to the scart socket DVD player or 1. When you connect the decoder D decoder, the scrambled signal from the TV tuner is output to the decoder, then the unscrambled signal is output from the decoder. DVD recorder or Connect to the scart socket VCR that supports...
  • Page 40: Additional Information

    Additional Information Optimum Viewing Area For the best picture quality, try to position the TV set so that you can view the screen from within the areas shown below. Horizontal viewing area ° ° Vertical viewing area ° °...
  • Page 41: Replacing The Lamp

    • When the lamp burns out, a noise is audible. This does not indicate damage to the TV set. • Consult your nearest Sony service center to obtain a new lamp. • Always remember to dispose of used lamps in an evironmentally friendly way.
  • Page 42 Pull out the lamp. Hook a finger through the loop of the lamp handle and pull the handle upwards. Then pull the lamp straight out.. Tips • The lamp is very hot immediately after use. Never touch the glass portion of the lamp or the surrounding parts. •...
  • Page 43 Put the outside lamp cover back in its place. Tips • Consult your Sony dealer for a Sony XL-2400 replacement lamp. • Take great care when replacing the lamp or plugging in/unplugging the connecting cords. Rough handling may cause the TV to fall, damaging the TV, the TV stand and the floor.
  • Page 44: Specifications

    Additional Information Specifications Terminals • AV1: 21-pin Scart connector (CENELEC standard) including Display Unit audio/video input, RGB input, and TV audio/video Power Requirements: output. 220–240 V AC, 50 Hz • AV2: 2 (SMARTLINK) Screen Size: 21-pin Scart connector (CENELEC standard) including KDF-E50A11E: 50 inches audio/video input, RGB input, selectable audio/video KDF-E42A11E: 42 inches...
  • Page 45 Optional Accessories • TV stand SU-RG11S (KDF-E42A11E) • TV stand SU-RG11M (KDF-E50A11E) • Lamp: XL-2400 Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. PC Input Specifications PC Input Timing Input signal frequency: Horizontal: 31,4 - 48,4 KHz. Vertical: 59 - 61 Hz. Maximum Resolution: 1024 dots x -768 lines.
  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    For example, the indicator flashes for two seconds, stops flashing for one second, and flashes for two seconds. Press 1 on the TV (Front side) to switch it off, disconnect the mains lead, and inform your dealer or Sony service centre of how the indicator flashes (duration and interval). When it is not flashing Check the items in the tables below.
  • Page 47 Problem Cause/Remedy • Select “Reset” in the “Picture Adjustment” menu to return to the factory No colour on programmes settings (page 22). • Check the connection of the Y, P jacks of No colour or irregular colour • Make sure that the Y, P jacks of 3 are firmly seated in their when viewing a signal from the...
  • Page 48: Index

    Index Numerics Digital Set Up 34 Digital Set-up 35 0-9 buttons 8 Reminder 17 Digital Text ( ) button 8 14:9 15 Remote Digital Tuning 34 4:3 15 overview 8 Dolby Virtual 23 sensor 9 Dual Sound 24 Reset Accessories supplied 10 picture adjustment 22 Aerial, connecting 11 sound adjustment 23...
  • Page 49 WARNUNG Einführung Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich für ein Produkt von Sony • Zur Vermeidung eines Stromschlags darf der Netzstecker nicht in eine Steckdose gesteckt werden, wenn er vom entschieden haben. Netzkabel getrennt wurde. Der Stecker ist nicht Bitte lesen Sie dieses Handbuch aufmerksam durch, wiederverwendbar und muss entsorgt werden.

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