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Operation - Sanyo U303 Instruction Manual

Cordless kettle
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1. Place kettle power base on a stable level surface. Do not operate on an inclined
surface. This kettle must only be used with the power base provided.
2. Insert the supply plug into a suitable 230 ~240V power outlet socket.
3. To open the lid, squeeze the lid lock / release knob buttons together. Holding the
kettle firmly by the handle, carefully open the lid.
4. Fill the kettle to the desired level with clean fresh water. WARNING: Do not fill the
kettle past the maximum level as boiling water may be ejected from the kettle. Do
not under fill as damage may result to the element. The element must be covered by
water. The kettle may be filled through the spout or opened lid.
5. Securely close the lid and lock in place. WARNING: This kettle will not automatically
switch off after boiling and damage may result if the lid is not closed securely.
6. Place the kettle carefully on the power base, aligning the power base supply and
element control carefully.
7. Turn mains supply on at the outlet socket.
8. Depress the kettle On /Off switch to the 'I' position by pressing the switch lever
9. The indicator lamp will glow, indicating the heating on.
10. After boiling, the kettle will automatically switch off. Note: The kettle can be
switched off at any time. Do not force the switch on immediately after it has boiled.
Allow a cool down period of 5 minutes between each boil.
11. Turn the power off at the outlet socket, and carefully remove the kettle from the
base. Take special care when moving any appliance containing boiled water.
12. Carefully pour the boiled water through the spout. Do not open the lid until all
water has been poured and the water has cooled down.


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