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Sony HXR-MC2500 Operating Manual Page 85

Solid-state memory camcorder.
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The imaging field looks different.
• The imaging field may look different depending on the condition of your camcorder. This is
not a malfunction.
The actual recording time for movies is less than the estimated recording time
of the recording media.
• Depending on the recording conditions, the time available for recording may be shorter, for
example when recording a fast moving object, etc. (p. 93).
The camcorder does not keep the setting changes.
• Some menu items return to the default setting when the power is turned off.
• The [FOCUS MAGNIFIER] setting is not stored.
• The battery pack or AC Adaptor was disconnected while the power was turned on. Before
disconnecting the battery pack or AC Adaptor, turn off the power and make sure that the
access lamp is turned off.
There is a time difference between the point when the REC START/STOP button
is pressed and the point that the recording movie is started or stopped actually.
• On your camcorder, there may be a slight time difference between the point where you press
the REC START/STOP button and the actual point that recording movie starts/stops. This is
not a malfunction.
The aspect ratio (16:9 (wide)/4:3) cannot be changed.
• When recording at a setting other than DV, the aspect ratio of the movie cannot be changed.
Automatic focus does not function.
• Set the focus to the automatic focus (p. 28).
• Adjust the focus manually if the automatic focus does not work properly (p. 28).
Menu items are grayed out or do not work.
• You cannot select grayed out display items in the current recording/playback situation.
• There are some functions you cannot activate simultaneously. The following list shows
examples of unworkable combinations of functions and menu items.
Cannot use
[ON/OFF] of [AE SHIFT] All of iris, gain and shutter speed are set manually.
[ON/OFF] of [MARKER] [FOCUS MAGNIFIER] is set to [ON].
[COLOR BAR] is set to [ON].
[TC MAKE] is set to [REGENERATE].
Movies are being recorded.
[FOCUS MAGNIFIER] is set to [ON].
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