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Kärcher 1750 GM User Manual

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1750 GM-
F 167/94 07/95



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  Summary of Contents for Kärcher 1750 GM

  • Page 1 1750 GM- 5.956–172 F 167/94 07/95...
  • Page 2 1750 GM English...
  • Page 3 1. Unit Start-Up English 1750 GM 1 Spray lance with pressure control 1.4 Pump 2 Spray lance extension The pump is filled with oil. An oil change is not 3 Hand gun required. 4 Safety catch 5 Handle – FIRE HAZARD! Do not operate the high- 6 Holder for detergent container pressure cleaner if fuel has been spilled.
  • Page 4 1. Unit Start-Up 1750 GM English 1.5 Water inlet See „Specifications“ for connection data. Connect the hose coupling with the threaded water inlet on the unit. Connect a water supply hose (not supplied with the unit) with the unit, and with the water mains.
  • Page 5 2. Operation English 1750 GM We recommend the following cleaning method: 2.1 Operating with high pressure Step 1: Pre-soaking the area to be cleaned. Start the engine while observing the engine Spray the detergent sparingly onto the area to be manufacturer’s operating instructions.
  • Page 6: Troubleshooting

    3. Care and Maintenance 1750 GM English 3.1 Monthly or as required 3.2 Precautions in freezing temperatures Clean the filter on the detergent suction hose. A unit that has not been completely drained may Clean the high-pressure nozzle. be damaged by water freezing inside the com- Using a needle, remove possible blockages from ponents.
  • Page 7 5. General Information English 1750 GM 5.1 Possible applications 5.3 Warranty – Use the unit for cleaning machines, vehicles, The applicable warranty conditions in different coun- buildings, tools, etc. tries are issued by the respective national distributor of products. During the warranty period, any mal- –...
  • Page 8 6. Specifications 1750 GM English Engine Data Briggs & Stratton Petrol engine 1 cylinder, four-stroke Nominal output at 3600 RPM 3.6 kW 5.0 HP 3.6 kW 5.0 HP Operating RPM 3150 r.p.m. 3150 r.p.m. Fuel tank capacity 1.42 l 0.4 gal...