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Maintenance - Bosch SST150-40 Installation And Operating Manual

Indirect fired water heaters
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7 Maintenance

The SST series indirect water heater system requires
annual inspection and maintenance to ensure a reliable
supply of hot water:
• Make sure that the rest of the boiler and domestic water
piping is free of leaks.
• The indirect water heater depends upon the boiler for a
source of heat and is therefore only as reliable as the
• Make sure that the boiler is maintained in accordance
with the boiler manufacturer's instructions.
• If a water treatment system is required to keep the water
chemistry within the parameters shown in Table 2A (see
Section 2 - Pre-Installation), make sure that this system
is properly maintained.
Maintenance Schedule
Annual service by a qualifi ed service technician includes
the following:
Any procedure required by local codes.
Verify system pressure. Air venting procedure may
require adding water to bring boiler system up to
pressure, typically 12 psig.
Manually operate T&P relief valve at least once a year.
This will release some hot water.
Before operating a temperature and pressure
(T&P) relief valve, make sure no one is in front
of or around the T&P relief valve discharge
piping. Hot discharge water can cause severe
personal injury or substantial property damage.
Move operating lever to open position for a few
seconds and then move it back, allowing it to snap
closed. After the T&P relief valve is operated, if it
continues to release water, close the cold water inlet
to the water heater immediately. Follow the draining
instructions, and replace the T&P relief valve. If the
T&P relief valve weeps periodically, it may be due to
thermal expansion. Do not plug the T&P relief valve or
discharge piping.
Indirect Fired Water Heaters Installation and Operating Manual
Installation & Operating Manual
Plugging the temperature and pressure
(T&P) relief valve or discharge piping can
cause excessive pressure in the water
heater, resulting in severe personal injury,
death, or substantial property damage.
Homeowner monthly maintenance to include:
Visually check valves, pipes, and fi ttings for leaks. Call
a qualifi ed service technician to repair leaks.
To Fill the Water Heater
Close the water heater drain valve by turning the knob
Open the cold water supply shutoff valve. Open
several hot water faucets to allow air to escape from
the system.
When a steady stream of water fl ows from the faucets,
the water heater is fi lled. Close the faucets and check
for water leaks at the water heater drain valve,
combination temperature and pressure relief valve and
the hot and cold water connections.
Water from opened drain valves, unions and
other connections may be extremely hot.
To avoid severe personal injury, death, or
substantial property damage:
– Tighten all drain hose connections.
– Direct hot water away from all persons.
To Drain the Water Heater
Should it become necessary to completely drain the water
heater, be sure to follow the steps below:
Disconnect the power supply to the heat source.
Consult the plumbing professional or electric company
in your area for service.
Close the cold water supply shutoff valve.
Open the drain valve on the water heater.
Open a hot water faucet to allow air to enter the
Drain the water heater if it will be shut off and exposed to
freezing temperatures. Freezing water will expand and
damage the water heater.
• If boiler water contains suffi cient antifreeze, then only
the domestic water needs to be drained.
• If boiler water does not contain suffi cient antifreeze, the
boiler water and the domestic water must be drained.
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