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Start-Up And Check-Out - Bosch SST150-40 Installation And Operating Manual

Indirect fired water heaters
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Installation & Operating Manual

6 Start-up and Check-out

1. Make sure the system is free of leaks and that air is
purged from the system.
Fix any leaks found before proceeding further.
Leakage from the boiler piping can result in
severe damage to the boiler.
2. Many soldering fl uxes contain Zinc Chloride which can
cause severe corrosion damage to stainless steel. After
completing all domestic water connections, fl ush the
indirect water heater thoroughly before leaving the
installation. This is particularly important if the indirect
water heater will be unused for an extended period of
time after installation. Flush the indirect water heater by
drawing at least three times its volume from the tank.
3. Make sure that all electrical connections are made
correctly and that no exposed high voltage wiring is
4. Make sure that each zone valve or circulator operates
when, and only when, its thermostat calls for heat. Let
each zone operate long enough to purge any remaining
air from the system.
5. Set the indirect water heater to the desired
temperature. Because hot water presents a scald
hazard, it is best to set the thermostat at 120°F or lower
and raise it only if necessary to provide adequate hot
6. Re-enable the burner and allow the boiler to operate.
Make sure that the boiler shuts down when the indirect
water heater is satisfi ed.
7. After installation, installer to review with homeowner
their maintenance responsibilities and their frequencies,
See Sec. 7 Maintenance.
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Indirect Fired Water Heaters Installation and Operating Manual



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