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LifeSource UA-767 Instruction Manual

One step auto-inflation.
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One Step Auto-Inflation
Blood Pressure Monitor
Trilingual Instruction Guide – MODEL UA-767


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    One Step Auto-Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor Trilingual Instruction Guide – MODEL UA-767...

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    20 years. Rest assured that we are committed to providing you and your family with monitoring devices specifically designed for high accuracy and ease of use. LifeSource—your source for a lifetime of health. LifeSource Health Line (Toll-Free): 1-888-726-9966...

  • Page 3: What Display Symbols Mean, Monitor Components

    Appears when pressure value did not increase during cuff inflation: 1) cuff is not fastened 2) air connector is not connected properly. LifeSource Health Line (Toll-Free): 1-888-726-9966 Recommended Action Remain still and refrain from talking; measure- ment in progress. Replace all batteries with new ones.

  • Page 4: How 767 Works

    HOW 767 WORKS LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitors are easy to use, accurate and digitally display full measurement readouts. Our technology is based on the “oscillometric method” — a noninvasive blood pressure determination. The term “oscillation” refers to any measure of vibrations caused by the arterial pulse. The cuff is first inflated until the artery is fully blocked.

  • Page 5: Taking Blood Pressure

    IMPORTANT: Measure pressure at the same time each day. LifeSource Health Line (Toll-Free): 1-888-726-9966 TAKING YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE Before taking your blood pressure, you will need to set the pressure switch to a number that is at least 30 mmHg higher than your expected systolic pressure.

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    Remove cuff and make a note of your blood pressure and pulse rate on the chart (see page 16), indicating date and time of measurement. LifeSource Health Line (Toll-Free): 1-888-726-9966 TAKING YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE We advise that you record the date and time after each measure- ment because an accurate blood pressure history relies not on single or sporadic readings but on a pattern over time.

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    Watch the display screen as the cuff deflates. When the MEASUREMENT IN PROGRESS symbol appears, the numbers should decline in increments of 2 to 5 mmHg. LifeSource Health Line (Toll-Free): 1-888-726-9966 CHECK/ADJUST EXHAUST VELOCITY If the exhaust velocity range is not within 2 to 5 mmHg, make...

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    Normally, blood pressure rises during work or play and falls to its lowest levels during sleep. Fluctuation within a day (case: 35 year old male) LifeSource Health Line (Toll-Free): 1-888-726-9966 Assessing High Blood Pressure The following standards for assessing high blood pressure (without regard to age) have been established by the National Institutes of Health JNCVI.

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    120/80. Pulse is simply written with the letter “P” followed by the pulse rate—P 72, for example. LifeSource Health Line (Toll-Free): 1-888-726-9966 B L O O D P R E S S U R E...

  • Page 10: Important Information

    SPECIFICATIONS Model ....UA-767 Type .....Oscillometric Display .

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    Aneroid Blood Pressure Kits Blood Pressure Cuffs Digital Blood Pressure Monitors Digital Thermometers Stethoscopes This LifeSource product is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. See warranty card for details. For more information regarding use, care or servicing of your Blood Pressure Monitor, contact: LifeSource A division of A&D Engineering, Inc.

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  • Maurice Lemay Jun 29, 2017 08:11:
    Je possède le modèle UA 767 Plus.
    Depu​is quelques temps, l'appareil pompe deux fois avant d'inscrire la pression.
    Est-ce que l'appareil peut être calibré afin de fonctionne​r comme auparavant​?
    Merci de votre collaborat​ion
    Mauric​e Lemay
  • Tak Kawashima May 14, 2017 01:47:
    Model UA-767 does not work anymore.
  • Tak Kawashima May 14, 2017 01:36:
    The model UA-767 does not work at all.
  • Dianne May 05, 2017 07:04:
    Display screen is not operating correctly.
  • kim Oct 24, 2016 07:03:
    Error keeps coming up. But it seems like there is not enough air pumping into the cuff