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GE Telaire Ventostat 8000 Series User Instructions page 2

Co2 sensor
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Ventostat Wiring Diagrams
The Ventostat family of products has two basic configurations. One
configuration provides three active outputs (CO
and an independent thermistor. It has an output terminal block with pins
#1, 2 and 3. The other configuration provides only CO
independent thermistor and has no terminal block with pins 1, 2, and 3
installed. For electrical wiring and power supply requirements, these two
configurations are identical; please follow the specific instructions for
wiring. The recommended wire gauge is 18-22 AWG (1.0 to 0.75
Ventostat products have three terminal pins that are
connected inside the sensor to a common/ground: pin
#2, 5 and 7 on the I/O terminal blocks and pin #2 on the
power block. Do NOT connect positive (hot) 24 VAC power
line to terminal number 2 of the terminal block.
The T8100 Ventostats are either 3-wire or 4-wire type
configurations, powered by either AC or DC voltage. They
are not 2-wire or loop-powered devices. Wiring the units as
2-wire or loop-powered devices will irreparably damage the
sensors and void the warranty.
For temperature measurements, Ventostat models contain a
passive thermistor (terminal pins #4 and 5), which is
electrically isolated from the other circuitry and should be
wired independently from active CO2/RH/temperature outputs.
The thermistor has no connection to the Ventostat common
ground and/or power.
The active temperature output has the same common (ground)
as CO
and RH outputs.
Figure 1: Display Unit Wiring for 3-Wire System, AC
Page 2
, RH and temperature)
outputs and an
Figure 2: Display Unit Wiring for 4-Wire System, AC
Figure 3: Non-Display Unit Wiring for 3-Wire System,
Figure 4: Non-Display Unit Wiring for 4-Wire System,
Figure 5: Wiring CO
Honeywell M7415 Damper Actuator with W7459 Logic
AC Power
AC Power
Sensor Voltage Output to
Telaire Ventostat™ 8000 Series


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