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   Summary of Contents for Motorola AIR-TRAK

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ----------------------------- Page Step 7 - Update phone number on Line 1 ----------------------------- Page Stage II – Application Assignment Step 1 – Submit list of phones to Air-Trak ----------------------------- Page Step 2 – Air-Trak assigns application ------------------------------------- Page Stage III – Application Download and Installation...

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    Application Provisioning Requirements:  Network Carrier: Sprint Nextel  Data access plan  IP address, preferably public IP address  Air-Trak plan from Sprint Nextel Activation Requirements:  Active Phone number  Air-Trak account ID  Activation code Phone menu and navigation controls: This guide makes references to various phone menu control and navigation keys.

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    Air-Trak® Handset Set-up Guide Page 4 of 13...

  • Page 5: Step 1 - Charge Battery

    Objective: Before installing and running the tracking application on your phone, some preparation is required to configure the handset. The following steps will guide you through the process of making you handset ready to receive and run the Air-Trak application. Step 1 - Charge battery 1- Remove the battery door.

  • Page 6: Step 4 - Set Gps Privacy

    By removing unneeded applications, you simplify both the Java Apps menu and the process of running Air-Trak. Furthermore, you free up space to store data if and when your phones goes out of coverage. Please do not remove Download Apps and Java System for they are required to download and run the Air-Trak application on your phone.

  • Page 7: Step 7 - Update Phone Number On Line 1

    Air-Trak® Handset Set-up Guide press the Done soft key. 8- Repeat the last 7 steps as many times as necessary. Step 7 - Update phone number on Line 1 There are 2 methods to update Line 1 on your handset. The first one consists of calling the phone number, which will automatically populate Line 1 with the provisioned phone number.

  • Page 8: Step 2 – Air-trak Assigns Application

    Air-Trak® Handset Set-up Guide Stage II – Application Assignment Objective: A major step toward assigning the Air-Trak application to your phones involves Air- Trak’s Customer Support department. Our team will assign the Air-Trak phone application to each of your active phones, making it available for download.

  • Page 9: Step 1- Download Air-trak

    Air-Trak® Handset Set-up Guide Stage III – Application Download and Installation Objective: At this point, you are ready to download and install the Air-Trak application on your handset. The following steps will guide you through the download and install processes.

  • Page 10: Option 1 - Auto-activation

    Air-Trak® Handset Set-up Guide Stage IV – Application Activation Objective: You have download and installed Air-Trak application to your phone. You are now ready to activate Air-Trak service on Air-Trak system. There are 2 activation options available to you:  Manual activation: The phone prompts you to key in activation data before it registers on Air-Trak system.

  • Page 11: Option 2 - Manual Activation

    6- Press the Send soft key once. 7- A Sending Activation Information… progress bar will display. a. If the activation is successful, the Air-Trak main menu screen will be displayed. b. Place the phone in a location that has a clear view of the sky.

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    5- Scroll to Air-Trak and press OK. 6- Right Sftkey menu will read Air-Trak. 7- Press Back twice, the main menu soft key is now set to launch Air-Trak or press the End/Hung Up key once. Page 12 of 13...

  • Page 13: What's Next

    The service will automatically begin communicating with the GPS and send a position report, as soon as the GPS has acquired a location fix and the data is available to the Air-Trak application see Operating the Phone with Air-Trak Running.

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