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Beforerou Call - Maytag 7602 User Instructions

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Cheek these points to help save yon time and money:
Won't Fill
• Be sure door is latched securely.
• Be sure the water is turned on.
• Check that the diaVpad is properly selected for a cycle.
• Allow time for select models to di'ain/pause before filling.
• Check your home_ circuit breaker or fuse bok.
• Check inlet bose {br _kink.
• Cheek water valve inlet for sediment and clean if necessary.
Won't Drain/Water
in Tub Bottom
* If hooked up to a food waste &sposer, be sure the knock-out is removed
from the dispeser inlet,
• Be sure the drain hose is elevated at least 32" so water cannot siphon
back into the tub.
• Check for a food obstruction in the drain or disposer.
• Check drain hose for a kink.
• Check your home's circuit breaker or fuse box.
• Check that the cycle Js completed.
Cup Not Empty
* Cheek that the cycle is c0mplete d.
• Be sure disl_enser is not blocke&
• Use fresh detergent stored in a:cool, dry place.
Seems Noisy
A water valve hiss dunng !_tI1 i s l_ormal,,
• Water cireulata/on sounds are normal.
• A ticking noise is a normal timer sound.
• A th_lmping sound may be a wash arm bumping an item that is extend-
ing beyond the racks.:
• Chopping or grinding sounds may be heard during drain as the internal
food_disposer chops hard items like fruit seeds, nuts, etc.
I * Humming during drain is normal.
• A snap noise is the detergent Cup lid hitting the door liner when the
dishwasher door is opened at the end of the cycle. This is normal.
• Proper installation affects the noise level.
Cycle Takes Too Long--
• Temp Sense has been selected and the cycle is ex_ended if the water
Delay light stays on)
is low. (See pg. 7)
Check to see that the incoming water temperature is at least 120-140°E
Has An Odor
* Dishes being held for a full load may need to be run through a Rinse &
Hold cycle while waiting (select moclels).
Many dishwashers have a new smell When 'first installed. It disipates
with use.
• A chemical odor is u,sually the chlorine bleach in dishwashing deter-
gents• You may wont to try"another brand.
• Dishwasher not draining properly. (See "Won't Drain" section.)
• Check
that the dishwasher
is level• (Refer
to the
• Suds can cause _]aedi_hwdsher to overflow, Measure the detergent care-
fully _nd use ordy d_er_eiats_des_.3aed :.for use in a dishwasher. Less
Follow divectiorls do@
on howto add a%rgo_ten item (_ee pg. 8)..
• To avoid rinse aid leaking from the dispenser, be sure the lid is securely
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