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Loading Information - Maytag 7602 User Instructions

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vary depending
on model)
Typically; tile majori_ of loads eontain items of varying
size and b_pe. That's why your new Maylag dishwasher
The upper rack is designed with great flexibilib7 and
is designed to accommodate a varie)" of dishes, glasses,
versatility. Glasses, cups, stemware, light weight plas-
stemware, utensils and pots and pans.
tics, small plates, bowls, paus, lon_handled
The following illnstrations
and information
will help
etc. can be loaded in this rack.
you becorne more familiar with your dishwasher rack-
ing system. After a few dishloads, you x_dllbe able to
determine the best arrangement
_br yonr items.
• Don't Prerinse.
Simply serape
off any bones
food particles.
The disposer in your dish-
washer will handle the occasional pits, fruit seeds and
These items will be chopped
into small
pieces during
drain aud removed
with the drain
water. Yon may hear a chopping noise dnriug drain.
This is normal.
• If connected to a food waste disposer, make certain
the disposer
is empty before
the dish-
washer. This allows proper draining.
• Remove
foods (such as mustard, mayon
Items can be centered behind a single tine or loaded at
naise, lemon juice, vinegar, salt or dressings) from
an angle to maximize space. For best results, leave a
steel flatware
as soon as possible.
small space between pieces so they do not touch during
foods may canse rusting and pitting if allowed to
the cycle.
remain in contact with the surface for an extended
period of time.
• Serape or soak items with burnt
on foods as they
require more enerD_ than the rest of the load to clean
• Soak or wipe a starchy film from utensils used to
cook tbods such as potatoes,
pasta, rice, oatmeal, they require more energy than the rest of the
load to clean satisfactorily.
Glasses, tnmblers, stemware and cups can he placed in
• Place all items in the racks so they are separated and
the top rack. Do not load these items over the tines.
lhcing center. This ensures the water spray can reach
It makes them more difficult to rinse.
soiled surfitces for good washing and rinsing results.
• Wedge flat, lightweight items (such as plastic lids)
next to the silverware basket or along the sides and
back of the racks.
• Load items so they do not rest over the top of the
wash tower. This water spray is needed to properly
clean items in the upper rack.
• Avoid blocking the upper and lower spray arms by not
allowing items to extend beyond the racks.
• Place glasses in any row of the racks for proper clean-
ing and rinsing. Do not load glasses over the tines.
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