Bag Adaptor; Utility Valve; Overheating Protection; Overload Protection - Electrolux Oxygen Series Owner's Manual

Electrolux oxygen series central vacuum systems
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When in use, the power indicator turns green. The 4 progressive
performance bars will appear. A normally functioning unit should have
all 4 performance bars lit. If there are consistently less than 2 bars,
you should check for the problem. Possible issues causing the
performance bars to lessen could be:
1. Blocked suction at the hose end
2. Clogged pipe in system
3. Air restrictive tool being used, such as a crevice tool
4. Full dirt receptacle
5. Clogged filtration system
Every 25 hours of use (approximately 6 months) the empty dirt
receptacle indicator will flash on the screen. This is an indication to
check the dirt receptacle and empty it. Since this is time based,
you may find the dirt receptacle too empty or too full. If you have
pets, a workshop or other factors that cause waste more frequently,
you may wish to check the dirt receptacle more frequently.
Once the dirt receptacle is emptied, you push the return button
to reset the 25 hours timer. If your power supply is interrupted,
or otherwise unplugged, the empty dirt receptacle indicator will
keep a memory of its previous status and continue life measure.
To manually reset the Empty Dirt Receptacle indicator, simply press
the button lining up with the Enter symbol and hold for 10 seconds.
The life meter has 8 bars on it. Once these bars are depleted you
unit will continue to run, although it is strongly recommended to
take it to your local service center to be inspected and serviced.
A life bar will deplete every 65 hours of vacuum use, meaning your
central vacuum will have a long life of service to you. The life meter
can be reset only by your service technician. If your power supply
is interrupted, or otherwise unplugged, the life meter will keep
a memory of its previous status and continue life measure.
If there is a system fault, or malfunction with your power unit, the
service indicator will flash. Upon seeing this symbol, we recommend
that you turn the power unit off, unplug the power supply for
10 seconds and then plug it back in. If the service symbol is still on
the screen, we recommend that you call for service.
This symbol may appear due to the following faults:
• Motor problem
• Electronic problem
• Voltage or current problem (too high or too low)
• Power unit not responding to electronics
When not in use, you can scroll through the features of your LCD
to observe the dirt receptacle status, life monitor measure or most
recent recorded power level.
To scroll through these features simply push the button corresponding
with the right pointing arrow symbol.
The next screen you will see will be the Life Meter. Scroll right further
and you will find Bucket Status. Yet another scroll will show you last
recorded performance levels of the power unit, using the Performance
Meter on the In-Use screen. The final scroll right will show you the
customer service phone number.
The button lining up with the left scroll button will allow you to scroll
backwards through the screens.


Your power unit can all be fitted with a convenient paper bag
for more convenient dirt disposal. For maintenance of the paper bag,
please see the Paper Bag Filter section, under Filter Maintenance.
Refer to page 7 - Image 10


The utility valve is similar to an Inlet valve, but is located near the
power unit. This valve is present for your convenience, as it can
help clean up any dirt spilled close to the central vacuum.


If the circuit board reaches an elevated temperature, the power unit the
power unit will not operate and the LED will be off or on LCD model the
screen will be flashing. In the event of these problems, press the On/Off
button, unplug hose or wait for temperature to lower. If problems persist;
contact your authorized dealer or distributor.
Refer to page 7 - Image 9


The central vacuum system employs features that monitor the following
operating levels: AC voltage, and current draw. If the voltage is below
or above standard operating voltage, high current draw or locked rotor,
the power unit will not operate. In this case the On/Off button will blink
until the problem ceases or on the LCD model the screen will flash.
If problems persist; contact your authorized dealer or distributor.
The power unit requires 30 minutes to cool down.
Refer to page 7 - Image 9


Reduced airflow or suction indicates the central vacuum system
is not operating at maximum efficiency. If the dirt receptacle is full
and the filter is clogged, no air can pass through the unit and no
cleaning can take place. Instructions provided in the booklet serve
as a guide to routine maintenance. Proper airflow or suction can
be maintained by keeping the dirt receptacle and filter clean and
the plastic tubing and hose free from clogs.

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