Electrolux Oxygen Series Owner's Manual

Electrolux oxygen series central vacuum systems
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electrolux oxygen
central vacuum system
owners manual
Type K



  Summary of Contents for Electrolux Oxygen Series

  • Page 1 Type K...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Important Safeguards ......... 2 CONTENTS General Information ..........3 Your central vacuum system package consists of the following items. Installation ............3 System Test ............4 How to use ............4 LED Indications ..........4 LCD Screen ............4 1- Vacuum Bag Bag Adaptor ............
  • Page 3: General Information

    • Plug in your CVS with the supplied power cord. service information, always refer to these numbers when inquiring about service. Your Electrolux Oxygen CVS does not require the assembly of a muffler. Your CVS has the muffler installed internally. You may however WARNING desire to exhaust the air outside.
  • Page 4: System Test

    Refer to page 7 - Image 8 Refer to page 7 - Image 8 In the main screen of the LCD, the Electrolux logo will appear. This HOW TO USE CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM logo may scroll from side to side to avoid the image ingraining itself onto the LCD Display.
  • Page 5: Bag Adaptor

    IN USE • Motor problem • Electronic problem • Voltage or current problem (too high or too low) • Power unit not responding to electronics When in use, the power indicator turns green. The 4 progressive SCROLLING YOUR LCD performance bars will appear. A normally functioning unit should have all 4 performance bars lit.
  • Page 6: Filter Maintenance

    (see instructions below). Insert the hose into the inlet valve where there is no suction; hold your hand over the hose end. Release hand quickly. Repeat several times. If blockage does not clear, contact your nearest Electrolux dealer/distributor.
  • Page 7: Images

    100mm (4") Min. 30 cm (12") 380mm (15") Min. 30 cm Min. 30 cm (12") (12") 1032mm (40.5") Maximum 1.8 m (6') from outlet 495mm (19.5") Min. 70 cm (27.5") 465mm (18") Max. 5 m (16.5') Screen LED Buttons On/Off Motor Status Empty Dirt Receptacle Reset...
  • Page 8 Do you remember the last time you opened a gift that made you say “Oh! How did you know? That’s exactly what I wanted!” That’s the kind of feeling that the designers at Electrolux seek to evoke in everyone who chooses or uses one of our products. We devote time, knowledge, and a great deal of thought to anticipating and creating the kind of appliances that our customers really need and want.