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Electrolux oxygen series central vacuum systems
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• Place the power unit in order to make the exhaust pipe
as short as possible. Exhausts should be limited to no longer
than 5 meters.
• Keep in mind that you may need space on the sides of your
central unit to be able to access the dirt receptacle.
Refer to page 7 - Image 6
• Align the power unit intake fitting to the main trunk line projecting
from the wall.
the motor exhaust if exhausting outdoors. Make sure the exhaust
pipe is as short as possible.
NOTE: Mount central power unit at least 30cm from the ceiling
and any adjacent wall, at least 70cm from the floor and within 1.8 m
of an electrical outlet. Review any local regulations that may apply.
Refer to page 7 - Image 2
Do not block the hood ventilation openings on the top of the central
power unit. Lack of ventilation will cause the motor to overheat.
Do not locate the central power unit in a high temperature area where
it is inaccessible for example, an attic or crawl space.
For the ultimate in air control you have the a true HEPA filter and may
be included with your choice of power unit or can be purchased from
an authorized dealer/distributor. Simply attach the true HEPA filter as
Refer to page 7 - Image 7


Be certain to comply with local electrical codes and regulations.
Plug the unit into a regular electrical outlet. You are now ready to
check the installation of the unit:
• Be sure the filter is properly installed in the power unit.
• Be sure the dirt receptacle is properly secured to the power unit.
• Plug the hose into each inlet valve to be sure the electrical
contacts operate properly.
• Check each inlet valve for air leaks.
• Check each pipe connection for air leaks.
Refer to page 7 - Image 8
Your central vacuum system is controlled by a switch on your
hose. Simply insert the hose into the valve and turn the switch to
the on position. This will start the power unit and the flow of air.
When you are finished, turn the switch on the hose to the
off position and remove the hose from the inlet valve. When
unplugging the hose, hold the inlet cover open for a few
seconds to allow suction to decrease thus, protecting the
inlet valve seal.
Refer to page 7 - Image 8
Attach the exhaust pipe to


You machine may be equipped with some or all of the indicators
listed below.
Refer to page 7 - Image 9
Motor Fault
Your power unit is equipped with a multi color LED panel. This LED
panel will provide you with necessary information on your power unit's
performance, maintenance and diagnostics. Below are descriptions
of the different messages the power unit will provide.
When the power unit is OFF and considered to be in standby mode
the LED button will be RED.
When the power unit is ON and in use the LED will be GREEN.
When the motor fault light is ON see further description below.
When the dirt receptacle light is ON, empty dirt receptacle, press the
RESET button and hold for 10 seconds.
In the case of a blown fuse or disconnected motor wire and the
power unit is not functioning the ON/OFF button will be constantly
GREEN In the case of an over current shutdown, the ON/OFF
button will be flashing RED, the GREEN light will on and off rapidly
and the MOTOR FAULT light will be AMBER and turn on and off
rapidly. This fault will reset automatically in 15 seconds if the low volt
connection is OFF at the hose.
In the case of a continued over current and the low volt connection
is ON and the hose the ON/OFF button will constantly be RED,
the GREEN light will flash slowly and the MOTOR FAULT will slowly
flash AMBER.
In the unlikely event of a bad frequency received by the power unit
the power unit will not start and the ON/OFF button will remain
constantly RED. In the case of a high line voltage received by
the power unit the ON/OFF button will alternate between RED
and GREEN three times- pause briefly – alternate between RED and
GREEN three times – long pause- and then repeat. This will
continue until the line voltage returns to the correct level.


Refer to page 7 - Image 8
In the main screen of the LCD, the Electrolux logo will appear. This
logo may scroll from side to side to avoid the image ingraining itself
onto the LCD Display. You will see the logo when the power unit is
not in use.
The button that best lines up with the Power symbol on the screen
can be used to activate the unit. Press this button to toggle the unit
on/off. The unit may also be activated from any installed inlet.
When you LCD power unit is in standby mode the four white lights on
your LCD unit will light up in sequence and alternate moving from left
to right then reversing right to left. This pattern will repeat continuously
and is an indication that your power unit is ready for use and
functioning properly.
Dirt Receptacle Full

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