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Installation And User's Guide - IBM Preferred USB Keyboard with Hub User Manual

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Installation and user's guide

This guide contains instructions on how to install and use the IBM
USB Keyboard with Hub.
Product description
Your keyboard will work in USB-port equipped computers with Microsoft
98 or Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional. In addition to this book,
this keyboard package contains:
v One IBM Preferred USB Keyboard with Hub
Installing the keyboard
Follow the instructions for the operating system you use.
v Windows 98.
1. Turn on your computer and let Windows 98 start.
2. Plug your keyboard into the USB slot on your computer.
The Add New Hardware window opens for the USB Generic Hub
Device. Click Next.
3. Select Search for the best driver for your device. (Recommended) and
then click Next.
4. Deselect all boxes and then click Next.
© Copyright IBM Corp. 2000



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