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GB Operator's manual
RU óêîâîäñòâî ïî


   Summary of Contents for Husqvarna 570BTS

  • Page 1

    GB Operator’s manual 2-19 RU óêîâîäñòâî ïî ýêñïëóàòàöèè 20-39 570BTS 580BTS...

  • Page 2: Key To Symbols

    KEY TO SYMBOLS Symbols Noise emission to the environment according to the European WARNING! The machine can be a Community’s Directive. The dangerous tool if used incorrectly or machine’s emission is specified in carelessly, which can cause serious chapter Technical data and on label. or fatal injury to the operator or Other symbols/decals on the others.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    FUEL HANDLING Operator’s manual. Fuel . 13 Fuelling . 13 Husqvarna AB has a policy of continuous product development and therefore reserves the right to modify STARTING AND STOPPING the design and appearance of products without prior Starting and stopping . 14 notice.

  • Page 4: Introduction

    Congratulations on your choice to buy a Husqvarna product! Husqvarna is based on a tradition that dates back to 1689, when the Swedish King Karl XI ordered the construction of a factory on the banks of the Husqvarna River, for production of muskets.

  • Page 5: What Is What

    WHAT IS WHAT? What is what on the blower? Frame 15 Stop switch with throttle position setting Harness 16 Throttle control Engine cover 17 Handlebar (Accessory) Fan shell 18 Elbow Air intake screen 19 Clamp 20 Flexible hose Air cleaner 21 Control pipe Starter handle 22 Clamp...

  • Page 6: General Safety Precautions

    GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS General Starting • Never start the machine indoors. Exhaust fumes can IMPORTANT! be dangerous if inhaled. The machine is only designed for blowing lawns, • Observe the surroundings and ensure that no people pathways, asphalt roads and the like. or animals can come into contact with the blower.

  • Page 7: Adjusting The Harness

    GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Transport and storage Tighten the side straps so that the pressure is evenly distributed across the shoulders. • Store and transport the machine and fuel so that there is no risk of any leakage or fumes coming into contact with sparks or naked flames, for example, from electrical machinery, electric motors, electrical relays/ switches or boilers.

  • Page 8: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Personal protective equipment • Wear clothes made of a strong fabric and avoid loose clothing that can catch on twigs and branches. Always wear heavy, long pants. Do not wear jewellery, shorts WARNING! You must use approved sandals or go barefoot. Secure hair so it is above personal protective equipment whenever shoulder level.

  • Page 9: Checking, Maintaining And Servicing The Machine's Safety Equipment

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Vibration damping system WARNING! Your machine is equipped with a vibration damping system that is designed to minimize vibration and make operation easier. Bear in mind that: Engine exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. For this reason you should not start or run the machine indoors, or anywhere that is poorly ventilated.

  • Page 10: General Working Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Vibration damping system WARNING! Never use a machine with faulty safety equipment. The machine’s safety equipment must be checked and maintained as described in this section. If your machine fails any of these checks • Check the vibration damping units regularly for cracks contact your service agent to get it or deformation.

  • Page 11: Basic Working Techniques

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • The powerful currents of air can move objects at such • CAUTION! Do not use the machine unless you are a speed that they can bounce back and cause serious able to call for help in the event of an accident. eye injuries.

  • Page 12: Assembly

    ASSEMBLY Assembling the blow pipe and Accessories control handle Handlebar Disassemble the intermediate pipe. Disassemble the • Connect the blower and control pipe with the flexible knob from the holder and puch the holder on to the holder hose. Clamp both ends of the flexible hose in place. pipe.

  • Page 13: Fuel Handling

    When refuelling, open the fuel cap slowly two-stroke engines. Mixture 1:50 (2%). so that any excess pressure is released • If HUSQVARNA two-stroke oil is not available, you gently. may use another two-stroke oil of good quality that is Tighten the fuel cap carefully after intended for air cooled engines.

  • Page 14: Starting And Stopping

    STARTING AND STOPPING Starting and stopping Starting Hold the body of the machine on the ground using your left hand (CAUTION! Not with your foot!). Grip the starter handle, slowly pull out the cord with your right hand until you feel some resistance (the starter pawls grip), now quickly and powerfully pull the cord.

  • Page 15: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE General Check that the spark arrester and the exhaust duct are screwed in place correctly (5). Tighten to 2-3 Nm. Keep all parts of your body away from the hot surfaces. WARNING! The muffler gets very hot The ignition lead should always be removed from the during use and remain so for some time spark plug before repair, cleaning or maintenance work.

  • Page 16: Spark Plug

    MAINTENANCE Spark plug Cleaning the air filter • Loosen the four quick-action clips and lift off the cover and remove the filter. Wash the prefilter in warm soapy water. The spark plug condition is influenced by: • Incorrect carburettor adjustment. •...

  • Page 17: Maintenance Schedule

    MAINTENANCE Maintenance schedule Below you will find some general maintenance instructions. If you need further information please contact your service workshop. Daily Weekly Monthly Maintenance maintenance maintenance maintenance Clean the outside of the machine. Check that the throttle control functions safely. Check that the stop switch works correctly.

  • Page 18: Technical Data

    TECHNICAL DATA Technical data Technical data 570BTS 580BTS Engine Cylinder displacement, cm 65.6 75.6 Idle speed, rpm 2000 2000 Max. engine output, acc. to ISO 8893, kW/ rpm Catalytic converter muffler Speed-regulated ignition system Ignition system Spark plug NGK CMR7H...

  • Page 19: Ec-declaration Of Conformity

    Husqvarna AB, SE-561 82 Huskvarna, Sweden, tel +46-36-146500, declares under sole responsibility that the blowers Husqvarna 570BTS, 580BTS with serial numbers dating 2014 and onwards (the year is clearly stated on the rating plate, followed by the serial number), comply with the requirements of the COUNCIL’S DIRECTIVE: - of May 17, 2006 "relating to machinery"...

  • Page 20

    ŽŸ‘…ˆ… ‘ˆŒ‚Ž‹Ž‚ “ñëîâíûå îáîçíà÷åíèß „åðæèòåñü íà ðàññòîßíèè …„“…†„…ˆ…! ðè îò ãîðß÷èõ ïîâåðõíîñòåé. íåïðàâèëüíîì èëè íåáðåæíîì èñïîëüçîâàíèè ìàøèíà ìîæåò áûòü îïàñíûì èíñòðóìåíòîì, êîòîðûé ìîæåò ïðè÷èíèòü ñåðüåçíûå ïîâðåæäåíèß èëè ˜óìîçàùèòíûå ýìèññèè â òðàâìó ñî ñìåðòåëüíûì îêðóæàþùóþ ñðåäó ñîãëàñíî èñõîäîì äëß ïîëüçîâàòåëß èëè äëß äðóãèõ. „èðåêòèâû...

  • Page 21

    âàæíî, ÷òîáû ‚û ïðî÷èòàëè è ïîíßëè ñîäåðæàíèå äàííîãî ðóêîâîäñòâà. ‡€“‘Š ˆ Ž‘’€Ž‚ ‡àïóñê è îñòàíîâêà ..........Husqvarna AB ïîñòîßííî ðàáîòàåò íàä ðàçðàáîòêîé ñâîèõ èçäåëèé è ïîýòîìó ’…•ˆ—…‘ŠŽ… Ž‘‹“†ˆ‚€ˆ… îñòàâëßåò çà ñîáîé ïðàâî íà âíåñåíèå èçìåíåíèé â ôîðìó è âíåøíèé âèä áåç...

  • Page 22

    ðàçðàáàòûâàòü, ïðîèçâîäèòü è ðàñïðîñòðàíßòü íà ðûíêå èçäåëèß ñ ìîòîðíûì ïðèâîäîì äëß ðàáîòû â ëåñó è â ñàäó, à òàêæå â ñòðîèòåëüñòâå è â ïðîìûøëåííîì êîìïëåêñå. ”èðìà Husqvarna òàêæå ñòðåìèòñß áûòü âïåðåäè â ýðãîíîìèêå, óäîáñòâå ïîëüçîâàíèß, áåçîïàñíîñòè è ýêîëîãèè, è ïî ýòîé...

  • Page 23

    —’Ž …‘’œ —’Ž? —òî åñòü ÷òî íà ñäóâàòåëå? ˜àññè 15 Šîíòàêò îñòàíîâêè ñ ðåãóëèðîâêîé ïîëîæåíèß ãàçà 2 ‹ßìêà 16 Šóðîê ãàçà 3 Šàïîò äâèãàòåëß 17 óëü (äîïîëíèòåëüíîå îáîðóäîâàíèå) 4 Šîæóõ âåíòèëßòîðà 18 Šîëåíî 5 ”èëüòð â âîçäóõîâîäå 19 •îìóò 6 ‚åíòèëßòîð 20 ƒèáêèé...

  • Page 24

    Ž™ˆ… …„ˆ‘€ˆŸ Ž …‡Ž€‘Ž‘’ˆ Žáùèå ñâåäåíèß …„“…†„…ˆ…! Œàøèíà âî âðåìß ðàáîòû ñîçäàåò ýëåêòðîìàãíèòíîå ïîëå. ‚ îïðåäåëåííûõ ‚€†Ž! îáñòîßòåëüñòâàõ ýòî ïîëå ìîæåò Œàøèíà ñêîíñòðóèðîâàíà òîëüêî äëß ñîçäàâàòü ïîìåõè äëß ïàññèâíûõ è ñäóâàíèß ñ ãàçîíîâ, äîðîæåê, àêòèâíûõ ìåäèöèíñêèõ àñôàëüòèðîâàííûõ äîðîã è ò.ï. èìïëàíòàíòîâ.

  • Page 25

    Ž™ˆ… …„ˆ‘€ˆŸ Ž …‡Ž€‘Ž‘’ˆ • åðåä çàïóñêîì îòíåñèòå ìàøèíó êàê îäãîíêà îñíàñòêè ìèíèìóì íà 3 ì îò ìåñòà çàïðàâêè. …„“…†„…ˆ…! ðè ðàáîòå ñ ìàøèíîé, ñëåäóåò âñåãäà îäåâàòü îñíàñòêó. …ñëè ýòîãî íå ñäåëàòü, òî ìàíåâðèðîâàíèå íå áóäåò áåçîïàñíûì è ‚û ìîæåòå íàíåñòè âðåä...

  • Page 26

    ˆ‘’“Š–ˆŸ Ž ’…•ˆŠ… …‡Ž€‘Ž‘’ˆ ‘ðåäñòâà çàùèòû îïåðàòîðà • îëüçóéòåñü íå ñêîëüçßùèìè è óñòîé÷èâûìè ñàïîãàìè. …„“…†„…ˆ…! ‚î âðåìß ðàáîòû ñ ìàøèíîé âû äîëæíû èñïîëüçîâàòü ñïåöèàëüíûå îäîáðåííûå ñðåäñòâà çàùèòû. ‘ðåäñòâà ëè÷íîé çàùèòû íå ìîãóò ïîëíîñòüþ èñêëþ÷èòü ðèñê ïîëó÷åíèß òðàâìû, íî ïðè íåñ÷àñòíîì ñëó÷àå îíè ñíèæàþò òßæåñòü...

  • Page 27

    ˆ‘’“Š–ˆŸ Ž ’…•ˆŠ… …‡Ž€‘Ž‘’ˆ Šëàâèø îñòàíîâêè ƒëóøèòåëü „àííûé âûêëþ÷àòåëü èñïîëüçóåòñß äëß ïîëíîé ƒëóøèòåëü ïðåäíàçíà÷åí äëß ñíèæåíèß óðîâíß îñòàíîâêè äâèãàòåëß. øóìà è îòâîäà â ñòîðîíó îò ðàáîòàþùåãî ÷åëîâåêà âûõëîïíûõ ãàçîâ. ‚ ñòðàíàõ ñ æàðêèì è ñóõèì êëèìàòîì âåðîßòíîñòü âîçíèêíîâåíèß ïîæàðîâ î÷åâèäíà. Œû...

  • Page 28

    ˆ‘’“Š–ˆŸ Ž ’…•ˆŠ… …‡Ž€‘Ž‘’ˆ Žñìîòð, óõîä è îáñëóæèâàíèå ƒëóøèòåëü çàùèòíûõ ïðèñïîñîáëåíèé ìàøèíû • èêîãäà íå èñïîëüçóéòå ìàøèíó ñ …„“…†„…ˆ…! „ëß äåôåêòíûì ãëóøèòåëåì. îáñëóæèâàíèß è ðåìîíòà ìàøèíû òðåáóåòñß ñïåöèàëüíàß ïîäãîòîâêà. Žñîáåííî âàæíî ýòî äëß ðàáîòû ñ çàùèòíûìè ïðèñïîñîáëåíèßìè. …ñëè ó ìàøèíû îáíàðóæàòñß ëþáûå èç îïèñàííûõ...

  • Page 29

    ˆ‘’“Š–ˆŸ Ž ’…•ˆŠ… …‡Ž€‘Ž‘’ˆ Žáùèå ðàáî÷èå èíñòðóêöèè • „åðæèòåñü íà ðàññòîßíèè îò ãîðß÷èõ ïîâåðõíîñòåé. • …ñëè ìàøèíà çàãîðèòñß èëè âîçíèêíåò ‚€†Ž! ‚ ýòîì ðàçäåëå îãîâîðåíû îñíîâíûå äðóãàß àâàðèéíàß ñèòóàöèß, â êîòîðîé ïðàâèëà áåçîïàñíîñòè äëß ðàáîòû ñ ïîòðåáóåòñß îñâîáîäèòüñß îò ìàøèíû, âîçäóõîäóâêîé...

  • Page 30

    ˆ‘’“Š–ˆŸ Ž ’…•ˆŠ… …‡Ž€‘Ž‘’ˆ • ‚ âûõëîïíûõ ãàçàõ äâèãàòåëåé ñîäåðæèòñß áëîêèðàòîðàÓ. îëíûé ãàç äîñòèãàåòñß îêñèä óãëåðîäà, ñïîñîáíûé âûçâàòü êîãäà ðó÷êà ïîëíîñòüþ îòâåäåíà íàçàä. îòðàâëåíèå. îýòîìó ìàøèíó íèêîãäà íå ñëåäóåò çàïóñêàòü âíóòðè ïîìåùåíèß èëè ïðè íåäîñòàòî÷íîé âåíòèëßöèè. • ‚îçäóõîäóâêà íå äîëæíà èñïîëüçîâàòüñß íà ñòóïåíüêàõ...

  • Page 31

    ‘ŽŠ€ Œîíòàæ òðóáû ñäóâàíèß è ’àêæå äîñòóïíû äëß çàêàçà: ðó÷êè ðåãóëèðîâêè óëü äåìîíòèðóéòå ñðåäíþþ òðóáó. Žòêðóòèòå • ‘îåäèíèòå âîçäóõîäóâ è ðàáî÷óþ òðóáó ñ ïîâîðîòíóþ ðó÷êó äåðæàòåëß è íàäåíüòå ïîìîùüþ ãèáêîãî øëàíãà. àäåæíî äåðæàòåëü íà òðóáó óïðàâëåíèß. ‘ìîíòèðóéòå è çàêðåïèòå îáà êîíöà ãèáêîãî øëàíãà. çàòßíèòå...

  • Page 32

    ñïåöèàëüíî ïðåäíàçíà÷åííîå äëß íàøèõ äâóõòàêòíûõ äâèãàòåëåé. ‘ìåñü â ïðîïîðöèè 1:50 (2%). • …ñëè íåò âîçìîæíîñòè èñïîëüçîâàòü ìàñëî HUSQVARNA äëß 2-òàêòîâ, âû ìîæåòå ïðèìåíßòü äðóãîå âûñîêîêà÷åñòâåííîå ìàñëî äëß äâóõòàêòíûõ äâèãàòåëåé ñ âîçäóøíûì îõëàæäåíèåì. „ëß âûáîðà ñîîòâåòñòâóþùåãî ìàñëà ñëåäóåò ïðîêîíñóëüòèðîâàòüñß ñ âàøèì äèëåðîì.

  • Page 33

    €‚ˆ‹€ Ž€™…ˆŸ ‘ ’Ž‹ˆ‚ŽŒ ‡àïðàâêà …„“…†„…ˆ…! „ëß óìåíüøåíèß ðèñêà âîçíèêíîâåíèß ïîæàðà íóæíî ó÷åñòü ñëåäóþùèå ìåðû ïðåäîñòîðîæíîñòè: ‡àïðàâêó ìàøèíû òîïëèâîì ñëåäóåò ïðîèçâîäèòü â õîðîøî âåíòèëèðóåìûõ ïîìåùåíèßõ. ‡àïðåùàåòñß çàïðàâëßòü ìàøèíó â çàêðûòîì ïîìåùåíèè. å êóðèòå è íå îñòàâëßéòå òåïëûõ ïðåäìåòîâ âáëèçè òîïëèâà. åðåä...

  • Page 34

    ‡€“‘Š ˆ Ž‘’€Ž‚ ‡àïóñê è îñòàíîâêà ‡àïóñê ðèæìèòå êîðïóñ ìàøèíû ê çåìëå ëåâîé ðóêîé (‚ˆŒ€ˆ…! å íîãîé! ). “õâàòèòå ðó÷êó ñòàðòîâîãî øíóðà ïðàâîé ðóêîé è ìåäëåííî ïîòßíèòå åãî, ïîêà íå ïî÷óâñòâóåòå ñîïðîòèâëåíèå (çàõâàòû âñòóïàþò â äåéñòâèå), çàòåì ïîòßíèòå øíóð ðåçêèì äâèæåíèåì. …„“…†„…ˆ…! åðåä...

  • Page 35

    ’…•ˆ—…‘ŠŽ… Ž‘‹“†ˆ‚€ˆ… Žáùèå ñâåäåíèß ïðîâåðßéòå ãëóøèòåëü, ÷òîáû îí áûë èñïðàâåí è õîðîøî çàêðåïëåí. (1,2). 8-10Nm. å ðàáîòàéòå âáëèçè ãîðß÷èõ ïîâåðõíîñòåé. „î ïðîâåäåíèß ðåìîíòà, î÷èñòêè èëè îáñëóæèâàíèß íåîáõîäèìî óäàëèòü ïðîâîä öåïè çàæèãàíèß èç ñâå÷è çàæèãàíèß. Šàðáþðàòîð åãóëèðîâêà õîëîñòîãî õîäà åðåä âñåé ðåãóëèðîâêîé, ïðîâåðüòå, ÷òîáû âîçäóøíûé...

  • Page 36

    ’…•ˆ—…‘ŠŽ… Ž‘‹“†ˆ‚€ˆ… ”èëüòð â âîçäóõîâîäå Žáðàòèòå âíèìàíèå! ‚ñåãäà èñïîëüçóéòå òîëüêî óêàçàííûé òèï ñâå÷è! ðèìåíåíèå “áåäèòåñü â òîì, ÷òî âîçäóõîâîä íå íåñîîòâåòñòâóþùåé ìîäåëè ìîæåò ïðèâåñòè ê çàáëîêèðîâàí, íàïðèìåð, ëèñòüßìè èëè ñåðüåçíûì ïîâðåæäåíèßì ïîðøíß/öèëèíäðà. ìóñîðîì. ‡àáèòûé âîçäóõîâîä ïðèâåäåò ê ‚îçäóøíûé ôèëüòð ñíèæåíèþ ïðîèçâîäèòåëüíîñòè è ïîâûøåíèþ ðàáî÷åé...

  • Page 37

    ’…•ˆ—…‘ŠŽ… Ž‘‹“†ˆ‚€ˆ… ƒðàôèê òåõíè÷åñêîãî îáñëóæèâàíèß èæå ïðèâîäßòñß íåêîòîðûå îáùèå èíñòðóêöèè ïî ðåãëàìåíòíîìó îáñëóæèâàíèþ. …ñëè âàì òðåáóåòñß äîïîëíèòåëüíàß èíôîðìàöèß, îáðàòèòåñü â âàøó ìàñòåðñêóþ ïî îáñëóæèâàíèþ. …æåäíåâíîå …æåíåäåëüíîå …æåìåñß÷íîå ’åõíè÷åñêîå îáñëóæèâàíèå îáñëóæèâàíèå îáñëóæèâàíèå îáñëóæèâàíèå Ž÷èñòèòå èíñòðóìåíò ñíàðóæè. ðîâåðßéòå ðàáîòó ðåãóëßòîðà ãàçà íà áåçîïàñíîñòü.

  • Page 38

    ’…•ˆ—…‘Šˆ… •€€Š’…ˆ‘’ˆŠˆ ’åõíè÷åñêèå õàðàêòåðèñòèêè ’åõíè÷åñêèå õàðàêòåðèñòèêè 570BTS 580BTS „âèãàòåëü Žáúåì öèëèíäðà, ñì 65.6 75.6 Žáîðîòû õîëîñòîãî õîäà, îá/ìèí 2000 2000 Œaêñèìaëüíaß âûõîäíaß ìîùíîñòü äâèãaòeëß ñîãëàñíî ISO 8893, ê‚ò/ îá/ìèí ƒëóøèòåëü ñ êàòàëèçàòîðîì åò åò ‘èñòåìà çàæèãàíèß ñ ðåãóëèðîâêîé ÷àñòîòû âðàùåíèß „à...

  • Page 39

    ƒàðàíòèß …‘ î ñîîòâåòñòâèè (’îëüêî äëß …âðîïû) Husqvarna AB, SE-561 82 Huskvarna, ˜âåöèß, ’åë. +46-36-146500, íàñòîßùèì çàâåðßåò, ÷òî ñäóâàòåëü Husqvarna 570BTS, 580BTS ñ ñåðèéíûì íîìåðîì 2014 ãîäà âûïóñêà è äàëåå (ãîä óêàçàí ïðßìûì òåêñòîì íà òèïîâîé òàáëè÷êå ïëþñ ïîñëåäóþùèé ñåðèéíûé íîìåð) ñîîòâåòñòâóåò ïðåäïèñàíèßì...

  • Page 40

    Original instructions Žðèãèíàëüíûå èíñòðóêöèè 1157401-38 ´®z+YH-¶8c¨ ´®z+YH-¶8c¨ 2014-11-18...

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