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Sony MHC-GR5 Operating Instructions Manual

Mini hifi component system sony mhc-gr5.
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Mini Hi-Fi
Component System
Operating Instructions
©1997 by Sony Corporation


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  • Page 1

    3-860-000-11(1) Mini Hi-Fi Component System Operating Instructions MHC-GR5 ©1997 by Sony Corporation...

  • Page 2

    To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain or moisture. Thank you for purchasing the Sony Mini Hi-Fi Component System. This series is packed with fun features. Here are just a few: •DBFB (Dynamic Bass Feedback) system that boosts low frequency To avoid electrical shock, do not open the cabinet.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Chapter 1: Setting Up Connecting the Stereo 4 Inserting the Batteries 6 Contents Setting the Clock 6 Chapter 2: the CD Player Playing CDs (normal play) 7 Playing Tracks in Random Order (shuffle play) 8 Playing Tracks in the Desired Order (program play) 8 Playing Tracks Repeatedly (repeat play) 9 Playing Tracks: Repeating a Specified Portion (loop play) 9 Chapter 3: the Radio...

  • Page 4: Chapter 1: Setting Up

    Chapter 1: STEP 2 Connecting the Connecting the Antennas Setting Stereo FM lead antenna* (supplied) 7 5 Ω Use the illustrations below to connect your stereo. If you want to connect any optional components to the stereo, see “Connecting Optional Equipment” in Chapter 6. STEP 1 Connecting the AM loop antenna (supplied)

  • Page 5

    AM loop antenna (supplied) Right speaker Left speaker FM lead antenna (supplied) STEP 2 STEP 1 STEP 3 STEP 4 to a wall outlet !Do this connection last! To improve the AM reception STEP 3 STEP 4 Adjusting the Connecting the After you connect the AM antenna, connect Operating Voltage (for Power...

  • Page 6: Inserting The Batteries

    Close the lid. Battery life flashing You can expect the remote to operate for about six months (using Sony SUM-3 (NS) Press ENTER/NEXT. batteries) before the batteries run down. The minutes indication begins flashing. When the batteries no longer operate the remote, replace all the batteries with new ones.

  • Page 7: Chapter 2: The Cd Player

    Chapter 2: Press fl (or CD on the remote). Playing CDs (normal The disc tray closes and play starts. play) Music calendar the CD DOLBY 1 2 3 4 5 You can play CDs in four modes: normal, 6 7 8 shuffle, program and repeat.

  • Page 8: Playing Tracks In Random Order (shuffle Play)

    continued Playing Tracks in Playing Tracks in the To check the remaining time during Random Order Desired Order playback Press DISPLAY repeatedly. (shuffle play) (program play) Each time you press the button, the display changes as follows: You can play all the tracks on the CD in You can program up to 32 tracks to play in random order.

  • Page 9: Playing Tracks Repeatedly (repeat Play)

    Repeat steps 4 and 5 to program the POWER n ON POWER n ON remaining tracks you want to play in the order you want them to play. Press fl. All the tracks play in the order you choose. Press Check the CHECK on the remote program...

  • Page 10: Chapter 3: The Radio

    Chapter 3: If you do not want to listen to the station Listening to the selected, turn the jog dial again to restart the scan. Radio When the desired station is not When you want to play a radio program, tuned in Radio you can have the tuner automatically scan...

  • Page 11: Presetting Radio Stations

    Presetting Radio Playing Preset Radio Stations Stations You can store radio frequencies in the Once you have preset the stations, use the tuner’s memory to tune in your favourite jog dial to quickly tune in your favourite stations quickly. You can preset up to stations.

  • Page 12: Chapter 4: The Tape Player

    Chapter 4: To control with the remote 1 Press DECK A or DECK B Playing a Tape play the front side and press the Tape DECK A or DECK B again to You can use TYPE I (normal), TYPE II play the reverse side.

  • Page 13: Recording A Cd

    To stop recording Press r REC. Press p on deck B or the CD player. Recording a CD Deck B stands by for recording. To add the surround effect Press P PAUSE to release recording You can record from a CD to a tape. Press SURROUND so that “SUR ”...

  • Page 14: Recording A Cd: Specifying Tape Length (time Edit)

    continued Press EDIT on the remote. POWER n ON CONTINUE The CD player determines the tracks to be recorded on side A automatically. Press FUNCTION repeatedly until “CD” Tracks to be recorded on side A appears in the display. DOLBY 1 2 3 Press §...

  • Page 15: Recording A Cd: Specifying Track Order (program Edit)

    To activate DOLBY NR Repeat steps 4 and 5 to program the When you want to reduce the hiss noise in Recording From the remaining tracks you want to record on low-level high-frequency signals, press side A in the order you want them to be Radio DOLBY NR so that “DOLBY NR B”...

  • Page 16: Recording From Another Tape (dubbing)

    continued Press § EJECT and insert a recorded Choose how you want the tape to record and press DIRECTION. tape in deck A with the side you want to To reduce noise during MW/SW (AM) play facing forward. Indication Operation recording Also, insert a blank tape in deck B with If a whistling noise is heard while...

  • Page 17: Chapter 5: Sound Adjustment

    Adjust the equalization to obtain the effect you desire. •The sound may be distorted with DBFB or GROOVE activated when connecting an optional super woofer (Sony SA-W10, etc.) to the unit. In this case, set DBFB off and adjust the sound of super woofer.

  • Page 18: Adjusting The Audio Emphasis

    continued Press FREQUENCY + or – to select a Making a Personal frequency band. Music menu options Audio Emphasis File DOLBY 1 2 3 4 5 “SUR ” appears if you select an effect 6 7 8 with surround effect. (personal file) MENU Effect...

  • Page 19: Chapter 6: Additional Features

    Chapter 6: Note While the sleep timer is activated, the daily Falling Asleep to and recording timer functions do not work. Music Additional You can set the stereo system to turn off Features automatically so you can go to sleep to music (sleep timer).

  • Page 20: Timer-recording Radio Programs

    continued To change the timer Use the jog dial to select REC and press Select the timer display you desire in step 2 ENTER/NEXT. of “To check the preset timer settings”. Use the jog dial to select either DAILY 1 “ON”...

  • Page 21: Microphone Mixing

    Notes You can hear your voice through the •You cannot set the timer if the timer ON microphone and the instruments. Karaoke: Singing Along and OFF times are the same. To hear both channels (the •You cannot activate wake-up timer and POWER n ON instruments and the recorded timer-recording at the same time.

  • Page 22: Connecting A Turntable

    Connect With Connecting a Turntable Connecting Optional Digital IN jack of CD DIGITAL OUT the MD recorder OPTICAL using an Equipment You can connect a turntable to MD IN optical cable jacks. Before you connect, check which type of For greater enjoyment of your stereo turntable you have.

  • Page 23: For Your Information

    Noise increases or the high frequencies are erased. Magnetic deposits have built-up on the record/playback heads.* Detector slots Precautions * See “Maintenance.” If you have any questions or problems concerning your stereo system, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. For Your Information...

  • Page 24: Maintenance

    Press CONTINUE so that “PROGRAM” or “SHUFFLE” goes out. Pinch roller General Playback head Deck B The sound from an optional super woofer (Sony SA-W10, etc.) is Cleaning swab Erase head distorted. Capstan Set DBFB off. Adjust the sound of a super woofer.

  • Page 25: Specifications

    Frequency response Tuner section (DOLBY NR OFF) FM stereo, FM/AM superheterodyne tuner 40 – 13,000 Hz (±3 dB), using Sony TYPE I cassette FM tuner section 40 – 14,000 Hz (±3 dB), Tuning range 87.5 – 108.0 MHz using Sony TYPE II cassette...

  • Page 26: Rear Panel

    @§ DIRECTION button (12) Rear panel @¶ DOLBY NR button (12) Index to Parts and @• 0/) (rewind/fast forward) button Controls (12) @ª ª/· (reverse side play/ front side play) button* (12) Refer to the pages indicated in parentheses #º p (stop) button (12) for details on how to use the controls.

  • Page 27: Index

    Karaoke 21 Remote Maintenance 24 Microphone mixing 21 Multiplex 21 Music calendar 7 !º Normal play 7 !¡ One touch play 7, 10, 12 Parts identification 26 !™ Playing !£ a tape 12 !¢ CDs (normal play) 7 !∞ preset radio stations 11 tracks in random order !§...

  • Page 28

    Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...

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