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Yamaha Pocket Miku User Manual: Troubleshooting

The singing keyboard.
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 The power is on, but the device won't make a sound, or the sound won't stop
When experiencing trouble, check the following first.
Is the power switch in the correct position ([BATTERY] when using regular batteries, and [USB] when using a USB
power source)? If you are using regular batteries, have the batteries been installed correctly? Are the batteries worn
out? (A total voltage of approximately 3.5V or less will result in instability.) If you are using a USB power source,
has the cable been plugged in properly? Check to see that none of your cables are broken, that the audio out is
connected, and that your volume is not muted.
Check if the surface of your carbon keyboard is clean. Check if your stylus is not
broken and that its tip is clean.
If the surface of your carbon keyboard is dirty, wipe off any dirt or grease in a manner that doesn't damage the
keyboard. There is a possibility that objects other than the metal portion of your stylus (such as your fingers)
touching the carbon keyboard may interfere with the function of your device.
If you've tried all of the above, and the device still won't
produce a sound, or the sound still won't stop, execute
"panic command."
Once you've checked all of the above and your device still doesn't work,
there is a possibility that an error has occurred while commands were
being transmitted from the main device or external device to Pocket Miku's
sound generator. There is also a possibility that Pocket Miku's settings
were unintentionally overwritten by data from an external device. Execute
"panic command" to fix this condition. "Panic command" reboots the sound
generating chip on the interior of your device, restores the MIDI settings to the
conditions at startup, and reenters Pocket Miku's interior character table data.
"Panic command" can be activated by holding down the "volume up" and "volume down" buttons simultaneously,
and then pressing the [A] button. A beeping sound will be heard, confirming that the command has been executed.
 The buttons won't work, the characters won't
change, the effects won't work
To restore your device to factory settings, execute
"initialize command."
This condition may occur when using the specialized application or "System
Exclusive" to customize the sounds and functions registered to the buttons. It
may also occur when Pocket Miku's setting are overwritten due to unintended
data received from an external device. Execute "initialize command" to fix this
condition. "Initialize command" erases the contents of the internal flash memory
of the device, and then restores all of the settings to factory condition. To execute "initialize command, " press and hold
[SHIFT] for several seconds while holding both the [volume up] and [volume down] buttons simultaneously. When the
command is being executed, a voice will count down, "3, 2, 1. " When the execution is complete, a confirmation sound
("jyan") will be heard. If you release the buttons during the countdown, the action will be canceled.
* Executing "initialize command" will erase any memory saved on Pocket Miku that was created by the specialized application
or the "System Exclusive. "
Press simultaneously
Press simultaneously


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