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Samsung Digital Presenter Software User Manual

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Digital Presenter
Software User Manual (For Windows)
SDP USB Viewer


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Digital Presenter Software User Manual (For Windows) SDP USB Viewer...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS installation Installing Samsung Digital Presenter installer program System Requirements Installing the program running the program Running the Samsung Digital Presenter program appendix Commonly Used Shortcuts Troubleshooting...
  • Page 3: Installing Samsung Digital Presenter Installer Program

    INSTallINg SamSuNg DIgITal PrESENTEr INSTallEr PrOgram With Samsung Digital Presenter, you can connect it to the PC and save the video image incoming from the lens of the camera in a picture format or in a video format. Use the provided USB cable to connect the digital presenter to the PC. Install the Samsung Digital Presenter program on your PC, which is contained in the provided CD.
  • Page 4: Installing The Program

    INSTallINg ThE PrOgram Following the instructions below to install the program. 1. Use the USB cable to connect between Samsung Digital Presenter and PC. Then, turn on the digital presenter. 2. Install the Samsung Digital Presenter program. For more information, refer to “Installing Samsung Digital Presenter installer program”. (page 5)
  • Page 5 Installing Samsung Digital Presenter installer program 1. Before connecting the digital presenter to the PC, you must install the provided installer software on your PC before making USB connection so that the presenter can display video properly. 2. Insert the CD, and select Install Viewer from the autorun screen to begin installation.
  • Page 6 installation 5. Specify the folder path to save the installation program. 6. To proceed with the next step, click [Next]. 7. SDP USB Viewer will be installed. installation...
  • Page 7 8. When the installation is completed, click [Finish] to exit the installer program. 9. On your desktop, the shortcut to Samsung Digital Present will be created. The program shortcut menu and product manual shortcut will be created in the [Start] menu.
  • Page 8 Delete] to start uninstalling or restoring the program to your preference. Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the program. Samsung Digital Presenter does not require you to install/uninstall the USB driver. Unlike other conventional models, the presenter that supports UVC protocols can be connected directly to your PC via USB cable without the installation process.
  • Page 9: Running The Program

    [Programs] ; [SDP USB Viewer]. 3. You will see the start screen of the digital presenter consisting of: main screen and control pane. If you fail to start the program, check if the presenter is turned on and connected to the PC properly using the USB cable.
  • Page 10 Item Description The display area of the image from the lens of the digital presenter. Video Playback You can move to the preview screen that enables you to save the image or record the video. Display the saving path of the current video. (You can change the path in the Video Saving Path recording options.)
  • Page 11 • Capture aVI Start recording the current video in the defined settings. For more information, refer to the recording section later in this manual. (Shortcut Key: F8) If the program terminates abnormally while in recording, the produced video file may not be normal. (Abnormal termination: Disconnected USB cable, device power off, changing output mode:USB ;...
  • Page 12 17~20) • Input signal Setup Samsung Digital Presenter supports three quality modes: SXGA, XGA and VGA. For a faster real-time recording, select VGA; for a sharper and bigger image, select SXGA; for the best picture quality, select XGA. The video resolution used in saving the video or image will be set to the resolution of the input source.
  • Page 13 You can set the recording time for video recording. The maximum recording time is 2 hours. - Specify the saving path of the recorded video. The default path is set to “My Documents\Samsung Techwin\SDPViewer\AVI”. (The actual path may be different than shown image, depending on the user’s environment.) - Use [Open] button to access the folder currently configured which contains the recorded footages.
  • Page 14 running the program - Specify the quality of the video that you want to record. “High” quality will cost you more storage space. - Specify the frame rate/sec of the video that you want to record. However, the frame rate of 30 is not available in SXGA or XGA input mode. - Specify the video recording time.
  • Page 15 You can specify the saving path and quality of the video that you want to save quickly. - Specify the saving path of the video. The default path is set to “My Documents\Samsung Techwin\SDPViewer\QuickSave”. - Use [Open] button to access the folder currently configured which contains the recorded footages.
  • Page 16 running the program • hide Panel Option In full screen mode, you can specify the time the mini control panel is hidden. Selecting 0 second will not hide the control panel. [help] menu You can check the program version of the current SDP USB Viewer. Click [About SDP Viewer] to display the version.
  • Page 17 Digital Function 1. While displaying the video on the PC screen from the Samsung Digital Presenter, press [View] > [Digital Function] button to open Video Processors dialog. (When in capturing mode, stop capturing to run this function.) 2. Click [Insert Before] button to apply a desired effect, which will play video on the computer’s monitor applied with the selected effect.
  • Page 18 running the program Applying more digital effects may slower program’s performance or cause more frame droppings when in recording. For Digital Function processors, there may be more processors including 4 basic filters of LEAD Video Color Filter, LEAD Video Crop Filter, LEAD Video Emboss Filter and LEAD Video Mosaic Filter depending on software environment of the installed computer.
  • Page 19 • LEAD Video Crop Filter Crops off the selected area of the current video. At least 1x1 cells of the video should be applied. The “Automatically stop the graph when needed” option stops video graph automatically if changed capturing size, and then frames selected area automatically. •...
  • Page 20 running the program • LEAD Video Mosaic Filter It applies mosaic effect on the current video’s playback. Set between 1 ~ 64, where bigger the number increases mosaic size. By default, it is set to 1. Use mouse or [], [] keys on the keyboard to set to the desired setting.
  • Page 21 Toolbar A collection of frequently used buttons is located under the menu bar. Input signal selection button. (SXGA, XGA, VGA) Change the view mode. (50%, 100%, fixed ratio, fit the window) Full screen mode. Saving options: Quick Save, Still Image, and Quick Save options. From the left, Save video, Stop Recording and Record options.
  • Page 22 Samsung Digital Presenter You can use Samsung Digital Presenter program to change the settings of the video image from the presenter and configure the menu settings. using the control panel • In the control panel, you can perform or set: Zoom, Brightness, Focus, Color, lamp, and Freeze.
  • Page 23 AWB(KEY). Near / Far You can adjust the focus manually. BRIGHTNESS +/- Open or close the iris of the digital presenter to adjust the screen brightness. Wide / Tele Zoom in or out the current image. English...
  • Page 24 • You can use other programs (Skype, Twain, AMCAP) than the provided SDP USB Viewer to view the USB video of the digital presenter. If this is the case, click the SDP Control icon on your desktop to launch the control panel only.
  • Page 25 TWaIN driver of the digital presenter 1. If you want to use the TWAIN driver of the digital presenter, the following system requirements should be met: • Install the driver specific to the digital presenter TWAIN (provided in the installation CD) •...
  • Page 26 Scan Image 1. Owing to the TWAIN driver, the video from the digital presenter will be displayed on the screen. Select a size of the image that you want to scan using TWAIN. 2. When done, click [Capture] to start scanning.
  • Page 27: Troubleshooting

    Terminate all other graphic applications (occupying the USB or system resources in large portion) that may affect the digital presenter program. y Turn off the digital presenter and restart it after 10 seconds. Then, run the program again. This is because the digital presenter is not connected to the PC properly using the USB cable.
  • Page 28 SDP USB Viewer processor in Task Manager and run the program again. y If the digital presenter is not recognized by the system, reboot your system and try If the device is not recognized again.
  • Page 29 SAMSUNG TECHWIN AMERICA Inc. SAMSUNG TECHWIN EUROPE LTD. 100 Challenger Rd. Suite 700 Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 Samsung House, 1000 Hillswood Drive, Hillswood Business Toll Free : +1-877-213-1222 Direct : +1-201-325-6920 Park Chertsey, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM KT16 OPS Fax : +1-201-373-0124...