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LG Lifeband Touch FB84-BM User Manual

Lg lifeband touch
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LG Lifeband
To maximize the full functionality of
the LG Lifeband Touch, please read the user
manual carefully.
Model : FB84-BM / FB84-BL / FB84-BX / FB84-SM /
FB84-SL / FB84-SX / FB84-RM / FB84-RL /


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  • Page 1: User Manual

    USER MANUAL LG Lifeband Touch To maximize the full functionality of the LG Lifeband Touch, please read the user manual carefully. Model : FB84-BM / FB84-BL / FB84-BX / FB84-SM / FB84-SL / FB84-SX / FB84-RM / FB84-RL / FB84-RX...
  • Page 2 Before using Safety Information CAUTION: Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided CAUTION for ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK the product and to protect it from over heating. DO NOT OPEN The openings shall be never be blocked by CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC...
  • Page 3 Do not remove battery incorporated with product for your safety. If you need to replace the battery, take it to the nearest authorized LG Electronics service point or dealer for assistance. NOTICE: For safety making information including...
  • Page 4 Before using IMPORTANT SAFETY 14. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the INSTRUCTIONS apparatus has been damaged in any way, such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged, 1. Read these instructions. liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been 2.
  • Page 5 This equipment generates, Responsible Party : uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy LG Electronics USA, Inc.1000 Sylvan Avenue and, if not installed and used in accordance with Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
  • Page 6: Before Using

    Before using Warning Be aware of obstacles and Keep the device away from approach with caution when children. using this device. � This device may pose the � Obstacles carry the risk of risk of injury to children. injury. Do not place the device and Do not use your device while accessories near/in heating driving.
  • Page 7: Maintenance

    Follow all posted warnings and directions from authorized personnel in areas where the use of wireless devices is restricted, such as airplanes and hospitals. LG Lifeband Touch does not support tablet products and may malfunction with some smartphones. Maintenance Cleaning the device �...
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Wearing the LG Lifeband Touch - Using Gesture function Starting the LG Lifeband Touch App Device registration and sign up - Step 1 Installing the LG Fitness app - Step 2 Device registration - Step 3 Sign Up - Reconnecting Bluetooth...
  • Page 9 - Checking the received message (Android only) - Checking Alarm - Notification message information Updating LG Lifeband Touch firmware LED Indications Using the LG Lifeband Touch App How to use LG Fitness app - Home menu - Activity - Workout...
  • Page 10: Using The Lg Lifeband Touch

    � LG Lifeband Touch informs you of incoming and missed calls & message but also time, date and remaining battery in real time, and allows to control the music in your smartphone.
  • Page 11: Product Overview

    Holding down or pressing the Menu button will allow you to access different menu functions. LED: Shows information such as Goal achievement rate. Note When powering on the LG Lifeband Touch for the first time, press and hold the Menu button for 2 seconds.
  • Page 12: Charging Battery

    � Fully charge the device before using for the first time or after long period of non-use. � The battery can be charged even if LG Lifeband Touch is connected to PC using the USB cable. � To charge this product, you must always use a AC 5 V, 100 mA or more. Certified /Listed Adapter which complies with LPS.
  • Page 13: Checking Battery Charging Status

    � If you use USB HUB, the battery may not be charged. � Operating temperature of LG Lifeband Touch is -15 °C ~ 45 °C (5 °F ~ 113 °F). The battery capacity may decrease if you use in too high or low temperature.
  • Page 14: Battery Charging Time And Average Battery Usage Time

    Low Battery Warning LED blinks red when remaining battery is less than 10%. LG Lifeband Touch is turned off with [TURNING OFF] message when the battery is empty. Choose your size LG Lifeband Touch’s size is different depending on the model. Please check before purchasing.
  • Page 15: Wearing The Lg Lifeband Touch

    Do not bend or open excessively. The product may be damaged. Using Gesture function Make a gesture as if to look at the watch after wearing LG Lifeband Touch. The screen turns on automatically. The screen turns off when you bring your arm down.
  • Page 16: Starting The Lg Lifeband Touch App

    Select [Sign In] if you have already signed up or want to log in with your facebook ID. 3. Set Bluetooth setting to “Enable” or “On” before searching for the device. 4. Be sure that LG Lifeband Touch and Bluetooth are turned on and select [Search] of [LG Lifeband Touch] tab on the LG Fitness app.
  • Page 17: Step 3 Sign Up

    � Bluetooth uses the same frequency as some industrial, scientific, medical, and low power products and interference may occur when making connections near these types of products. � LG Electronics is not responsible for the loss, interception, or misuse of data sent or received via the Bluetooth feature.
  • Page 18: Reconnecting Bluetooth

    Starting the LG Lifeband Touch App Reconnecting Bluetooth � To reconnect to the smartphone, turn Bluetooth setting [OFF] and [ON] again by pressing and holding for 2 seconds the Menu button when the app is running. � Pairing is kept even if the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone is turned off and on again.
  • Page 19: Operating The Lg Lifeband Touch

    � To use LG Lifeband Touch without connection to your smartphone, select [OFF]. (Use for battery saving) Note When you purchase and first turn on LG Lifeband Touch, Bluetooth is already turned on and is ready to pair with a smartphone. Select Orientation (Left or Right) Measurement algorithm and on-screen display is optimized according to different orientation.
  • Page 20: Turning Off Power

    3. Touch [LEFT] or [RIGHT] on the screen. Turning off power 1. Press and hold Menu button for 6 seconds after turning on the LG Lifeband Touch. 2. [POWER] mode appears with third vibration. 3. Touch [OFF] on the screen to turn off the power.
  • Page 21: Oled Touch Display Information

    Activity mode Music Control mode Note � LG Lifeband Touch should be connected to your smartphone at least once to display Time and date. � LG Lifeband Touch should be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth to control the Music.
  • Page 22: Mode Overview

    자동스크롤 자동스크롤 � Time: It displays time. The alarm icon appears if you set an alarm on the LG Fitness app. The Bluetooth icon appears if LG Lifeband Touch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. � Date: It displays today’s day and date.
  • Page 23: Activity Mode

    Note � Swipe screen in opposite direction to see modes in reverse order. � You can change your Daily Goal in LG Fitness app. [Run the app / Home / Change Goal]. (Refer to page 36.) � LG Lifeband Touch’s LED color is changed depending on the goal achievement rate. Refer to LED...
  • Page 24: Music Control Mode

    � To control the music with LG Lifeband Touch, check [Music control user settings] on LG Fitness app.(Refer to page 41.) � On the LG Fitness app, you can select and play the music you want to listen when you workout. [Run the App / Home /...
  • Page 25: Using Workout

    � The workout is stopped automatically 10 hours after starting. � The display setting such as speed, pace and heart rate is available on LG Fitness app. [Run the App / More / LG Lifeband Touch settings] (Refer to page 41.)
  • Page 26 LED. Note � On LG Fitness app, You can decide whether the heart rate should be displayed or not. [More / LG Lifeband Touch settings] (Refer to page 41.) � Short cut to the workout heart rate screen is available in only Workout mode.
  • Page 27 Operating the LG Lifeband Touch Pause and resume Workout You can pause and resume the workout mode. 1. [STOP PAUSE] appears when you touch or cover the screen with your hand in workout mode. 2. To pause Workout mode, touch [PAUSE].
  • Page 28: Alert

    LG Lifeband Touch provides a multitude of notifications: incoming calls, text messages, personal alarm clock, goal achievement, bluetooth connection, and battery status. LG Lifeband Touch should be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth to check Alert function. Checking an incoming call You can be notified of an incoming call using the LG Lifeband Touch.
  • Page 29 } Checking a missed call(Android only) The missed calls are displayed as [MISSED] on LG Lifeband Touch. You can check the information of each call. The displayed number of the missed call decreases whenever you check the missed call information.
  • Page 30: Checking The Received Message (Android Only)

    � The text used in this function may be replaced with the icon depending on the device or OS. } Checking new messages The message you have not yet checked by LG Lifeband Touch are displayed on the screen as [NEW]. You can check the caller’s number and information. The number behind [NEW] decreases after checking.
  • Page 31: Checking Alarm

    If you do not turn off the alarm, the snooze function works. Note � Lifeband Touch will vibrate at the time you set the alarm. � For more details about setting the alarm, refer to [More /Vibration alarm] on LG Fitness app (Refer to page 42.) Notification message information The notifications about the activity status, goal achievement, Bluetooth disconnection and battery life are displayed.
  • Page 32: Updating Lg Lifeband Touch Firmware

    An LG Lifeband Touch update will be made available if the firmware is improved or new functions are added. When the latest version of firmware is listed on the server, the app informs you that an update of LG Lifeband Touch is available.
  • Page 33 Note � You cannot downgrade LG Lifeband Touch to previous version. � Do not turn off Bluetooth when updating LG Lifeband Touch. Do not turn off the app forcibly. � Internet network should be available to update LG Lifeband Touch.
  • Page 34: Led Indications

    Operating the LG Lifeband Touch LED Indications Performance LED indicator Ready to pair Violet / Blinks. Paired Violet / Fade in and out Battery LED indicator Low (less than 10%) Red / Blinks. Charging Red / Turned on dimly. Charged...
  • Page 35: Using The Lg Lifeband Touch App

    � It motivates you to workout by informing you whenever you break your personal record. Home menu You can check your activity, workout record and total record measured by all of LG Fitness products. Searching for date: Shows previous activity records.
  • Page 36 To adjust the goal, select displayed goal on today’s total activity record screen or [Change goal] on the weekly goal achievement graph. Or it is also available on [More / User Profile / Daily Goal]. Note You can check daily goal on LG Lifeband Touch’s screen. Check the description about activity display mode. (Refer to page 23.)
  • Page 37: Activity

    � Activity analysis: To show this menu, device registration is needed. In this menu, you can check all of the activity and workout record measured by LG Lifeband Touch. And also you can see the daily average consumed calories progress.
  • Page 38 Using the LG Lifeband Touch App � Modification of the workout record entered manually: Touch the item you entered manually to change the start time or workout time.
  • Page 39: Workout

    Using the LG Lifeband Touch App Workout You can check your real time workout information and workout route, and change the music. Also you can mark your workout route with various color depending on the workout intensity. 1. Drag the slide bar into [Start]. The workout is started with the countdown.
  • Page 40: More

    Using the LG Lifeband Touch App Note � You can control the music playback in the smartphone connected with LG Lifeband Touch. Refer to the description about music playback control mode. (Refer to page 24.) � Handling method of music control mode may differ depending on the device.
  • Page 41 High LG Lifeband Touch settings a Time display format : You can set time displayed on LG Lifeband Touch to 12-hour time or 24-hour time. b Screen auto-off time: Set the auto screen off time. The screen is turned off in time you set.
  • Page 42 Set the alarm time, snooze function, weekly repetition. You can modify or delete the alarm. Up to 5 alarms are available. To set the alarm on LG Lifeband Touch, refer to the description about checking the alarm. (Refer to page 31.) Language Setting Set the language displayed on LG Lifeband Touch.
  • Page 43 Using the LG Lifeband Touch App Connecting You can register fitness devices other than LG Lifeband Touch and check the connection condition. Select desired device and the screen for connection status and/or adding new devices. � You can manage the data from various connected fitness devices comprehensively.
  • Page 44: Version Information

    You can check notices about the update or system from app manager. FAQs You can search for FAQ such as features of the product, way of use, pairing related questions. Version Information You can read LG Fitness app’s version information, terms and privacy. To use the latest version, select [Update].
  • Page 45: Support

    Are there any possibilities that my data recorded by LG Lifeband Touch will be shared? LG Fitness service does not share customer’s data with a third party or person. But, about the only service or person you have selected, related information can be shared with the selected third party or person you have selected such as a fitness service or SNS service.
  • Page 46 1) Turn on the LG Lifeband Touch you want to newly register. 2) Select [LG Lifeband Touch] and touch [add] on [Run the App / More /Connecting] 3) Select the LG Lifeband Touch you want to connect and select [YES] when [Pairing? /YES | NO] appears on the screen.
  • Page 47: Smartphone Compatibility List

    5, 5s, 5c Apple iOS 6/ 7 iPod Touch Generation) LG G2 Google Nexus Bluetooth 4.0 LE LG G Flex Galaxy S® 4 Android Jelly Bean 4.3 or more Galaxy S® 3 Galaxy Note® 2 Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 Galaxy round®...
  • Page 48: Specifications

    Notice message: Goal achievement rate, Activity encouragement, Low battery alert, Bluetooth Disconnected Vibration alarm: support up to five (You can set it in LG Fitness app.) Support the Korean and English display on the screen. (You can set it in LG Fitness app.)
  • Page 49 Support °C °C Battery Charging Temperature: + 10 (+50F) ~ 45 (+113F) Capacity: Built-in Li-polymer Battery 90 mAh Battery life: approximately 2 days (when device is connected with smartphone), Battery approximately 5 days (when the device is disconnected from the smartphone or Bluetooth connection is disconnected) Charging method: USB gender, USB cable (full charging time: 3 hours or less) �...

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