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NEC J6N Service Manual

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J6N Service Guide
J6N Disassembly
Required Tools
Disassembly Instructions
DIP Switch setting
Reassembly Instructions
Computers APAC
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  Summary of Contents for NEC J6N

  • Page 1 J6N Service Guide J6N Disassembly • Required Tools • Disassembly Instructions • DIP Switch setting • Reassembly Instructions Computers APAC Page 1...
  • Page 2: Required Tools

    J6N Service Guide Required Tools All J6N maintenance procedures can be performed using the following tools: Tweezers Small Philips screwdriver Small Flat screwdriver Spacer screwdriver Ø Computers APAC Page 2...
  • Page 3: Disassembly Instructions

    J6N Service Guide Disassembly Instructions This document contains step-by-step disassembly instructions for the J6N. The instructions are clarified by images of the part that is being removed or disassembled. Furthermore, the screws that are removed are shown next to the image of the parts themselves.
  • Page 4 J6N Service Guide 1. Battery Remove the battery pack of the notebook as follows: a. Close LCD panel. b. Flip over the unit. c. Push and hold battery lock. d. Pull outward to remove the battery. Fig. 1: Remove Battery.
  • Page 5 J6N Service Guide 2. Memory / Wireless module a. Unscrew one screw to open SO-DIMM / Mini PCI Slot cover. b. Release the SO-DIMM memory module(s). c. Remove the memory module(s). Fig. 2: SO-DIMM / Mini PCI Slot Cover. d. Disconnect two antenna connections on wireless module.
  • Page 6 J6N Service Guide 3. Keyboard Cover / Keyboard a. With help small flat screw driver, carefully lift up the keyboard cover. Fig. 4: Keyboard Cover b. Lift up the keyboard. Fig. 5: Keyboard Computers APAC Page 6...
  • Page 7 J6N Service Guide c. Unlock the keyboard flat cable connector. Fig. 6: Keyboard cable connector Computers APAC Page 7...
  • Page 8: Optical Drive

    J6N Service Guide 4. Optical Drive a. Close LCD lip and flip over the unit. b. Unscrew one screw. Fig. 7: Bottom Base c. Let the unit stand and open up the LCD panel. d. Take off one screw near to Optical Drive.
  • Page 9 J6N Service Guide 5. Top Cover / LED Board a. Unscrews fifteen screws on the bottom case. Fig. 7: Bottom case b. There are two more screws on Optical Drive Bay need to be removed. Fig.8: Optical Drive Bay Computers APAC...
  • Page 10 J6N Service Guide c. Flip over the unit, unscrew one screw to release LED Board Fig.9: LED Board d. Disconnect the touch pad connection e. Carefully left up top cover. Fig. 10: Top Cover Computers APAC Page 10...
  • Page 11: Lcd Module

    J6N Service Guide 6. LCD Module a. Remove LCD cable connector. b. Take off six screws to release LCD module from base unit. Fig. 11: Bottom case c. Carefully left up the LCD module. Note: if the unit equip with wireless module, you need to disassemble main board to release antenna cable under it before you can remove the LCD module.
  • Page 12 J6N Service Guide 7. Modem a. Unscrew two screws on modem. Fig. 1 2 MDC Modem b. Carefully left up the modem and disconnect cable attach to it. Computers APAC Page 12...
  • Page 13 J6N Service Guide 8 HDD a. Unscrew one screw at the side of HDD. b. Push outward to release HDD. Fig. 13 HDD Computers APAC Page 13...
  • Page 14 J6N Service Guide 9 CPU a. Release the CPU Fan assembly screws descending follow the number marked (4à 3à 2à1). Fig. 14 CPU Fan assembly b. Disconnect fan connector and left up the CPU Fan assembly carefully. c. Unlock the CPU from the CPU socket.
  • Page 15 J6N Service Guide 10. Audio Board / Speaker Assembly a. Remove two screws on the audio board. Fig. 1 6: Audio Board b. Left up the audio board. c. Unscrew three screws on HDD holder. d. Left up the HDD holder.
  • Page 16 J6N Service Guide 11. FDD a. Disconnect cable connection on the FDD unit. b. Unscrew two screws at the side of FDD unit. Fig. 18: FDD unit c. Lift up the FDD unit carefully. Fig. 19: FDD Computers APAC Page 16...
  • Page 17: Main Board

    J6N Service Guide 12. Main Board a. Remove two screws on the main board. Fig. 20: Main Board b. Press the PCMCIA button before lift up the Main Board. Fig. 21: Lifting up Main Board Computers APAC Page 17...
  • Page 18: Touch Pad

    J6N Service Guide c. If you encounter difficulties to lift up the Main Board, you may remove the six spacers at the rear of unit before perform step b. Fig. 21: Lifting up Main Board 15. Touch Pad a. Take off four screws on the touch pad assembly.
  • Page 19: Lcd Module Disassembly

    J6N Service Guide 16. LCD Module disassembly a. Remove the six rubber cover and screws on the LCD Module. Fig. 23: LCD Module b. Carefully take out the LCD bezel. c. Remove five screws on the LCD hinge & inverter board.
  • Page 20 J6N Service Guide Fig. 24: LCD Module Computers APAC Page 20...
  • Page 21: Dip Switch Setting

    J6N Service Guide DIP Switch Setting Models Jumper 1-2 Jumper 3-4 Japanese commercial model Open Open Japanese consumer model Close Open International commercial model Open Close International consumer model Close Close Keyboard Jumper 5-6 US, TC, Korea Close UK, SC...
  • Page 22: Reassembly Instructions

    Reassembly Instructions Reassembly is the reverse of the disassembly process. Use care to ensure that all cables and screws are returned to their proper positions. Modified for Europe by NEC Computers International B.V. – October 23, 2002. Computers APAC Page 22...