KVH Industries TracVision M5 Installation Manual

Control panel configuration.
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TracVision M5
Control Panel Configuration


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    TracVision M5 Control Panel Configuration...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    All other trademarks are property of their respective companies. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. No company shall be liable for errors contained herein. © 2007 KVH Industries, Inc., All rights reserved. 54-0416-02 Rev. A 10.

  • Page 3: Inspect Parts And Get Tools

    - KVH part #19-0242) • Power cables for connecting power to the switchplate and MCP (see Figure 2) • Satellite TV receiver and TV Figure 1: TracVision M5 System Components Antenna Switchplate MCP (MultiSat Control Panel) Figure 2: Guidelines for Power Cables...

  • Page 4: Plan The Antenna Installation

    Plan the Antenna Installation Before you begin, consider the following antenna installation guidelines: • Minimize blockage. The antenna requires a clear view of the sky to receive satellite TV (see Figure 3). The fewer obstructions, the better the system will perform. •...

  • Page 5: Plan The Belowdecks Installation

    Plan the Belowdecks Installation Before you begin, consider the following installation guidelines for the belowdecks equipment. Switchplate • Select a switchplate mounting location in a dry, well-ventilated area belowdecks away from any heat sources or salt spray. • Be sure to leave enough room at the switchplate’s rear panel for connecting the cables (see Figure 5 for switchplate dimensions).

  • Page 6: Prepare The Belowdecks Sites

    Prepare the Belowdecks Sites Once you have identified suitable mounting sites for the switchplate and MCP, follow these steps to prepare the sites for installation. Switchplate a. Using the switchplate mounting template provided at the end of this manual, mark and cut out a hole in the mounting surface to accommodate the switchplate (see Figure 7).

  • Page 7: Prepare The Antenna Site

    Prepare the Antenna Site Once you have identified a suitable antenna mounting site, according to the guidelines provided in Step 2, follow these steps to drill the mounting holes and cable access hole to prepare the site for installation. a. Unfold the antenna mounting template (supplied in the Customer Welcome Kit) and place it onto the mounting surface.

  • Page 8: Remove The Restraints

    Remove the Restraints Inside the antenna, a foam block and two bolts prevent the antenna assembly from moving during shipment. Follow these steps to remove these shipping restraints. a. Remove the three #10-24 Phillips screws securing the radome to the baseplate. Carefully lift the radome straight up until clear of the antenna assembly and set it aside in a safe place.

  • Page 9: Wire The Antenna

    Wire the Antenna Follow these steps to connect the data, power, and RF cables to the antenna. a. First determine the number of RF coax cables required for your particular installation. If you wish to connect just one satellite TV receiver to the TracVision system, only one RF cable is required.

  • Page 10: Mount The Antenna

    Mount the Antenna Follow these steps to mount the antenna to the mounting surface. a. Place the antenna baseplate over the holes drilled in the mounting surface. Ensure the “Forward” arrow inside the baseplate points toward the bow and is parallel to the vessel’s centerline (see Figure 18).

  • Page 11

    Modify the Switchplate The switchplate comes preconfigured for a standard TracVision installation without an MCP. To configure the switchplate for an MCP installation, follow these steps to replace the maintenance port assembly in the switchplate with the MCP-ready maintenance port assembly supplied in the kitpack.

  • Page 12: Wire The Switchplate

    Wire the Switchplate Follow these steps to connect the switchplate to the antenna. NOTE: System wiring diagrams are provided in Appendix F on page 35. a. First dress the data and power cables from the antenna. Strip back the insulation of each wire approximately 1/4"...

  • Page 13: Wire The Mcp And Receivers

    Wire the MCP and Receivers Follow these steps to connect the switchplate to the MCP and the antenna to the receivers. a. Connect the main control cable (DB9-male to DB9-male) from the DB9 maintenance port jack on the switchplate to the “Antenna Unit” jack on the MCP (see Figure 26).

  • Page 14: Connect Power

    Connect Power Follow these steps to connect power. The switchplate supplies power to both the antenna and the MCP. a. Before you begin, disconnect vessel power. CAUTION For your own safety, disconnect vessel power and make sure the circuit is dead before you connect any power wires.

  • Page 15: Mount The Switchplate & Mcp

    Mount the Switchplate & MCP In Step 4, you prepared the mounting sites for the switchplate and MCP. Now follow these steps to mount them. Switchplate a. Drill four 5/32" (4 mm) holes in the countersunk settings in the switchplate’s support frame (see Figure 30).

  • Page 16: Enter Your Latitude & Longitude

    Enter Your Latitude & Longitude Follow these steps to turn on the system and enter your vessel’s latitude and longitude. NOTE: The antenna will use your position information to speed up satellite acquisition. If the antenna knows where you are, it knows where it should start looking for the satellite.

  • Page 17: Select Satellites

    Select Satellites Follow these steps to set up the system for the desired pair of satellites. IMPORTANT! To select a three-satellite (Trisat) group for a linear system, see Appendix C on page 29. To select a DIRECTV HDTV three-satellite (Trisat) group, see Appendix A on page 23. a.

  • Page 18

    Get the LNB Skew Angle To optimize reception, the antenna’s LNB must be set to the correct skew angle for the linear satellite(s) you want to track. Follow these steps to determine what the correct skew angle should be for the currently selected satellite and vessel position.

  • Page 19

    Set the LNB Skew Angle Follow these steps to set the antenna’s LNB to the skew angle you noted in Step 16. a. Turn off and unplug the receiver(s). b. Disconnect antenna power at the switchplate. CAUTION Disconnect power from the antenna and the receivers before you adjust the LNB.

  • Page 20: Educate The Customer

    Educate the Customer The installation process is complete! Before you depart the vessel, test the system to verify the antenna works properly. Then give the Customer Welcome Kit to the customer and explain how to use the system. Also be sure the customer understands the following: •...

  • Page 21

    Appendices This section provides supplemental instructions for special or advanced configurations. It also provides system wiring diagrams and mounting templates for the belowdecks equipment. Contents A. DIRECTV HDTV Installation, 23 B. Wiring 3+ Receivers (Circular only), 28 C. Selecting a Trisat Group (Linear only), 29 D.

  • Page 22

    DIRECTV HDTV Installation These supplemental instructions explain how to configure the system for DIRECTV HDTV using KVH’s optional HDTV converter. To complete a basic, single-receiver configuration, you will need the following components: • HDTV converter (KVH part #02-1431) • Splitter (KVH part #19-0366) •...

  • Page 23

    Continued... 6. If you wish to connect a second, standard (non-HD) receiver to the antenna, connect the RF2 cable from the antenna to the “Satellite In” jack on the secondary receiver. IMPORTANT! The HD receiver is the primary receiver that controls satellite selection.

  • Page 24

    Continued... 4. Connect an RF coax cable from the “RF Out” jack on the HDTV converter to the “LHCP +18V” jack on the multiswitch. 5. Connect an RF coax cable from the “Tone Detect” jack on the MCP to either of the “Out”...

  • Page 25

    Continued... Selecting the DIRECTV Trisat Group Follow these steps to turn on the system and set it up for Trisat mode. In Trisat mode, the system tracks and receives TV signals from three DIRECTV satellites (101, 119, and 110). The 110 satellite carries most of DIRECTV’s HD programming.

  • Page 26

    Continued... Sat Select Modes In Automatic mode, the antenna automatically switches between a pair of satellites as the user changes channels on the receiver’s remote. The user sets the MCP to automatically switch between either 101-110 or 101-119 (see Figure 44). In Manual mode, the user presses a button on the MCP whenever he/she wishes to switch satellites.

  • Page 27

    Wiring 3+ Receivers IMPORTANT! Only antennas equipped with a circular dual LNB can support more than two receivers. Antennas equipped with a linear LNB support only two receivers. To connect three or more receivers, follow these steps to install an active (powered) multiswitch between the antenna and the receivers.

  • Page 28

    Selecting a Trisat Group Follow these steps to turn on the system and set it up for one of the three European Trisat groups: Trisat Group Satellites Europe WB HotbirdWB, Astra1, Astra2S Europe Hotbird, Astra1, Astra2S Scandinavia HotbirdWB, Sirius, Thor 1.

  • Page 29

    Satellite Library The TracVision antenna can track a variety of DVB-compatible and DSS (DIRECTV) satellites. Most popular satellites are programmed in the antenna’s library (see the table below). North America Standard Circular Dual LNB Required Satellite, Longitude Name in Library DIRECTV, 72°W DSS_72 DIRECTV, 101°W...

  • Page 30

    User-Defined Satellites The satellite library in the TracVision antenna includes two slots for user-defined satellites (USER 1 and USER 2). You can program one or both of these library slots for any satellite you wish that is not already set up in the library. Connect a Laptop to the Antenna To program your user-defined satellite(s), you first need to connect a Windows®...

  • Page 31

    Continued... 4. Apply power to the TracVision antenna. Data should soon be scrolling in your HyperTerminal window (see Figure 51). If no data appears, check your connections and make sure you’re using the correct COM port. 5. Follow the steps in the next section to program the antenna via the HyperTerminal window.

  • Page 32

    Continued... Enter the following commands via Windows HyperTerminal or KVH Flash Update Wizard. 1. Type HALT then press Enter. 2. Type DEBUGON then press Enter. 3. Type the following SATCONFIG command then press Enter. Italics indicate a variable field (see Figure 53 for definitions). SATCONFIG,USERA,B,C,D,E 4.

  • Page 33

    Continued... Example - Linear Satellite The following is an example of programming a linear user-defined satellite (USER 1). Satellite Name: YOURSAT 123 at 7°W Transponder Data Value Horizontal High Frequency 11.966 GHz Symbol rate 27500 FEC code rate Network ID 2048 (dec) = 0x0800 Vertical High Frequency...

  • Page 34: Wiring Diagrams

    Wiring Diagrams This appendix provides system wiring diagrams for the following receiver configurations: • One or two receivers • Three or more receivers (circular only) • One DIRECTV HD receiver • Two or more DIRECTV HD receivers IMPORTANT! The wiring diagrams on the following pages are intended as a quick reference only.

  • Page 35

    Continued... Wiring One or Two Receivers* Switchplate HDTV ANTENNA UNIT CONTROL Primary Receiver TV ANT/CABLE IN SATELLITE IN SATELLITE IN Secondary Receiver - Optional TV ANT/CABLE IN SATELLITE IN SATELLITE IN * Does not apply to DIRECTV HDTV Antenna Power Data +12 VDC –...

  • Page 36

    Continued... Wiring Three or Four Receivers (Circular only)* RHCP LHCP +13V +18V Multiswitch +12 VDC * Does not apply to DIRECTV HDTV Antenna Power Data Switchplate – – HDTV ANTENNA UNIT RF PORT TONE FUSE CONTROL DETECT +12 VDC Receiver #1 TV ANT/CABLE IN OUT TO TV SATELLITE IN...

  • Page 37

    Continued... Wiring One DIRECTV HD Receiver HDTV Converter (02-1431) Splitter (19-0366) Antenna Data HDTV ANTENNA UNIT CONTROL Primary (HD) Receiver INPUT TV ANT/CABLE IN OUT TO TV SATELLITE IN SATELLITE IN This receiver controls satellite selection Secondary (Non-HD) Receiver - Optional TV ANT/CABLE IN OUT TO TV SATELLITE IN...

  • Page 38

    Continued... Wiring Two or More DIRECTV HD Receivers HDTV Converter (02-1431) RHCP LHCP +13V +18V Multiswitch +12 VDC Additional HD or Standard Receivers INPUT Antenna Data HDTV ANTENNA UNIT RF PORT CONTROL Splitter HD Receiver #1 (Primary) (19-0366) TV ANT/CABLE IN OUT TO TV SATELLITE IN SATELLITE IN...

  • Page 39

    Switchplate Mounting Template...

  • Page 40

    MCP Flush Mounting Template...

  • Page 41

    Phone: +1 401 847-3327 Fax: +1 401 849-0045 Phone: +45 45 160 180 Fax: +45 45 160 181 E-mail: info@kvh.com Internet: www.kvh.com E-mail: info@kvh.dk Internet: www.kvh.com © Copyright 2006 KVH Industries Inc. KVH and TracVision are registered trademarks of KVH Industries Inc.

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