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Ver 1.2 2007.05
Revision History
Revision History
How to use
How to use
Acrobat Reader
Acrobat Reader
SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
Sony EMCS Co.
(2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
Canadian Model
Chinese Model
US Model
AEP Model
© 2007.05
Published by Kohda TEC


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Sony SAL20F28

  • Page 1 Chinese Model How to use How to use Acrobat Reader Acrobat Reader Link Link SPECIFICATIONS DISASSEMBLY ADJUSTMENTS SERVICE NOTE REPAIR PARTS LIST LENS FOR DSLR CAMERA 2007E0800-1 SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) © 2007.05 Sony EMCS Co. 9-852-113-12 Published by Kohda TEC...
  • Page 2: Specifications

    Mass (g (oz.)) Approx. 285 (10 5/16) Included items Lens (1), Front lens cap (1), Rear lens cap (1), Lens hood (1), Set of printed documentation Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) — 2 —...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Preparations ···································································· 4-1 4-2. Aperture Diameter Check/Adjustment ··························· 4-4 4-3. Projective Resolving Power Check ································ 4-9 4-4. Flange Back (f’F) Check/Adjustment ·························· 4-12 4-5. Lens ROM Check ························································· 4-16 4-6. Error Code List ····························································· 4-17 SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) — 3 —...
  • Page 4: Service Note

    IC pins, etc. • Be sure to control soldering iron tips used for unleaded solder and those for leaded solder so they are managed separately. Mixing unleaded solder and leaded solder will cause detachment phenomenon. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 5: Safety Check-out

  • Page 6: Troubleshooting

    Replace the defective part. diameter adjustment. (See page 4-7.) Check operation of the preset ring, and replace Check operation the defective part. of the diaphragm control block. Replace the defective part. Perform the aperture diameter check. (See page 4-4.) SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 7 Clean the pattern of the main flexible unit. Replace the defective part or apply the grease. Replace the main flexible unit. Check the operation again. Check the foecusing operation again. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 8: Disassembly

    Match the universal wrench to the holes or notches of the lens block, etc. Chip-A Match the universal wrench Universal wrench to the width of holes or notches. Chip-A Notches Chip-B Chip Chip Chip-B Holes SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 9 Name ring wrench C (72 mm) 1 Decoration Ring HELP13 HELP03 2 1st Lens 6 Outer Barrel Hold Block Plate 3 Front Lens Barrel HELP01 7 Outer Barrel 4 2nd Lens Block 5 Focus Ring HELP02 (See Page 2-3.) SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 10 4 Main Flexible Unit HELP04 3 Rear Light Shield Barrel HELP05 1 Lens Mount Riveting Block HELP06 5 Coupler HELP07 HELP08 6 Outside Barrel 2 Main Spring HELP14 7 Back Adjustment Washer FLANGE BACK ADJUSTMENT (See Page 2-4.) SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 11 Ver 1.2 2007.05 2-1-3. CAM RING UNIT AND INNER TUBE EXPLODED VIEW 5 Diaphragm Control Block APERTURE DIAMETER ADJUSEMTNT HELP10 HELP12 3 Cam Ring Unit HELP11 4 3rd Lens Block 2 Cam Ring Guide Roller 1 Guide Pin SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 12 After the aperture diameter check is completed, remove the 1 group lens block tentatively. Apply the adhesive bond (B-40) to the three screws and tighten them as shown in the figure. Apply the adhesive bond(B-40)(3 areas) Front Lens Barrel Red Mark ( ) Distance index on the Distance Scale Window SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 13 Tighten the three screws as shown in the figure, and apply the adhesive bond (B-10) to the screw head as shown in the figure. Apply the adhesive bond(B-10)(3 areas) Apply the adhesive bond(B-10) Screw Front Lens Barrel Focus Ring Outer Barrel Distance index SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 14 Apply the adhesive bond (B-40)(3 areas) Outer Barrel Plate Outside Barrel Outer Barrel Outer Barrel Hold Plate Mount Index Outer Barrel Notch the outer barrel Notch Coupler Bush SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 15 Be careful not to tighten screws too strongly. Confirm that the preset ring moves smoothly. Main Flexible Unit Ground Spring Apply the adhesive bond(B-40) Rear Light Shield Barrel Main Spring Apply the adhesive bond(B-40) Lens Mount Riveting Block Preset Ring SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 16 Turn the cam ring unit, and check the movement of the coupler. HELP07 Grease (G-80): J-6082-625-A Grease (G-85): J-6082-626-A Apply the grease (G-85) to the gear and the grease (G-80) to the sliding surfaces of the coupler. Apply the grease(G-85) (Sliding surfaces) Apply the grease(G-80) (Geare) SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 17 After performing “4-4-2 Flange back (f’F) adjustment”, apply the adhesive bond (B-40) to the screwed portions of screws and tighten screws. Apply the adhesive bond(B-40) Apply the adhesive bond(B-40) Outside Barrel Apply the anti-diffusion agent(A-20) (All circumference) Back Adjustment Washer Preset Ring Pin Hole for axis SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 18 Hole for Coupler Lens Mount Riveting Block Coupler Aperture Operating Plate Unit Pin Turn the lens mount riveting block counterclockwise, eliminating play, and tighten four screws in order as shown in figure. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 19 Inner Barrel Aperture Operation Plate Unit Aperture Unit Holding Ring Inner Barrel Aperture Unit Holding Spring Longitudinal hole Portion B Apply the adhesive bond(B-10) (Three areas in the width of 5 to 10 mm) SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 20 Apply the adhesive bond (B-40) Cam Ring Guide Roller Apply the adhesive bond(B-40) Focus Cam Ring Apply the grease(G-15) (6 areas) U Grooves Screw Holes Screw Holes Focus Cam Ring U Grooves Screw Holes Outer Barrel SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 21 Apply the adhesive bond (B-40) Cam Ring Unit Guide Roller Apply the adhesive bond (B-40) Apply the adhesive bond (B-40) Guide Pin Check that the fixed cam ring rotates smoothly, and inner barrel moves smoothly. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 22 Tolerance: ±2.5° = ±1 mm Note: Masking Tape Front Decoration Plate Decoration Ring Range Index HELP14 Oil (O-20): J-6082-610-A Apply small amount of oil (O-20) to the instruction portion of the main spring. Aplly small amount(O-20)(On contact area) SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) HELP...
  • Page 23: Repair Parts List

    2-691-903-01 RING (FOCUS RING) 2-684-073-01 LENS NO. PLATE 2-691-957-01 FRICTION SHEET 9-913-210-03 POLYESTER TAPE (BLACK) 10mm (Note 1) 2-691-917-01 PLATE (FOCUS SCALE PLATE) 2-691-913-01 RING(OUTER BARREL) 2-691-955-01 OUTER BARREL HOLD PLATE 2-684-730-01 WASHER 2-695-851-01 LABEL, MODEL NAME SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 24 2-691-961-01 BARREL (OUTSIDE BARREL) 2-687-685-01 SCREW M2.0 X 4.0 2-887-835-01 TAPE, FLEXIBLE SET A-1212-861-A BLOCK, LENS MOUNT RIVETING Selection parts BACK ADJUSTMENT WASHER A to E (Note 1) 2-684-244-01 STOPPER SCREW A-1206-555-A BLOCK, LENS MOUNT 2-691-960-01 MAIN SPRING SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 25 2-691-901-01 APERTURE UNIT HOLDING RING 2-691-954-01 GUIDE PIN A-1189-967-A APERTURE BLADE UNIT Selection parts GUIDE ROLLER A to I (Note 1) A-1197-607-A APERTURE OPERATION PLATE UNIT Selection parts CAM RING GUIDE ROLLER A to E (Note 1) 2-691-932-01 INNER BARREL SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 26 3-1-4. 1ST LENS BLOCK, 2ND LENS BLOCK AND 3RD LENS BLOCK Ref. No. Part No. Description A-1197-611-A 1ST LENS BLOCK A-1202-190-A 2ND LENS BLOCK A-1197-613-A 3RD LENS BLOCK 2-691-928-01 G3,4 STOPPER 2-691-929-01 G5 STOPPER 2-691-930-01 G8 STOPPER 2-691-931-01 G9,10 STOPPER SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 27 Description 2-691-921-01 CAM RING GUIDE ROLLER A (D=5.01mm) 2-691-922-01 CAM RING GUIDE ROLLER B (D=5.02mm) 2-691-923-01 CAM RING GUIDE ROLLER C (D=5.03mm) 2-691-924-01 CAM RING GUIDE ROLLER D (D=4.99mm) 2-691-920-01 CAM RING GUIDE ROLLER E (D=5.00mm) SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 28: Supplied Accessories

    2-685-159-71 MANUAL, INSTRUCTION (ITALIAN) (AEP) 2-687-335-01 2-687-234-01 2-685-159-81 MANUAL, INSTRUCTION (PORTUGUESE) (AEP) 2-685-159-91 MANUAL, INSTRUCTION (RUSSIAN) (AEP) 2-685-160-11 MANUAL, INSTRUCTION (TRADITIONAL CHINESE, SIMPLIFIED CHINESE) (AEP, CH) 2-685-160-21 MANUAL, INSTRUCTION (KOREAN) (AEP) Abbreviation • CH: chinese model Rear Lens Cap 2-683-615-01 SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 29: Adjustments

    Flange back tester A-mount Flange back gauge J-6082-606-A attachment (43.50mm) J-6082-607-A J-6082-608-A J-10 J-11 J-12 Chip-B for Chip-A for Universal wrench universal wrench universal wrench J-6082-609-A J-6082-609-2 J-6082-609-1 J-13 Name ring wrench C (72mm) J-6082-634-A Fig. 4-1-1 SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 30 Attach the chart to the 1000 mm collimator as shown in Fig. 4-1-2. Align the marks Chart 1000 mm collimator Fig. 4-1-2 Note 3: Connect the variable transformer (Output voltage: AC 100 V) to the lens test projector. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 31 MENU buttons. Check that the remaining number of recordable images on the LCD monitor is “BBBB”. Note: When “BBBB” is displayed, the camera activates in the adjustment mode. Start the lens adjustment program “LensAdjustment.exe”. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 32: Aperture Diameter Check/adjustment

    Note: Shoot the center of the luminance surface three times with the master lens and checking lens. Focus: Infinity end Setting of Luminance box: Setting of Camera: ISO: Luminance: EV12 Setting of Lens: Exposure Mode: shutter Speed: 1/125 Aperture: F5.6 Focus Mode: Metering: Center weighted Preset white balance: Tungsten D-R: SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 33 Set the Color Calculator 2 as follows. Measured value display (Display menu): RGB+L*a*b* Measuring method (Display menu): Center Single Area Fig.4-2-5 Color space (Edit menu): sRGB Fig.4-2-6 Area size for calculate (Edit menu →Option): 256×256 Pixels Fig.4-2-7 SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 34 Aperture error = Average “G” value of master lens (a) - Average “G” value of checking lens (b) Specification Aperture error = –30 ±5 2) When the aperture error is out of specification, perform “4-2-2. Aperture Diameter Adjustment”. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 35 2nd Lens Block 1st Lens Block Front Lens Barrel Fig.4-2-9 Remove the adhesive bond fixing the iris aperture unit holding spring. Adhesive bond(B-10)(3 areas) Iris Retainer Ring Adhesive Bond Adhesive Bond Aperture Unit Holding Spring Fig.4-2-10 SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 36 Aperture Unit Holding Spring Fig.4-2-13 6) Assemble the lens completely. 7) Perform “4-2-1. Aperture Diameter Check”, and repeat “4-2-1. Aperture Diameter Check” and “4-2-2. Aperture Diameter Adjust- ment” until the aperture error is within the specification. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 37: Projective Resolving Power Check

    (f). Fixed lever Lens Heat-absorbing filter Chart Chart Filament Filament f=18 to 35 mm f=100 to 200 mm Fixed lever Chart Chart Filament Filament f=35 to 100 mm f=200 to 300 mm Lens test projector Fig.4-3-1 SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)
  • Page 38 4) Turn the focus ring of the checking lens until the chart image projected on the screen is the sharpest at the center (y’=0). 5) Set the plane mirror to the center of the projected image (y’= 0), and adjust the projector position so that the mirror reflects the light to the center of the lens. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) 4-10...
  • Page 39 63 or greater Table 4-3-2 After the checking is completed, turn the lamp switch of the lens test projector to OFF and cool the inside of the lens test projector, then turn the fan switch to OFF. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) 4-11...
  • Page 40: Flange Back (f'f) Check/adjustment

    Focus on fine lines on the surface. Fig.4-4-2 5) Turn the scale ring of the dial gauge until the long pointer indicates “0”. Note: This position is the flange back (f’F) = 43.5 mm. Memorize the position of short-pointer. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) 4-12...
  • Page 41 Focal-length f’F (mm) f (mm) (Infinity position) 44.56 to 44.61 Table 4-4-1 When the flange back (f’F) of the checking lens is out of specification of the Table 4-4-1, perform “4-4-2. Flange Back (f’F) Adjustment”. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) 4-13...
  • Page 42 Back adjustment washer A (0.05 mm) 2-691-963-01 Back adjustment washer B (0.07 mm) 2-691-964-01 Back adjustment washer C (0.10 mm) 2-691-965-01 Back adjustment washer D (0.20 mm) 2-691-966-01 Back adjustment washer E (0.50 mm) Table 4-4-2 SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) 4-14...
  • Page 43 40) to the four screws, and then fix the outer tube with four these screws. (Refer to HELP08.) Attach the rear light shield barrel and lens mount riveting block. (Refer to HELP09.) Screws Lens Mount Riveting Block Apply the adhesive bond(B-40) Apply the adhesive bond(B-40) Outside Barrel Back Adjustment Washer Fig.4-4-5 SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) 4-15...
  • Page 44: Lens Rom Check

    2) Check that the display of “Lens Code” and “Model Name” is correct. Note: Focus position setting is not required. Fig. 4-5-2 [End] 3) Click the button to terminate the lens adjustment program. 4) Turn the POWER switch of the camera to OFF. SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) 4-16...
  • Page 45: Error Code List

    Error, Unknown Lens Unidentified lens is connected. Communication Error, Code#:E600 Communication error with the camera Code#:F000 Input data error to DLL file Code#:F100 Setting error of USB port Code#:2531 Communication error of main signal on the camera SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8) 4-17...
  • Page 46 [Description of main button functions on toolbar of the Adobe Acrobat Reader Ver5.0 (for Windows)] Toolbar Printing a text Reversing the screens displayed once • To reverse the previous screens (operation) one by one, click 1. Click the Print button 2.
  • Page 47 • focusi ring → focus ring • Mirror Tube → Front Lens Barrel • Prest Ring Pin → Preset Ring Pin S.M Correction: Page 2-2, 2-4, HELP02, HELP08, HELP13 • Description of Service Tool S.M Correction: Page 4-1, SAL20F28 (2.0/28) (20mm F2.8)

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