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Protecting The Environment - Black & Decker Hand-held vacuum cleaner Manual

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Replacing the filters
The filters should be replaced every 6 to
9 months and whenever worn or
damaged. Replacement filters are
available from your Black & Decker
dealer (cat. no. VF30).
Remove the old filters as described
Fit the new filters as described above.

Protecting the environment

Separate collection. This
product must not be disposed
of with normal household waste.
Should you find one day that your Black
& Decker product needs replacement,
or if it is of no further use to you, do not
dispose of it with household waste.
Make this product available for separate
Separate collection of used
products and packaging allows
materials to be recycled and
used again. Re-use of recycled
materials helps prevent
environmental pollution and
reduces the demand for raw
Local regulations may provide for
separate collection of electrical products
from the household, at municipal waste
sites or by the retailer when you
purchase a new product.
Black & Decker provides a facility for the
collection and recycling of Black & Decker
products once they have reached the
end of their working life. To take
advantage of this service please return
your product to any authorised repair
agent who will collect them on our behalf.
You can check the location of your nearest
authorised repair agent by contacting
your local Black & Decker office at the
address indicated in this manual.
Alternatively, a list of authorised
Black & Decker repair agents and full
details of our after-sales service and
contacts are available on the Internet at:
Battery (fig. G & H)
If you want to dispose of the product
yourself, the battery must be removed as
described below and disposed of in
accordance with local regulations.
Warning! Disconnect the appliance from
the power supply before removing the
Preferably discharge the battery by
operating the appliance until the
motor stops.
Remove the dust bowl (3).
Using a flat-blade screwdriver, push
the battery cover (12) in at the notch
above the charger connector (9), so
that it unclips and can be removed.
Take hold of the battery casing to pull
the battery out of the appliance.
Place the battery in suitable
packaging to ensure that the
terminals cannot be short-circuited.
Take the battery to your service
agent or a local recycling station.
Warning! Once removed, the battery
cannot be refitted.
Technical data
V 2.4
Battery type
kg 0.9



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