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5 Record

The device offers many features that you can use during recording
or to improve the quality of a recording. Use the timer and the voice
activation functions to start recording automatically.
5.1 Recording settings
Before starting a recording, set the required recording quality and
microphone sensitivity.
• Do not remove batteries or rechargeable batteries from the
device while it is recording. If you do this, data may be damaged or
lost. Device malfunctions may also occur.
In stop mode (start-up screen), press a to select the desired
folder for the recording.
The following symbols will be displayed, depending on the
selected folder: u, v, w, x – internal memory.
Point the built-in microphone toward the sound source and press
The record/play indicator lights red. The display indicates the
duration of the recording.
Table of contents
Press g to pause recording.
The record/play indicator will blink red.
Press the g key to resume recording.
Press the j key to stop recording.
The device returns to stop mode.
• Start a new recording: To stop the current recording and start
a new one, press b.
• To prevent files becoming too big during a long recording, for
example a meeting lasting several hours, you can automatically
split recordings
(see also chapter 8.1.6 Setting auto divide, page
• Each folder can store up to 99 files. The size of the memory
depends on the recording quality
recording quality, page
If the recording time or the number of files exceeds the available
capacity, recording stops and a message is displayed. You cannot
make any more recordings. Delete the recordings which you no
longer require, or connect the device to a computer and transfer
the files to your computer.
• Before starting a long recording session, replace or recharge the
batteries before beginning.
(see also chapter 8.1.1 Setting


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