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Recording To Usb - LG PC14 User Manual

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Recording to USB

You can record a various sound source to USB.
1. Connect the USB device to the uint
2. Select a mode in which you want
to record
(ex. CD/ TUNER....)
Play a sound source first.
If you want to record desired music
file in disc to USB, record after
playing back the file.
3. Start the recording
4. To stop a Recording
Recording to USB - more you can do
To select recording bit rate and speed
1. Press USB REC on the unit (REC on the remote control) for longer than
3 seconds.
2. Use ./> to select the bit rate and USB REC on the unit
(REC on the remote control) again to select the recording speed.
3. Press ./> to select a desired recording speed and USB REC
on the unit (REC on the remote control) again to finish recording.
1 x speed : ( 96kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps)
- You can listen to music while recording it.
2 x speed (Only 96kbps, 128kbps)
- you can just recording the music file.
Recording Music file in disc source to USB
One track recording
If the USB recording is started during playback of the CD, the one track/
file would be recording into the USB.
All tracks recording
If the recording button is pressed at the CD stop, all tracks/ files would be
The files in the sub-folders are not recorded during all track recording.
When you are recording, look out for the following
• You can check the recording percentage rate for the USB record on the
• During recording MP3/ WMA, there is no sound.
• When you stop recording during playback, the file that has been
B B /X X
B B /x x
• Do not remove the USB device or turn off the unit during USB recording.
• If USB recording does not work, the message like "NO USB", "ERROR",
• Multi card reader device or External HDD can not be used for USB
• A file is recoreded by 128Mbyte when you record for a long term.
B B /x x
• In the state CD-G disc USB record is not operated.
• You may not record more than 999files.
• The numbering of the recording file is entered from the lowest number.
• The FOLDER name is displayed on the display window, but If the
• It'll be stored as follows.
screen during the recording.(AUDIO, MP3/ WMA CD only)
recorded at that time will be stored.
If not, an incomplete file may be made and not deleted on PC.
"USB FULL" or "NO REC" is displayed on the display window.
So if you delete some of the recording files, the next recording file could
be the lowest number among them.
FOLDER name is not english, "UNKNOWN" appears.
The making of unauthorized copies of copy-protected material, including
computer programs, files, broadcasts and sound recordings, may be an
infringement of copyrights and constitute a criminal offence. This
equipment should not be used for such purposes.
Be responsible
Respect copyrights
The other sources


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