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LG RC389H User Instructions

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P/N0: MFL57156212



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  • Page 1 ENGLISH RC389H P/N0: MFL57156212...
  • Page 2 CAUTION: The apparatus should not be exposed to water (dripping or splash- CAUTION ing) and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, should be placed on the RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK apparatus. DO NOT OPEN CAUTION concerning the Power Cord CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT REMOVE Most appliances recommend they be placed upon a dedicated circuit;...
  • Page 3 Copyrights Recording equipment should be used only for lawful copying and you are advised to check carefully what is lawful copying in the area in which you are making a copy. Copying of copyright material such as films or music is unlaw- ful unless permitted by a legal exception or consented to by the rights owner.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Before you start ........5-6 Remote control .
  • Page 5: Before You Start

    Before you start Recordable and Playable discs This unit can play and record all widely-used DVD types. The table below shows some specific compatibility differences depending on the disc types. DVD-R DVD-RW DVD-RAM DVD+R DVD+R(DL) DVD+RW Symbol used in Video this manual Logos Re-Writable...
  • Page 6 Notes on discs Restrictions on copying Depending on the conditions of the recording equipment or the CD-R/RW (or Some video material is copy-once protected: Such material cannot be copied to DVD±R/RW) disc itself, some CD-R/RW (or DVD±R/RW) discs cannot be Video tpe or DVD.
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    DISC MENU/LIST: Accesses menu on a DVD disc. Switches plete setting. between Title List-Original and Title List-Playlist menu. Manufacturer Code Number DISPLAY: Accesses On-Screen Display. LG / GoldStar 1 (Default), 2 RETURN (O): Removes the on-screen displays. DUBBING Zenith 1, 3, 4...
  • Page 8: Main Unit

    Main Unit j kl m a 1 1 / I j N / X (PLAY / PAUSE) Switches the unit ON or OFF. Starts playback. Pause playback or recording temporarily, press again to exit pause mode. b Disc Tray k x (STOP) Insert a disc here.
  • Page 9: Hooking Up The Unit

    Hooking up the unit c Audio/Video connection Connect one end of the video(yellow) cable to the VIDEO OUTPUT jack on the unit and other end to the VIDEO INPUT jack on your a Antenna connection Connect the Terrestrial Connect one ends of the TV antenna to the audio cables (red and white) ANTENNA IN jack on...
  • Page 10 Hooking up the unit - more you can do Component connection Connect one end of the component(Y PB PR) cable to the COMPONENT OUT- PUT jack on the unit and other the end to the COMPONENT INPUT jack on your TV. Connect one end of the audio cables (red and white) to the analogue AUDIO OUTPUT jack on the unit and other end to the AUDIO INPUT jack on your TV.
  • Page 11 Some functions of this unit are controlled by TV’s remote control when this uncompressed digital video, a bandwidth of up to 5 gigabytes per second, one unit and LG TV with SIMPLINK are connected through HDMI connection. connector (instead of several cables and connectors), and communication •...
  • Page 12: Operating Usb Flash Drive

    Connecting to the AV IN 2 Jacks Operating USB Flash Drive Connect the input jacks (AV IN 2) on the unit to the audio/video out jacks on your accessory component using audio/video cables. ON REMOTE 1. Insert an USB Flash Drive to the USB port: –...
  • Page 13: Auto Setup

    [Program Edit]: Change the settings of a channel manually. Auto setup [Station Rename]: Change a name of the selected channel. [Move]: Moves the program’s location on the program list. When the first time to turn on the unit, the initial setup [Delete]: Delete the selected channel from programmed channel list.
  • Page 14: Adjust The Setup Settings

    Using the Home Menu Adjust the SETUP settings Setup ON REMOTE Start – Displays SETUP menu. (page 14-18) 1 Displays the HOME menu: HOME MOVIE 2 Select the [Setup] option: b b B B VCR – Plays back the movie in the VCR 3 Select the [Start] option: ENTER DISC...
  • Page 15 RC389H-W_BSRSLK 1/31/08 10:49 AM Page 15 Adjust the SETUP settings Power Save mode – Selects whether this unit is in power save mode when the power is turned off. This option is not available when a timer recording is set.
  • Page 16 Adjust the language settings Sampling Freq. (Frequency) – Selects the sampling frequency of the audio signal. [48 kHz]: In case of DVD with 96KHz sampling, Output is converted to 48kHz. If your receiver or amplifier is NOT capable of handling 96 kHz sig- nals, select [48 kHz].
  • Page 17 RC389H-W_BAUSLL 2/10/04 4:05 AM Page 17 Adjust the recording settings Adjust the disc settings Disc Record Mode – Select the picture quality for recording from XP, SP, LP, Initialize – You can Initialize a DVD by pressing ENTER while [Start] is select- EP or MLP.
  • Page 18: Displaying Disc Information

    RC389H-W_BAUSLL 2/10/04 4:05 AM Page 18 Before finalizing, check the characteristics between the disc type in the table Displaying disc information below. The finalized DVD-RW discs can be unfinalized ON REMOTE so that the disc can be edited or recorded to again.
  • Page 19 Displaying information while watching TV Moving to another title/track/file DVD ALL DivX During viewing the TV, Press DISPLAY to display the information displayed When a disc has more than one title, you can move to another title. on-screen. Press DISPLAY twice during playback then use v / V to select the title icon. Then, press the appropriate numbered button (0-9) or b / B to select a title number.
  • Page 20: Play A Tape

    Hearing a different audio TAPE Play a Tape Press AUDIO then sets tape audio to HIFI, LEFT, RIGHT or NORMAL. ON REMOTE Use b/B buttons to select tape audio you want. CCounter Memory Function TAPE 1 Press VCR to control the VCR deck: This is useful if there is a section of tape you want to view immediately after 2 Insert a prerecorded video tape: recording or if you want to return to the same point several times.
  • Page 21 Skip to the next/previous chapter/track/file DVD ALL Watching a enlarged video image DVD ALL DivX During playback or pause mode, press ZOOM repeatedly to select zoom mode. You can move through the zoomed picture using vVb B buttons. Press CLEAR Press SKIP (>) to move to the next chapter/track/file.
  • Page 22: Playing A Divx Movie Files

    Notice for displaying DivX ® subtitle Playing DivX ® movie files If the subtitle does not display properly, press PAUSE/STEP when the subtitle appears. Then press and hold SUBTITLE about 3 seconds to display the ON REMOTE language code menu. Use b / B to change the language code until the subtitle 1 Displays the HOME menu: HOME is displayed properly.
  • Page 23: Listening To A Music

    Playing music in random order Listening to music When you select the [RANDOM] option on the Music List menu then press ENTER, the unit automatically begins random playback and “RANDOM” ON REMOTE appears on the menu screen. To return to normal playback, select [Random] 1 Displays the HOME menu: HOME option again then press ENTER.
  • Page 24: Viewing A Photo

    Viewing photo files as a slide show Viewing a photo To display photos as a slide show in the [Photo list], select the [Slide Show] option on the left side of the screen then press ENTER, The [Slide Show] menu ON REMOTE appears on the screen.
  • Page 25: Recording

    Setting a timer record Recording This unit can be programmed to record up to 16 timer recordings within a month. The clock must be set correctly before setting a timer record. Follow the instruction below to record a TV channel or other source.
  • Page 26: Editing A Title

    Timer Recording Troubleshooting Editing a title Even though the timer is set, the unit will not record when: – There is no disc (or tape) loaded. Using the Title list menu, you can edit video contents. ON REMOTE – A non-recordable disc (or tape) is loaded. 1 Displays a [Title List] menu: DISC MENU/LIST –...
  • Page 27 Before editing Chapter search Video This unit offers various edit options for various disc types. Before you edit, You can select the start of a title by searching a chapter. Select a title that you check the disc type, and select the option available for your disc. want to search and press ENTER.
  • Page 28 Time search Protect a title Video You can select the start time of a title by searching time. Select a title that you Use this function to protect a title against accidental recording, editing or delet- want to search and press ENTER. Select [Time] in the [Search] option from the ing.
  • Page 29 Naming a title Overwriting When a title is recorded by this unit, the title will be named by a number. You You can overwrite a new video recording on a recorded title that is not protect- can change a title name by using this function. ed.
  • Page 30: Dubbing

    Dubbing ON REMOTE 1 Selects a media that you want to dub from: VCR or DVD 2 Finds a position in the video contents you want m , M, PLAY to dub from: 3 Pauses the playback: PAUSE/STEP 4 Displays the [Dubbing] menu: DUBBING 5 Sets the [Rec mode] option: v v V V b b B B...
  • Page 31: Language Codes

    Language Codes Use this list to input your desired language for the following initial settings: Disc Audio, Disc Subtitle, Disc Menu. Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Afar 6565 Croatian 7282 Hausa 7265 Lingala 7678 Quechua 8185...
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Cancel the Rating function or change the rating level. Cannot play a disc recorded using this unit on an other player. Finalize the disc. General Check the disc compatibility of the player. The power does not turned on. Place the disc on the disc tray correctly inside the guide. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet securely.
  • Page 33 Stereo Audio Record and/or Playback is not present. Resetting the unit TV is not Stereo-compatible. If you observe any of the following symptoms. Broadcast program is not in stereo format. The unit is plugged in, but the power will not turn on or off. The A/V Output jacks on the unit are not connected to TV A/V In jacks.
  • Page 34: Specifications

    Specifications Playback Frequency response DVD (PCM 48 kHz): 8 Hz to 22 kHz, General CD: 8 Hz to 20 kHz Power requirements AC 200-240V, 50/60 Hz DVD (PCM 96 kHz): 8 Hz to 44 kHz Power consumption Signal-to-noise ratio More than 100 dB (AUDIO OUT connector) Dimensions (approx.) 430 X 78.5 X 260 mm (w x h x d) without feet Harmonic distortion...