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Kompernass Tronic KH 967 Operating Manual

Universal battery charger.
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KH 967 Universal Battery Charger
Operating manual

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    KH 967 Universal Battery Charger Operating manual...

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    KH 967 Universal battery charger and pass them on with the appliance to any future users of the appliance! Contents 1. Intended use ...2 2. Safety Instructions ...3 3. Technical Data ...4 4. Charging batteries ...5 5. Taking out batteries ...8 6.

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    2. Safety instructions! • Never leave the appliance to charge unsupervised. Batteries become hot once they are fully charged. Overcharged or faulty batteries can overheat and explode. • Never touch batteries when they are hot – they might explode while they are being taken out. First discon- nect the appliance from the power supply and allow the batteries to cool before taking them out.

  • Page 4: Technical Data, Product View

    3. Technical Data Power supply ...: 230V AC / 50 Hz Power consumption ...: 8.5 W Protection class ...: II Charging outputs ...: 4 x 1.2V DC / 2 x 9 V DC Charging slots...: for Size AAA, AA, C, D Charging current at 1.2V ...: 270 mA quick charge 50 mA trickle charge Charging current at 9 V ...: 13 mA...

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    4. Charging batteries Danger: Only charge batteries identified by the letters "Ni-Cd" or "Ni-MH" . Never charge other types of batteries, even if these are "rechargeable". Such batteries require a quite different type of technology! If you place these batteries in Ni-Cd/Ni-MH battery chargers, they can overheat and explode.

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    c) Discharge Ni-Cd batteries first Ni-Cd batteries that are not fully discharged should be discharged first, to avoid the possibility of "memory effects". If you have inserted up to 4 Ni-Cd batteries, move the switch to the far right, to the position with the "Discharge"...

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    e) Keep to the charging time! The best protection against battery overheating is not to exceed the proper charging time. If you wish to calculate the time exactly, please refer to the technical data for information about the charging current required. You can take the values in the following table as a rough guide: 1.2V Ni-Cd battery 300 mAh 800 mAh...

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    Turn the knob to about the time required (you can determine this time by referring to the table opposite) At the end of the charging time, the appliance switches over to trickle charge, and the green LED indicator at the "Battery" symbol is fully lit.

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    Only dispose of batteries when they are fully discharged. 9. Warranty & Service The warranty conditions and service address can be found in the enclosed warranty slip. Kompernaß GmbH Burgstrasse 21 D-44867 Bochum

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    Kompernaß GmbH · Burgstraße 21 · D-44867 Bochum IDNr: KH967-04/06-V1...

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