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Kärcher HD 4.0/36 P Operator's Manual

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HD 4.0 / 36 P
English ....................... 2
Español .................... 14
Français ................... 26
9.139-170 (03/05)



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  Summary of Contents for Kärcher HD 4.0/36 P

  • Page 1 HD 4.0 / 36 P English ....... 2 Español ....14 Français ....26 9.139-170 (03/05)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    High Pressure Washer Operator Manual Overview ................ 3 Precautions ..............4 Assembly Instructions ..........5 Operating Instructions ..........6 Using the Accessories ..........7 Working with Detergents ..........8 Shut Down and Clean-Up ..........9 Taking a Break ............... 9 Winterizing and Long-Term Storage ......
  • Page 3: Overview

    Model HD 4.0 / 36 P OVERVIEW Item Description 9 High pressure outlet 1 Handle 10 Detergent filter 2 Trigger gun 11 Detergent suction tube 3 Trigger gun safety lock 12 Spark plug 4 High pressure hose 13 Hose Reel 5 Gas tank 14 Quick connect nozzles 6 Spray wand...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS – Read First! IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • The Gun Safety Lock PREVENTS the trigger from accidentally being engaged. WARNING – When using this product basic This safety feature DOES NOT lock precautions should always be followed, trigger in the on position. including the following: •...
  • Page 5: Assembly Instructions

    ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Attach the handle to the frame of the Release the collar and push the nozzle until pressure washer. Align holes, insert bolts, the collar clicks. and tighten with knobs. DANGER High pressure in nozzle area. Attach the gun/hose storage handle. Risk of injury caused by improper locked nozzle.
  • Page 6: Operating Instructions

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Engine with fixed throttle: Important! Move the engine stop switch to the ON Do not run the engine with a high or low oil position. level as this can cause engine damage. If you have further questions regarding the engine, please refer to the engine’s Pull the starter handle.
  • Page 7: Using The Accessories

    USING THE ACCESSORIES The color-coded quick connect nozzles DANGER provide a wide array of spray widths from High pressure in nozzle area. 0° to 65° and are easily accessible when Risk of injury caused by improper locked placed in the convenient rubber nozzle hol- nozzle.
  • Page 8: Working With Detergents

    WORKING WITH DETERGENTS Detergents can only be applied with the For best results see Cleaning Tips on black nozzle. pages 10 & 11 for specific information on how to clean different surfaces. Install the black quick-connect low pressure Always Use Kärcher nozzle for detergent application at low Detergents for Best Results.
  • Page 9: Shut Down And Clean-Up

    SHUTTING DOWN Remove detergent suction tube from container and insert into 1 gallon of fresh water. Engine with manual throttle: Siphon water at low pressure for one Move the throttle lever to the SLOW minute. position to shut down engine. Allow the engine to idle for a few seconds, then move the throttle lever to the STOP Engine with manual throttle:...
  • Page 10: Cleaning Tips

    CLEANING TIPS (with or without detergent) (with or without detergent) Pre-rinse deck and surrounding area with Pre-rinse cleaning surface with fresh water. fresh water. If using Kärcher Deck & Patio If using Kärcher All Purpose and Vehicle Cleaner, ( Canada: Deck + Fence Wash) Wash ( Canada: Pressure Wash or Degreaser ), place detergent suction tube place detergent suction tube directly into...
  • Page 11: Optional Cleaning Accessories

    CLEANING TIPS – continued continued continued continued continued • Before cleaning any surface an (with or without detergent) inconspicuous area should be cleaned to Pre-rinse cleaning surface with fresh water. test spray pattern and distance for If using Kärcher All Purpose and Vehicle maximum cleaning results.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Please remove the spark plug cable to Output pressure varies high and low. prevent accidental ignition of the engine • Not enough inlet water supply. before making any repair. - Turn water on full force. Check garden hose for kinks, leaks or blockage. Engine will not start.
  • Page 13: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING – continued continued continued continued continued Garden hose connection leaks. • Loose fittings. See enclosed warranty card. - Tighten fittings. • Missing/worn rubber washer. - Insert new washer. Spray wand leaks. To locate a dealer, call: • Spray wand not properly attached. 1-888-805-9852 - Attach the wand to the spray gun.