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Range Hood Use; Range Hood Controls; Range Hood Care; Range Hood Lamps - KitchenAid 2005 Installation Instructions And Use And Care Manual

30" (76.2 cm) and 36" (91.4 cm) range hood
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The range hood is designed to remove smoke, cooking vapors
and odors from the cooktop area. For best results, start the hood
before cooking and allow it to operate several minutes after the
cooking is complete to clear all smoke and odors from the
The hood controls are located on the right-hand underside of the
range hood.
A. Controls
B. Light switch
C. Blower switch
D. Blower speed switch

Range Hood Controls

Operating the light
1. Move the light switch to the "1" position to turn range hood
light ON.
2. Move the light switch to the "0" position to turn range hood
light OFF.
Operating the blower
1. Move the blower switch to the "1" position to turn the blower
ON. The blower will begin operating at the speed set on the
blower speed switch.
2. Move the blower switch to the "0" position to turn the blower
Adjusting the blower
The blower has 3 speed controls. Move the blower speed switch
to "1" position for low speed, "2" position for medium speed or
"3" position for high speed.


Range Hood Lamps

Replacing a Halogen Lamp
This hood uses four 12-volt, 20-watt halogen lamps.
Turn off the range hood and allow the hallogen lamps to cool.
Replace bulb using a tissue to handle bulb, or wearing cotton
gloves. Do not touch bulb with bare fingers.
To Replace:
1. Disconnect power.
2. Remove 2 screws from the circular metal trim around the
lamp assembly.
3. Pull the trim and lamp assembly down far enough so that the
lamp can be pulled out of the socket clips.
A. Remove 2 screws
B. Pull trim with lamp assembly down
4. Insert the new lamp into the socket clips and push the lamp
assembly back up into the hood.
5. Replace the screws.
6. Reconnect the power.


Exterior surfaces:
Do not use steel wool or soap-filled scouring pads. Rub in
direction of the grain line to avoid scratching the surface.
Always wipe dry to avoid water marks.
Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish.
Mild liquid detergent and water.
Wipe with damp soft cloth or nonabrasive sponge, then rinse
with clean water and wipe dry.
Metal Filters:
For vented installations, use 2 hands to remove filters. Turn the
knob to the left (counterclockwise) to release filter. Repeat with
other filter.
Wash metal filters as needed in dishwasher or hot detergent
solution to clean.



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