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Sponge or soft cloth and water:
Dampen sponge with water and wipe panel. Dry with soft
Do not use chemical or abrasive cleansers.
Replace turntable immediately after cleaning. Do not operate the
microwave oven without the turntable in place.
Mild cleanser and scouring pad
Dishwasher cleaning is not recommended. Do not use abrasive
cleansers or scrubbers.
Mild cleanser, water and washcloth
To avoid soil buildup which may lead to arcing and cause
damage to the microwave oven, clean rack supports often.
Do not use soap-filled scouring pads, abrasive cleaners, steel-
wool pads, gritty washcloths or some recycled paper towels.
Mild, nonabrasive soap or detergent and washcloth,
toothbrush or cotton swab:
Rinse with clean water and dry with soft, lint-free cloth.

Replacing Filters

The grease filters should be removed and cleaned at least once a
month. Do not operate the microwave oven without the filters in
place. The charcoal filters cannot be washed and should be
replaced every 6 to 12 months. See “Assistance or Service” to
reorder filters. See “General Cleaning” for instructions on
To Remove:
1. Remove each of the grease filters by pushing the back of the
filter up, grasping the tab, and sliding the filter to the back.
Pull tab down until the filter drops out.
2. Remove each charcoal filter by pushing the filter toward the
center of the microwave oven until it is clear of the narrow
outer lip. Swing the filter down and slide it out.
To Replace:
1. Replace each charcoal filter by positioning it above the wide
lip near the center of the microwave oven. Swing the filter up
into position and slide it toward the narrow lip. The filter will
now be held in position between the lips.
2. Replace each grease filter by inserting the end without the
tab into the frame. Swing other side up and slide into

Replacing Cooktop Light

The cooktop light is a 25W low-voltage halogen capsule bulb.
See “Assistance or Service” section to reorder.
To Replace:
1. Unplug microwave oven or disconnect power.
2. Remove bulb cover mounting screw, and gently remove
A. Mounting screw
3. Remove the burned-out bulb.
4. Replace bulb, using a tissue or wearing clean cotton gloves
to handle the bulb. Do not touch bulb with bare fingers.
5. Replace bulb cover and mounting screw.
6. Plug in microwave oven or reconnect power.

Replacing Microwave Oven Light

The microwave oven light is a candelabra base bulb. It will
automatically come on when the door is opened and when the
microwave oven is operating. See “Assistance or Service”
section to reorder.
To Replace:
1. Unplug microwave oven or disconnect power.
2. Remove the 2 vent grille mounting screws located directly
behind the top louver.
A. Vent grille
B. Top louver
C. Mounting screws
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