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KitchenAid KHMS 105 Installation Instructions Manual

30” built-in microwave/hood / microwave-convection hood
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30" BUlLT4N
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  Summary of Contents for KitchenAid KHMS 105

  • Page 1 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. ’ KitchenAid@ 30” BUlLT4N MICROWAVE/HOOD MODEL: KHMS 105 MICROWAVE-CONVECTION HOOD MODEL: KHMC 106 Read And Save These Installation instructions...
  • Page 2 INTRODUCTION Please read all instructions thoroughly before installing Microwave/Hood System. TWO PEOPLE are required to in-iall this product. If a new electrical outlet is required, it should be connected by a qualified electrician before the MicrowaveB-lood -1 is installed.
  • Page 3 MOUNTING SPACE Microwave/Hood System requires mounting space on a wall as shown below. ,30” OR MORE FROM COOKING SURFACE BACKSPLASH 66” OR MORE FROM FLOOR For removal of the Microwave/Hood System bottom cover for cleaning or servicing, a 2-inch space necessary between the top of the range backsplash...
  • Page 4: Wall Construction

    . WALL CONSTRUCTION Microwave/Hood System should be mounted against and supported by a flat, vertical wall: If wall is not flat, use spacers to fill gaps. Mounting plate must be flat for proper installation. Wall construction should be a minimum of 2”...
  • Page 5: Electrical Service

    Check the oven for any damage, such as misaligned door, damaged ,gaskets around door or dents inside the oven cavity or on the door. of fhere is any damage, please do not operate the oven until it has been checked by an Authorized KitchenAid Servicer and any repairs made, if necessary. GROUNDING...
  • Page 6: Exhaust Duct

    HOOD EXHAUST DUCT Outside ventilation requires HOOD EXHAUST DUCT. Read the following carefully. EXHAUST CONNECTION: The hood exhaust has been designed to mate with a standard 3-x” x 10” rectangular duct. If round duct is required, a rectangular-to-round transition adaptor must be used.
  • Page 7: Tools Recommended

    ‘TOOLS RECOMMENDED FOR INSTALLATION Pencil Phillips Screw -Driver Measure Electric Drill 5/8”, 3/32” Drill Tape l-1/2” Wood Saw to cut exhaust opening (if needed) Protective drop cloth for product and range. You may use part of carton for protectim. INSTALLATION HARDWARE The installation hardware...
  • Page 8: Preparation Of Product

    PREPARATION OF PRODUCT REMOVING MOUNTING PLATE 1. Use a portion of the carton or some other material to protect the outercase from being damaged. 2. Stand the unit on its side as shown in Fig. 1. FRONT SIDE CREASE FILTER OPENINGS Figure 1 3.
  • Page 9 LOWER HOOKS LEVERS SLIDERS Figure 3 Pull out two levers to release sliders from hooks. This action will release mounting plate from back surface of outercase. Familiarize yourself with the operation of the mountrng levers so you will be aware of the proper pro- cedure for mounting...
  • Page 10: Ventilation System

    VENTILATION SYSTEM MICROWAVE/HOOD SYSTEM IS DESIGNED FOR ADAPTATION TO THE FOLLOWING THREE (3) TYPES OF VENTILATION SYSTEMS. Select the type required for your installation. OUTSIDE VENTILATION: Vertical Exhaust OUTSIDE VENTILATION: Horizontal Exhaust RECIRCULATING: Non-Vented, ductless installation requires use of charcoal filters packed with product. buur hlicrowave/Hood System is set for Vertical Exhaust;...
  • Page 11 OUTSIDE VENTILATION: Horizontal Exhaust Remove and save 9 screws. (Fig. 5). Remove rear stay Figure 5 (Fig. 6). 2. Withdraw hood fan unit carefully Figure 6 (Fig. 7) 3. Rotate hood fan unit ‘/4 turn Figure 7...
  • Page 12 4. Replace hood fan unit into oven unit with left corner side inserted into opening first, right corner next. Be careful -not to pinch the lead wire between (Fig. 8). back plate and hood fan unit Figure 8 5. Replace the rear stay.
  • Page 13 RECIRCULATING: Non-Vented, Ductless I. Remove and save 9 screws. Remove rear stay. (Fig. 5 pg. 11). Withdraw hood fan unit. (Fig. 6 pg. 11). Change lead wire holding position from left side wire (Fig. 11). retainer to right side wire retainer Figure 11 Rotate hood...
  • Page 14 PREPARATION OF WALL AND TOP CABINET I’ MOUNTING TEMPLATES CAUTION: THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE PROPERLY INSTALLED WITHOUT REFERRING TO MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS ON BOTH TEMPLATES. Read and follow mounting information on both Top Cabinet and Wall Templates. Templates are included in the printed matters packed witlithis oven.
  • Page 15: Mounting Plate Installation

    -MOUNTING PLATE INSTALLATION 1. Separate toggle bolts from toggle nuts. 2. Insert one toggle bolt into each hole on the mounting plate (these holes correspond to holes A, B, C and D of MOUNTING/ the Wall Template) and put toggle nut onto the toggle (Fig.
  • Page 16: Product Installation

    PRODUCT INSTALLATION 1. Place Styrofoam packing blocks (2 pieces) on top surface of range/cooktop Figure 16 Fig. 16. 2. Place microwave/hood system on top of Styrofoam blocks as shown 3. Thread power supply cord through the hole at the bottom of top cabinet.
  • Page 17 7. Check to be sure the unit is secure to the mounting plate at both upper and lower hooks when you remove your support. (Fig. 18). 8. Screw hexagonal Phillips head screws to levers (inside grease filter opening) Figure 18 (Fig.
  • Page 18 fc) and flat washers (d) for gaps between top cabinet and unit (Fig. 19). 10. Use adjusting screws Figure 19 11:Make a bundle of power supply cord, then fix it to cabinet using cord hook A short power supply cord is provided to reduce the risks resulting from contacting...
  • Page 19: Check List For Installation

    . CHECK LIST FOR INSTALLATION Make sure unit has been installed according to instructions Remove all packing material from the oven. Plug in power cord. Read Use and Care Manual. Keep installation instructions for the local electrical inspector’s use. ACCESSORIES 1.
  • Page 20 MS032 KitchenAid, Inc. St. Joseph, MI 49085 (f/74735...

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