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Setting The Clock; Using The Minute Timer; Using The Cooking Rack - KitchenAid KCMS145J Use & Care Manual

Kitchenaid microwave oven user manual
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Getting to Know Your Microwave Oven

Setting the clock

When you first plug in your microwave oven, the dis-
play shows " : ". If the electric power ever goes off,
the display will again show " : " when the power
comes back on.
NOTE: You can cook without setting the clock, but the
display will show " : " again after the cooking is com-
1. Touch CLOCK SET.
2. Touch number pads for time of day.
For example: For 7:00, touch "7 0 0"
3. Touch CLOCK SET.

Using the minute timer

You can use your microwave oven as a kitchen timer.
Use the minute timer for timing up to 90 minutes.
1. Touch TIMER.
2. Touch number pads for desired time.
For example, for 10 minutes touch "1 0 0 0"
3. Touch START, (or, TIMER) or allow the
timer to start automatically after a
short delay.
4. At the end of the set time:
Timer will count down to zero, then will display
"TIMER END" and 5 tones will sound.
NOTE: To cancel timer at any time, touch TIMER.

Using the cooking rack

(Model KCMS185J only)
The Cooking Rack (Part No. 8172101) gives you
extra space when cooking at more than one level in
your microwave oven.
Do not store the metal rack in the oven. Arcing and
damage to the oven could result if someone
accidentally starts the oven.
Do not operate the oven with the metal rack stored
on the floor of the oven. Damage to the interior
finish will result.
Do not use this rack in other cooking appliances.
Do not use rack with browning dish.
Do not place a metal cooking container directly on
the microwave oven rack. Place a microwave-safe
plate between the metal container and the rack to
prevent possible arcing and damage to the oven.

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Table of Contents

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