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Taking A Blood Pressure Reading - Casio BP-1MY User Manual

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$ With your hand open and the palm facing upwards, place your elbow
on a table or other surface so the center of the cuff is at about height
as your heart.
• If the center of the cuff is too low, try putting a towel or cushion
under your elbow.
• Make sure that the air tube does not pass under your arm.
The Base Unit can display blood pressure in units of kPa or mmHg. In
the case of kPa, the Base Unit actually measures using mmHg units and
then converts the results to kPa.
• The initial factory default blood pressure unit is kPa. The unit also
returns to kPa whenever you replace Base Unit batteries.
To specify the blood pressure unit
While the Base Unit is turned off, hold
down its
seconds, and then release the button.
• The Base Unit will perform its zero reset
procedure and then display
the standby screen, with the currently
selected blood pressure unit
indicated at the top.
• The above procedure toggles the blood pressure unit between kPa
and mmHg.
• The blood pressure unit you select remains selected even if you turn
off the Base Unit.


• Make sure you are relaxed before starting the measurement procedure.
• Do not move your arm or the rest of your body while a measurement
is in progress.
! Put the cuff on your arm and set the
upper limit of your systolic (high) blood pressure value.
• If you think your systolic blood pressure is around 17.3kPa (130mmHg)
you should select 20.0kPa (150mmHg) as the
Center of cuff
button for about three
switch to the estimated
@ Press the
button to turn on the Base Unit.
• Release the
button right away after you depress it. Do not
hold the
button down for more than about a second.
• Pressing the
button again turns off power.
All segments appear momentarily.
Pressure zero-setting in progress.
Measurement will not start if
you press the
button while
this indicator is flashing.
# Press the
• This starts inflation of the cuff and displays the pressure value.
• During measurement, the
indicate that the pulse is being detected. The
flashing and remains on the display as long as the pulse rate is
displayed after measurement is complete.
$ After measurement is complete, the displays alternates between the
systolic and diastolic blood pressure values, and the pulse rate.
Systolic Blood Pressure
Diastolic Blood Pressure
Pulse Rate
% Press the
button to turn off the Base Unit.
• An Auto Power Off feature automatically turns off the Base Unit if
you leave it on for about three minutes.
• Avoid taking too many consecutive measurements with the Base Unit.
Pressure from the Base Unit cuff can cut off circulation in your arm
and cause incorrect readings. Remove the cuff and wait a while before
taking another reading.
• Correct readings are impossible when diastolic blood pressure is
greater than 180mmHg.
If the Base Unit determines that pressure in insufficient during a
measurement operation, it automatically re-inflates the cuff. Re-inflation
may also be performed if you move or talk, or if there is excessive noise
or another type of disturbance during a measurement procedure.
• Note that positioning the cuff so its air tube underneath your arm
(especially when your arm is pressing down on the tube) can cause
noise. This can lead to re-inflate or even make proper measurement
Measurement starting
indicator flashes on the display to
indicator stops



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