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Taking A Blood Pressure Reading - Casio BP-1M Getting Aquainted Manual

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Loading Batteries
! Pressing down on the M OPEN part of the battery compartment
cover, slide the cover in the direction indicated by the arrow.
• Remove the old batteries, if there are any.
To close
@ Making sure that their (+) and (–) ends are oriented correctly, load the
new batteries into the battery compartment.
# Slide the battery compartment cover back into place to close it.
• If display contents appear abnormal after you load batteries,
remove the batteries, wait for about two or three seconds, and then
reload them.
• Affix the cuff to your arm so it is in contact with bare skin.
• If you are wearing clothing made of thick material (such as a sweater),
it is better to remove the thick clothing than to roll up the sleeve.
! Insert the plug of the cuff into the Base
• Make sure you insert the plug as far
as it will go.
@ Widen the opening of the cuff and then slip it over your left arm.
The cuff material should form a
loop, with the end of the material
passing through the oblong metal
ring. Pull the end of the material
through the ring so the cuff is
snug on your arm, double it back
against the ring, and secure it in
place with the fastening tape.
If the end of the material is
accidentally pulled out from
the metal ring, insert it back
in, making sure that the
fastening tape is facing
• Always have the cuff on your left arm whenever taking readings for
the purpose of setting the Watch's basic data. If you are simply
taking readings with the Base Unit only, however, you can have the
cuff on your right arm.
To open
Press here and slide.
There should be about one
or two centimeters between
the edge of the cuff and
your elbow joint.
• The cuff should not be
touching your elbow joint.
Your hand should be open,
palm facing upwards.
Position the cuff so the air tube is
located at the top of your biceps.
• The tube should align
approximately with your middle
# Pull on the end of the cuff material until the cuff is snug on your arm,
and use the fastening tape to secure it in place.
Tighten the cuff until
all of the open space
between your arm and
the cuff is eliminated.
• Take care that you
do not over tighten
the cuff.
• Leaving space between the cuff and your arm, can cause over
inflation, and apply very strong pressure to your arm. It can also
interfere with proper measurement.
$ With your hand open and the palm facing upwards, place your elbow
on a table or other surface so the center of the cuff is at about height
as your heart.
• If the center of the cuff is too low, try putting a towel or cushion
under your elbow.
• Make sure that the air tube does not pass under your arm.


• Make sure you are relaxed before starting the measurement procedure.
• Do not move your arm or the rest of your body while a measurement
is in progress.
! Put the cuff on your arm and set the PRESET PRESSURE switch to
the estimated upper limit of your systolic (high) blood pressure value.
• If you think your systolic blood pressure is around 130, you should
select 150 as the PRESET PRESSURE setting.
@ Press the ON/OFF button to turn on the Base Unit.
• Pressing the ON/OFF button again turns off power.
All segments appear momentarily.
Pressure zero-setting in progress.
Measurement will not start if
you press the START button
while this indicator is flashing.
Fastening tape
Center of cuff
180 210


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