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Magic Bullet Basics
Magic Bullet Basics

Frozen Drinks

When it's frozen drink time your Magic Bullet is, hands down, the Ulti-
mate Party Machine! Because the drinks are so quick and easy to make,
everyone can have their favorite frozen cocktail. Plus, you can make the
drinks right in the Party Mugs, then twist on your favorite-color Com-
fort Lip Ring, so everyone knows whose drink is whose. Partying has
never been easier — or more fun!
First ...
Add ice to the Party Mug (or Tall Cup).
Next ...
add your favorite ingredients (see page 47 for some of our
favorites) and twist on the Cross Blade.
Then ...
Place the cup onto the Power Base, push down on the cup,
twist to Lock On mode and blend until smooth.
Be Responsible ...
Everyone at Homeland Housewares encourages
you to have a great time, but please do so responsibly. Do not drink and
drive, and please be careful when you are consuming alcohol.
If your drink is so thick that the ice or fruit is having a hard time
reaching the blade, add more liquid and continue

Grinding Coffee

There is nothing better than a steaming cup of java made with
freshly ground beans. Unfortunately, most bean-grinders are
inconvenient and inevitably make a big mess on the countertop. Finally,
with the Magic Bullet, grinding coffee is a breeze because you twist the
blade off from the top, and the coffee is in the bottom of the cup. That
means you don't have to go through that whole flipping-the-cup-over-
to-get-the-coffee-out ordeal that you do with the typical bean-grinders.
Plus, because all the Magic Bullet parts are washable, you can wash
away the flavored coffee tastes. Never again will your French Roast taste
like French Vanilla!
Magic Bullet Basics
Magic Bullet Basics
First ...
Add coffee beans to the Short Cup and twist on the Flat
Next ...
Place the cup onto the Power Base.
Now ...
Pulse a few times, or Lock On, until the beans are ground to
the desired texture.
Remember ...
the finer the grind, the stronger the coffee. If you want
a milder brew, stop Pulsing when the beans have the texture of coarse
sand. If you're going for an espresso-like jolt, keep grinding until the
beans become a fine powder.
Check out Page 81 for some of our favorite coffee recipes.

Mixing Batters and Breads

Finally, there's a way to make baked goods without all the stirring,
whisking and chopping! The Magic Bullet makes the preparation and
cleanup of baked goods a piece of cake. Pancakes, muffins, breads and
more have never been faster — or fluffier! What we like to do is start
with instant batter mixes and then make them fancy by adding tasty
ingredients like nuts, cinnamon or apple to the batter. Since it's so quick,
everyone can have the add-ins they like.
First ...
Add the ingredients into the Magic Bullet Tall Cup, or Blender,
depending on the size of the batch.
Then ...
Blend the ingredients until smooth.
When using add-ins ...
The power of the Magic Bullet will mince add-
ins into tiny little pieces — which is great for flavor, but you may want
bigger, chunkier pieces as well. For example, when making blueberry
muffins, we recommend that you add about half of the blueberries you
intend to use in with the batter to be blended, then add the other half af-
ter the batter is blended. Just twist off the blade, add the whole berries,
twist the blade back on and Shake cocktail shaker style a few times.

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