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Samsung SV-627X Service Manual Page 4

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11. High voltage is maintained within specified limits
by close-tolerance, safety-related components and
adjustments. If the high voltage exceeds the
specified limits, check each of the special
12. Design Alteration Warning :
Never alter or add to the mechanical or electrical
design of this unit. Example : Do not add
auxiliary audio or video connectors.
Such alterations might create a safety hazard.
Also, any design changes or additions will void
the manufacturerÕs warranty.
13. Hot Chassis Warning :
Some TV receiver chassis are electrically
connected directly to one conductor of the AC
power cord. If an isolation transformer is not
used, these units may be safely serviced only if
the AC power plug is inserted so that the chassis
is connected to the ground side of the AC source.
To confirm that the AC power plug is inserted
correctly, do the following : Using an AC
voltmeter, measure the voltage between the
chassis and a known earth ground. If the reading
is greater than 1.0V, remove the AC power plug,
reverse its polarity and reinsert. Re-measure the
voltage between the chassis and ground.
14. Some TV chassis are designed to operate with 85
volts AC between chassis and ground, regardless
of the AC plug polarity. These units can be safely
serviced only if an isolation transformer inserted
between the receiver and the power source.
15. Never defeat any of the B+ voltage interlocks.
Do not apply AC power to the unit (or any of its
assemblies) unless all solid-state heat sinks are
correctly installed.
16. Always connect a test instrumentÕs ground lead to
the instrument chassis ground before connecting
the positive lead; always remove the instrumentÕs
ground lead last.
17. Observe the original lead dress, especially near
the following areas : Antenna wiring, sharp
edges, and especially the AC and high voltage
power supplies. Always inspect for pinched, out-
of-place, or frayed wiring. Do not change the
spacing between components and the printed
circuit board. Check the AC power cord for
damage. Make sure that leads and components
do not touch thermally hot parts.
18. Picture Tube Implosion Warning :
The picture tube in this receiver employs
Òintegral implosionÓ protection. To ensure
continued implosion protection, make sure that
the replacement picture tube is the same as the
19. Do not remove, install or handle the picture tube
without first putting on shatterproof goggles
equipped with side shields. Never handle the
picture tube by its neck. Some Òin-lineÓ picture
tubes are equipped with a permanently attached
deflection yoke; do not try to remove such
Òpermanently attachedÓ yokes from the picture
20. Product Safety Notice :
Some electrical and mechanical parts have special
safety-related characteristics which might not be
obvious from visual inspection. These safety
features and the protection they give might be
lost if the replacement component differs from the
original--even if the replacement is rated for
higher voltage, wattage, etc.
Components that are critical for safety are
indicated in the circuit diagram by shading,
Use replacement components that have the same
ratings, especially for flame resistance and
dielectric strength specifications. A replacement
part that does not have the same safety
characteristics as the original might create shock,
fire or other hazards.
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