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Uniden SSE VR1 Owner's Manual

Amplified voice stereo receiver
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Amplifi ed Voice Stereo Receiver
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  Summary of Contents for Uniden SSE VR1

  • Page 1 SSE VR1 Amplifi ed Voice Stereo Receiver For more exciting new products please visit our website: Australia: New Zealand:
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury to persons. Some other things to help you make the most of your SSE VR1. • This unit is NOT waterproof. Do not immerse the unit in water or expose it to rain or moisture.
  • Page 3: Belt Clip

    Owner’s Manual * The earpiece mic comes with attached ear caps (medium size). ** The SSE VR1 needs only one battery to operate. Keep the spare battery for later use. • If any item is missing or damaged, contact your place of purchase immediately.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ........ 2 IMPORTANT INFORMATION for care providers ....2 WHAT’S IN THE BOX? ............3 GETTING TO KNOW THE SSE VR1 ........5 GETTING STARTED ............... 7 Battery Installation ................7 OPERATION ................8 Power On/Off ..................8 Adjust Volume ...................
  • Page 5: Getting To Know The Sse Vr1

    GETTING TO KNOW THE SSE vR1 Earpiece Mic Jack Status LED Volume Knob Power Earpiece Switch Speaker Microphone Plug Belt Clip Strap holder Stereo Balance Control Battery cover...
  • Page 6 Buttons and What it does Indicators Status LED Glows green when the SSE VR1 is turned on. For more information, refer to page 8. Power Switch Slide up to turn ON and slide down to turn OFF the unit. Volume Knob Rotate the knob to increase or decrease the volume.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    GETTING STARTEd Battery Installation Your SSE VR1 comes with 2 AAA rechargeable batteries to power the unit. The SSE VR1 needs only one battery to operate. Charge the battery completely (about 5 hours) before use (see Charging the Battery, p.15).
  • Page 8: Operation

    OPERATION Power On/Off Insert the supplied earpiece mic into the earpiece jack. Put on the earphone (Look out for the ‘R’ (Right) and ‘L’ (Left) indication and ensure that you have got it correct). Slide the Power switch up to power on the unit.
  • Page 9: Adjust Volume

    Adjust volume To adjust the volume on the unit, rotate the volume knob between (0 Min -10 Max). volume Balance You can use the Stereo Balance Control knob to adjust the volume between the right and left earpiece speaker. To reduce the volume on the left side rotate to L and to reduce the volume on the right side rotate to R.
  • Page 10: Attach Belt Clip

    Attach Belt Clip Align the protruding component of the belt clip (highlighted in the figure on the right) with the slot on back of the unit. Then gently press to fit and rotate the clip (as shown in the figure below) to secure position.
  • Page 11: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE • Use a clean dry cloth to clean the unit. • Use a clean dry cloth to clean the earpiece mic. • Clean the ear caps regularly - take off the ear caps and soak them in warm water to ensure there are no traces of dirt. Dry them thoroughly before using again.
  • Page 12: Solving Problems

    SOLvING PROBLEMS If you have any trouble with your SSE VR1, check this section first. If you need help, visit our website listed on the front cover. Problems Possible Solutions Unit won’t power-on • Change to a charged battery. • Change to a new AAA alkaline (not included) • Check the battery direction.
  • Page 13: General Information

    GENERAL INFORMATION Product Specification Model name SSE VR1 Maximum audio output 110dBSPL Maximum audio gain 40dB Ear speaker type Dynamic Microphone type Electret condenser type Size 39mm (W) x 74.4mm (H) x 14.2mm(D) Weight 25g (not including earpiece-mic, battery) Operating Time...
  • Page 14: Charger

    Charger Operation Temperature 0°C to 40°C Storage Temperature -20°C to 50°C Input Voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz Output Voltage 1.4V DC Charging current 220mA +/- 10% LED Indication 2 x Amber Colour LED for two channels ; two channels operate individually LED Status Power connected but LED Off without battery...
  • Page 15: Charging The Battery

    Charging the Battery If you opt to use the AAA rechargeable batteries that come with the unit, then you could charge them regularly using the charger that also come with the unit. Install the batteries (ensure the correct polarity) as shown in the image below.
  • Page 16: One-Year Limited Warranty

    (“Uniden Aust”) or Uniden New Zealand Limited (“Uniden NZ”) as the case may Terms of Warranty Uniden Aust/NZ warrants to the original retail purchaser only that the SSE VR1 (“the Product”), will be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship for the duration of the warranty period, subject to the limitations and exclusions set out below.
  • Page 17 Product does not conform with this warranty, you should deliver the Product, together with satisfactory evidence of your original purchase (such as a legible copy of the sales docket) to Uniden at the addresses shown below. You should contact Uniden regarding any compensation that may be payable for your expenses incurred in making a warranty claim.
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