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KitchenAid 3147388 Installation Instructions Manual page 4

30” electric glass ceramic drop-h range with self-cleaning oven
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Floor Damage
Before moving range across Iloor, check
that range is on shipping base or slide
range onlo cardboard or hardboard.
Failure lo iollow lhese inslruclions
resull In damage lo floor covering.
Move range close lo cablnel culout.
Make eleclncal connectIon
requlremenls and Eleclr~cal connectIon
Panels A and 8, for delalls
Remove and discard shIppIng base or
cardboard or hardboard from under
range Llfl range up lo cablnel culoul wng Ihe
oven opening as an area lo grip.
Cenler range lnlo cablnel culoul
Loosen screws and lnserl soacers
ishlooed in l&ralure baa). on each side 01 conlrol
consble II range does &l 111 properly, check
spacers The spacers may need 10 be cul lo 111
under counlerlo~. Mark wilh a oencll where each
spacer needs Id be cut. Loosen bolh screws lo
remove spacers. Cul across top of each spacer.
Replace spacers and tighlen screws. Check lhal
range flls properly on counlertop.
Replace oven door by llnlng bolh
comers of door over ends 01 hinges
Push door evenly and complelely onlo hinges.
Remove nails from hinges. Reins'lall Iwo wews
lnlo inner door panel. If door does nol close, you
have nol pushed door complelely onlo hinges.
Turn on power supply. "8888"
should appear in Ihe display. Push
Ihe "Clock" bullon and "l-00" and "TIME" will
appear tn Ihe display. Push and hold lhe "Clock"
bullon and rolale Ihe "Se?' knob unlll the correcl
lhme of day appears Release Ihe "Clock" bullon
Push in and lurn
To reduce the risk of tipping the appliance,
the appliance musl be securely iaslened
lo Ihe cablnel using the four screws thal
are provided.
each suriace unll
conlrol knob lo 'HI"
poslhon Check Ihe operalIon
of the cooklop elemenls and lndlcalor llghls
Secure range lo cabinet using four
screws through the mounllng holes
tn Ihe fronl lrame 01 Ihe oven.
Pul air grille Into place under oven
door Be sure Ilange IS al bollom and
mounllng holes are al lop Slide ar grille up IIIO
poWon Allach grille wllh 3 short melal screws
Check the operalion of Ihe
oven bake elemenl
Push "Bake"
butlon and 350" will appear in Ihe display along
wllh Ihe lime of dav "PRE-BAKE" WIII also
appear in Ihe display and Ihe "ON" indicator llghl
should be on.
The boltom elemenl should glow red. The upper
elemenl should become hot but not alow red. The
oven interior llghl should be on and ihe oven
should be healing. Push Ihe "Cancel" bullon and
"OFF" will appear in the display. Then Ihe display
will change lo lhme of day The oven should turn
Check Ihe operalion of the
oven broil element
Push Ihe "Broil"
bullon and "brl" will aooear in Ihe dlsolav alona
wlh the lime 01 day. ihe "BROIL' aid "6N"
mdlcalor llghls should be on. The upper element
should glow red. The oven llghl should be on and
Ihe oven should be healing. Push the "Cancel"
bullon and "OFF" will appear. Then Ihe display
WIII change lo lime of day. The oven should lurn
To get the most efficlent
use from your
new eleclric
range, read your KitchenAid
Use and Care Guide. Keep lnslaflalion
and Guide close lo /he
range for
Panel C


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