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KitchenAid 3186523 Installation Instructions Manual



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Installation Instructions
Read and save these
Part No. 3186523 Rev. D
Installer: Leave Installation Instructions with the homeowner.
Homeowner: Keep Installation Instructions for future reference,
Save installation Instructions for local electrical inspector's use.
.Write down the model and serial numbers before installing
Both numbers are on the modeVsedal rating plate, located on
the bottom of cooktops and gdlls and on the right side, above
the wiring box on the downdraft vent blower box.


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Summary of Contents for KitchenAid 3186523

  • Page 1 tche HOME APPLIANCES Installation Instructions Create-a-Cooktop Part No. 3186523 Rev. D Important: Installer: Leave Installation Instructions with the homeowner. Homeowner: Keep Installation Instructions for future reference, Save installation Instructions for local electrical inspector's use. .Write down the model and serial numbers before installing IMPORTANT: cooktop.
  • Page 2: What To Do If You Smell Gas

    Yoursafety and the safety of othersis very important. IMPORTANT: Observe all We haveprovidedmanyimportantsafetymessages in this Minimum cabinet width above one appliance: governing codes and manualand on your appliance. N ways read andobey all Cookto p_. - 12" ordinances. Grill - 14 safetymessages•...
  • Page 3 Cabinet construction: This appliance is Before you start... WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electdc designed for use in a base cabinet with a depth shock, or injury to persons, observe the of 24". The maximum depth for the overhead Proper installation is your responsibility.
  • Page 4 WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury to persons, the downdraft vent system must be installed with either the KitchenAId Model KPED890T exterior mounted motor unit or the KItchenAid Model KPID850T Interior mounted motor unit. Single Installations...
  • Page 5 • If a gas cooktop is to be located between two downdraft vents, an exterior vent motor and "T" adapter kit must be used. • =T" adapter kits (Black 4175456, White 4319251, Almond 4319252) are available from your KitchenAid dealer.
  • Page 6: Tools And Materials Needed For Installation

    Tools/Parts Electric Cooktop and Grill Tools and Electrical materials needed requirements BE CONNECTED WITH COPPER COOKTOPS AND GRILLS MUST WIRE ONLY. for installation: Electric cooktops and grills Wire sizes and connections must conform to the requirements of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70 -- latest edition**, and all local codes and mea_----'_s uring t_r-a ;)e/r u tar...
  • Page 7: Electrical Connection

    Electrical the frame-ground conductor to the connecting the frame-ground Where local codes permit connectin Where local codes Do Not permit connection neutral (white) junction box wire: conductor to the neutral (white) junction box wire: This appliance is manufactured with a frame- cable from power supply cable from power supply connected, green or bare, ground wire.
  • Page 8 Electric Cooktop and Grill (cont./ Now start... With cooktop and/or grill in kitchen. 'nn',e ,l;ne 'If installing more than one appliance in the same that cooktop or grill is parallel to the front edge of cutout, work with one appliance at a time. Start the countertop.
  • Page 9 To get the most efficient use from your new cooktop and/or grill, read Multiple cooktops and/or grill combinations: Do Not overtighten screws. your KitchenAid Use and Care Rotate the left mounting bracket away from the Guide. Keep Installation Instructions glasscooktop burner box of the first appliance.
  • Page 10 Installed wiring through a wood cabinet should be plate located on the right side, above the wiring with either the KitchenAid Model sanded until smooth. A grommet (Part No. box on the downdraft burner box.
  • Page 11: Venting Requirements

    Flexible metal ductwork is Not recommended. Venting Recommended duct length for interior If it is used, calculate each foot of flexible metal mounted blower ductwork as two feet of straight metal ductwork. requirements Use 6" duct with maximum length of 25 feet for Flexible metal elbows count twice as much as duct system.
  • Page 12 Downdraft Vent (cont.) Recommended duct length for Exterior mounted vent motor exterior mounted blower installation methods Roof venting Use 9" duct with a maximum length of 55 feet for duct system. For best performance use no more To Install ductwork under a concrete slab, than five 90 °...
  • Page 13 Now start..down) the ductwork will run from the etermine which direction (right, left or blower duct when installed in the Excessive Weight Hazard cabinet. Place the motor on the blower box so that the duct opening is in the position you need Use two or more people to move and install downdraft vent.
  • Page 14 Downdraft Vent (conL Power supply wiring Is not provided. green cutout, go to Step 11. If downdraft vent will be installed in a brown capacitor separate cutout (no other appliances In same wires (Intemal vent system cutout), remove the motor from the blower box. blac_ wires Carefully insert the blower box into the...
  • Page 15 other brown wire to the other capacitor terminal. Replace the rubber cap over the top of the Position ductwork to avoid wall studs Connect 6" ductwork to blower duct. capacitor. Put the capacitor into the mounting • and floor joists. Complete all bracket on the lower sectiori of the wiring box.
  • Page 16 Downdraft Vent (cont.) IIII Exterior roof-mounted system requires Roof Mount Kit, Part No. 4173296. Place cardboard or other form of protection on top of a fiat surface where you can easily assemble the downdraft vent system. Remove downdraft blower box and motor sections from cartons.
  • Page 17 Position ductwork t oavoidwall Position the studsandfloorjoists.Complete allductwork. U se downdraft vent ducttapetosealalljoints. V ertical ductwork for 12• Connect 9"ductworkto blowerduct. coversothatitis wall-mounted i nstallations should pitchdown aligned withlightpencil slightly toward theventtoallowmoisture to run marks made onthecountertop outside. inStep6.Usescrews toattach legstocabinet f loor.Check that Thread the motor blowerboxis vertical.
  • Page 18 Downdraft Vent (cont.) Power supply wiring is not provided. Numbers correspond steps. oonn_tor white wire. conduit connector 1171 supply • CaDle Thread the power supply cable through the conduit connector. Tighten the screws on the conduit connector. Disconnect power supply, Connect the two white wires together with twist- on wire connector.
  • Page 19: Gas Supply Requirements

    Conversion Kit No. 4173627 is conversion kit. Examples of a qualified available from your KitchenAid dealer or person include licensed heating personnel, authorized parts distributor. The regulator must be checked at a minimum 1"...
  • Page 20 Sealed Gas Cooktop (conL) Now start... Electrical Electronic ignition systems operate within wide voltage limits, but proper grounding and polarity requirements With cooktop and/or grill in kitchen. is necessary. In addition to checking that the outlet provides 120-volt power and is correctly grounded, the outlet must be checked by a If installing more than one appliance in the same qualified electrician to see if it is wired with...
  • Page 21 If you are installing additional appliances in the To avoid scratching countertop, lift entire Do Not overtlghten screws. same cutout, attach one mounting bracket to the cooktop up from cutout when repositionlng gleescooktop right side of each additional appliance. cooktop into countertop ol_ening. countertop "...
  • Page 22 Sealed Gas Cooktop (conL Multiple cooktops end/or grill combinations: Rotate the left mounting bracket away from the burner box of the first appliance, Tighten the mounting bracket to the burner box. insert the 2-1/2" clamping screw into the mounting bracket. Use a screwddver to tighten the screw against the underside of the countertop.
  • Page 23 "HI" position, the system creates reignition of the burner. If it does not stay lit on a spark to light the burner. This sparking the "LO" setting, contact your KitchenAid dealer continues until the burner ignites. for assistance.
  • Page 24: Wiring Diagram

    Wiring diagram If the cooktop, grill If you need service... or downdraft vent In the event that your KitchenAid appliance should need service, call the dealer from whom does not operate... you purchased the appliance or a KitchenAid- STAI_A_O 11_ _O_'aEO {GROUND_) _.U.

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