Attaching The Cd-R Tray Feeder And Cd-R Tray - Canon Cd printer Print Manual

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Attaching the CD-R Tray Feeder and CD-R Tray

Attaching the CD-R tray feeder
Paper output tray cover
Insert the slider up to here.
1 1 1 1
Pull down the paper output tray cover
forward to open.
Do not extend the paper output tray. Doing so will
prevent the attaching of the CD-R tray feeder.
2 2 2 2
Place the CD-R tray feeder on the
paper output tray.
3 3 3 3
Insert the CD-R tray feeder straight by
sliding it in until it clicks into place.
4 4 4 4
Push in the slider on the CD-R tray
Insert the slider completely. Failed to do so may damage CD-R
when printing.



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