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Printing On Cd-Rs/Dvd-Rs (Cd-R Direct Print); Items To Prepare; Cautions When Printing On Cd-Rs/Dvd-Rs - Canon Cd printer Print Manual

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Printing on CD-Rs/DVD-Rs
(CD-R Direct Print)
The CD-R tray feeder and tray (supplied) allow the printing of images on CD-Rs or DVD-Rs (printable discs).
The "CD-LabelPrint" software provided on the CD-ROM edits and further processes the images for printing.

Items to Prepare

The following items will be needed to print on CD-Rs or DVD-Rs:
CD-R tray feeder
CD-Rs or DVD-Rs (Printable Discs)
Prepare a 12 cm/8 cm size CD-R/DVD-R having a label surface that is compatible with ink-jet printing.
A "printable disc" differs from regular CD-Rs or DVD-Rs in that its printing surface has been specially
processed to be printed on by an ink-jet printer.

Cautions When Printing on CD-Rs/DVD-Rs

Read the following cautions and instructions when printing on CD-Rs or DVD-Rs:
• Hold CD-Rs/DVD-Rs by their edges. Take care not to touch the label surface (printing surface) and
recording surface.
• Do not print on the CD-Rs/DVD-Rs' recording surface. Doing so might prevent the reading of data
recorded on CD-Rs/DVD-Rs.
• Do not print on CD-Rs/DVD-Rs that are not compatible with ink-jet printing. The ink may not dry
and will prevent subsequent use.
• Only print on CD-Rs/DVD-Rs after having recorded data. Printing before recording data may result
in fingerprints, dirt or scratches on the CD-R/DVD-R causing recording errors.
• After printing, allow the printing surface to dry naturally. Avoid using hairdryers or direct sunlight to
dry the ink. Also, do not touch the printing surface until the ink has dried.
• Be sure to remove any dirt from the CD-R tray before placing CD-Rs/DVD-Rs on the CD-R tray.
Use of the CD-R tray in this state may scratch the recording surface of CD-Rs/DVD-Rs.
• Do not dirty or scratch the reflectors on the CD-R tray. If the reflectors on the CD-R tray become dirty
or scratched, wipe the reflector plate clean with a soft, dry cloth taking care not to scratch the plate.
• Do not attach the CD-R tray feeder and CD-R tray while the printer is in operation (power lamp is
• The CD-R may become dirty if software other than CD-LabelPrint or Easy-PhotoPrint is used.
• Do not remove the CD-R Tray Feeder while printing on CD-R or DVD-R. Doing so may damage the
CD-R Tray Feeder or a CD-R/DVD-R.
CD-R tray
8 cm CD-R adapter
(only when printing
on 8 cm CD-Rs)